Watermelon diet for weight loss

Water-melon diet – it is a special System of the power supply, which is based on the consumption of water melons. To expect serving, depending on what the original weight of the people. Per 10 kg of body weight, food is 500 G of meat of the watermelon fruit of the day, but not more than 5 kg.

The basic principle of water-melons slimming depends on what from the body to get out any excess liquid. It is important to make sure that it didn't happen dehydration. In the course of the day, you must drink water (min. its volume is 1.5 liters), allows the consumption of herbal teas. Under the absolute prohibition of all alcoholic beverages and carbonated soft drinks.

On how much you can watermelon diet weight loss? With regard to the duration of the dietary program, it depends on how many people want to lose weight. Optimal water-melon diet is considered to be of a duration of 7 days. In this period of time manage to put about 7 kg.

If a Person wants to get rid of excess weight 3-4 kg, then the diet should last about 3-5 days. 10-14 days to be able to reset the excess weight of about 10 kg.

Types of watermelon diet

Water Melon Diet

Watermelon diet comes in three versions: hard, easy, and free. Choice of one or the other variant, in order to assess how the individual characteristics of the body and the way he is such a radical changes in the menu can perceive. Equally important is the original weight of the people.

The hard watermelon diet allows you to achieve fast results, but only those people who have sufficient strength of will to survive. About the freedom of choice, it can get rid of excess weight, a few pounds. The result is not too spectacular, but the food is not fed to the organism in a state of Stress. In addition, free choice of food can improve your health in General.

Rigid. On a hard watermelon diet keep can 5 to 14 days. Any special preparation for the registration in the diet is not required. Therefore, practice can begin as soon as all the possible contraindications are excluded, such as heart disease or digestive tract.

In the course of the day, the man should eat must drink only water melons and clean water. To avoid other foods. Once in 3 days, you can eat in the course of the evening, Prima eat the biscuits and bran.

Watermelon it takes 4-5 times of the day. In terms of volume, the calculated individually, based on the initial weight of the Person (500 G of fruit pulp per 10 kg of body weight, but not more than 5 kg). If you don't back this technology, in a week you can lose an average of 3-5 kg, but for 14 days to 7-10 kg.

Please note that you have to come out from the diet must be done correctly. Back otherwise lost Kilos very quickly.

Easier. This type of watermelon is the diet for 10 days. In addition, people eat the flesh of the watermelon, he must a rye bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables. Water melon include in the menu in the morning hours and during the lunch break. This approach to diet allows, the work of the urinary tract, whereby the organism is active products of a metabolism will be issued. In the evening the speed of digestion slows down, which gives the opportunity to relax the digestive tract.

Energy scheme for each day in the facilitated variant of a water-melon diet:

  • First meal: 2-3 pieces of fruit flesh of watermelon, a teaspoon of honey.
  • Second meal: 2-3 pieces of meat of water melon, biscuits made of flour (1 piece) fruit.
  • Last meal: pumpkin porridge, steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, zucchini). As an Option, the pulp can be replaced-Apple gratin.

Come from the diet should be gradual. The achieved result enables you to fix.

Approximate menu for the day should look like the following:

  • First meal: bran Toast, boiled Turkey fillet, salad (cabbage, radish, cucumber, onions) with the Dressing of lemon juice.
  • Main meal: puree of lentil soup, omelet, steamed, beetroot salad with prunes and nuts.
  • You can have a Snack of watermelon.
  • Last meal: baked pudding from cottage cheese.

Of course, this is the approximate solution of a water-melon diet. You can fish in the menu, grains, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products. With caution raisins, dates, grapes, bananas should be on food.

Free. Such a diet to tolerate those who lose weight is very easy and takes only a single daily consumption of water-melons to eat. It piece need to during the early.

Approximate menu looks as follows:

  • First meal: a teaspoon of honey, and 600 G of water melon.
  • Second meal: all of the roasted vegetables, which do not contain a lot of starch. You can also cook vegetable soup.
  • Last meal: oatmeal, Apple, pumpkin steamed, a piece of bread from the unleavened dough.

