Secrets to lose weight fast after 40 years

How to reduce weight – current topic for women of all age groups. No matter how much the weighed representative of the fairer sex, you still want to reduce the number on the scale. To lose with age, weight quickly is not an easy task. Why is it so? This is due to the fact that after 30, a decrease in the metabolism, to continue to live in this age and cling to old habits, wrong menu, you will only inevitably lead to weight gain. Then, how to lose weight after 50 years (40, 30)? Exactly the answer to this question and devotes itself to this article.

Characteristics of the organism

how to lose weight

In order to properly and relatively quickly weight to lose, it is important to understand how the woman's body works after the age of 40. And knowledge