The experiences of the people that they practiced to show the free version of the diet allows you to achieve much more lasting results compared to the rigid System of the watermelon diet.

In addition, the person will be able to not only lose weight, but also to toxins from the body, saturate it with Magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, Vitamin A, C, B-vitamins

The most important condition of a water-melon diet: it is very important every day, at least 1.5-2 liters of water, and of the juices of industrial production, alcohol and carbonated drinks should be avoided.

Versions of the watermelon diet

In addition to the above-mentioned variants, there are certain modifications of the watermelon diet, the suggests that the combination of watermelon with other foods. All of these programs to run, that you will lose weight alternately approved products and water melon during the whole process. In terms of the result, it depends on how clear the person adheres to the established rules, but also of the individual characteristics of the organism.

Diet with watermelon and melon


Diet with watermelon and melon allows it to achieve excellent results, so it is often the people that swiftly get rid of excess weight to use. For one week only, this technique allows you to reset it and 4 kg and more.

Calories to the diet, in the minimum amount, but the vitamins and trace elements – a lot. In General, it is allowed, its beneficial effects on the body. Need to eat every 3 hours eating drinking water should not be. Drink a glass of green tea or water earlier than one hour after the last approach on the table. A diet for longer than 9 days is not recommended.

Since 9 days, you have to alternate systematically, three presented variants of the diet:


Diet №1

Diet №2

The diet №3


Low-Fat cottage cheese (60 G), 200 G of melon, Toast.

Boiled egg, 150 G of water melons.

400 G of watermelon, 150 ml of yogurt.


150 G of boiled fish, salad: melon, cheese, lettuce. The total volume of serving is 200 g.

100 G of steamed vegetables, 400 G melon.

Turkey (100 G), 400 G Of Melon, 150 G Of Round Rice Steamed.

Between meal

Watermelon – 0.4 kg.

Cottage cheese with 0% fat – 0.2 kg.

Bread made of bran.


Unpolished rice – 150 G carrot-Apple salad – 100 G, a piece of melon.

Chicken breast, cooked (100 G), 400 G of watermelon, Toast.

150 G of salad from vegetables, a boiled potato, 400 grams of watermelon.

Diet with watermelon and yogurt

The System also runs on such a diet lose weight to the fact that the person must alternate every three hours, eat yogurt, and watermelon. The volume of the drink is equivalent to a glass of. You should be low in fat or low-fat yogurt. Portion of water melon should be 300-400 g. the Maximum duration of Kefir-water-melon diet is 3 days.

These products produce a diuretic effect, which positively affects the speed of weight loss. 3 days to be able to get rid of excess weight 1-3 kg. In addition, the work of the intestine, the liver, the kidney, improved.

The Contra-Indications. You can practice this diet for people with Hyper secretion of gastric juice. To provoke is the fact that great quantities of butter are milk able, exacerbation of pre-existing Gastritis or inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

A diet with buckwheat and watermelon

Diet of water-melons

A diet with buckwheat and watermelon lasts for two weeks. Every day you need to eat 1 kg of cucumbers and 1 kg of water-melons. It is important to drink enough water. The menu complement can be a slice of rye bread. In the evening you have a glass of butter milk to drink.

Since the menu is restrictive, it should be the task of the physical activity, including to and from Training in the gym. In the vacation, you need a complex mark is not less than 8 hours per day, spend more time in the fresh air, take Vitamin-Mineral.

Diet menu with watermelon and cucumber, is as follows:

  • The first meal of the day: watermelon Sorbet with mint and lemon juice.
  • Snack: four slices of cucumber.
  • Main meal: a large Cup of watermelon Smoothie or 400 G of fruit flesh of watermelon.
  • Snack: three large cucumber, and 400 G of fruit flesh of watermelon.
  • The last meal: you can alternate cucumber 600 G or as much flesh of the watermelon.

Diet with watermelon and proteins

One of the most popular methods of weight loss is this diet. The System is slimming for 2 weeks. During the diet, the body is active with proteins, which contribute to the combustion of body fat and maintenance of muscle tissue. Watermelon, in turn, allows the output of the breakdown products and toxins. This is possible due to a diuretic and choleretic effect, which produces the flesh of the watermelon. The resulting weight loss of about 10 kg.

During the Breakfast, lunch and dinner need to consume Protein products. In between meals, snack on fruit flesh of the watermelon should. A approach to consume berries, up to 0.5 kg.

About protein-containing products, the preference is to give little cottage cheese, cheese and Kefir, fish, chicken, seafood.


One must not suffer at the watermelon diet, people in the following diseases:

  • Cholelithiasis;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Violations of the liver;
  • Gout;
  • Pyelonephritis;
  • Allergy to the protein.

Diet with watermelon and buckwheat

The consumption of water-melons and buckwheat allow to get rid of excess weight without harm for health. This man is not the painful feeling of Hunger, and the pounds would begin to experience go quickly.

Per day book of wheat and 1.5 kg of water-melon is food for 500 G. To diversify the menu, vegetable salads with Dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. Necessarily, you should drink a lot of water, must also drink green tea and herbal teas. The dinner should be in the 6-7 o'clock in the evening. The Hunger at a later time, you can have a glass of butter milk to drink.

Diet Apple and water melon

Diet of watermelon and apples for more than 10 days should not take. This period is optimal for quality, in order to get rid of extra pounds. On the first day in the food you just have to eat watermelon, and on the next day only apples, and so alternate.

If you are on this diet for longer than 10 days, you can cause significant damage to the body. For this period, in the 7 kg to get rid of. If the original mass of the body is large, then the loss is greater – up to 9 kg.

Begin to lose weight, you should with water melon day. Per 10 kg of body weight to eat fruit is for 500 G of meat of the watermelon, but not more than 5 kg per day. The next day applesauce should. Days serving of apples is 1.5 kg.

Diet of watermelon and black bread

Lose weight watermelon and black bread is quite simple, as during the diet of people not experience a painful feeling of Hunger. Therefore, this method of weight loss is very popular.

Portion of the pulp of the watermelon, you can be charged per day from the original weight of the Person, as we have already mentioned. For the bread, which is the volume of 1 piece on each of the five meals. The bread should be dry in the oven or in the pan. The oil can not be added. Important for the day, drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water.

Of physical activities are best avoided, active sports absolutely contraindicated. However, walking in the fresh air are a prerequisite.

If the diet is difficult, and during the day a strong feeling of Hunger, the food can be plagued by an additional slice of rye bread or Apple.

10 days on the menu that consists of only black bread and water melon, you will lose 8-10 kg.

Diet of water melon and rice

Recipes with watermelon

Diet to rice and water melon you can not only get rid of excess weight, but also cleanse the body. On the day, you should 250 G meal of cooked rice 100 G of dry cereal. The daily volume of the watermelon is 1 kg per 20 kg of body weight, but not more than 5 kg in Other foods forbidden to eat.

Since rice is a very nutritious product, which allows quickly eliminate the feeling of Hunger. Thanks to the croup man would not experience drowsiness, loss of strength and irritability.

Preferably steamed croup, either wild or brown bear rice. Normal white rice for food is not suitable. The fact that it contains almost no fiber, and relates to fast carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain.

Diet of watermelon and cottage cheese

To lose fact, weight, the milk products are well tolerated, ideal for a diet of watermelon and cottage cheese. For a week on such a System, Power can be excess weight of 4 kg. Cottage cheese is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, but also the useful bacteria for the intestines. So during the process of weight loss no problems with the skin. Strong feeling of hunger people experience as well. We must, however, a condition is important – not water melon and cheese combine during a meal.

Menu for a day looks as follows:

  • First Meal: 200 G Of Cottage Cheese.
  • Snack: 2 Slice Of Watermelon.
  • Main Meal: 3 Pieces Of Watermelon.
  • Snack: 150 G Of Cottage Cheese.
  • Last Meal: 2 Slice Of Watermelon.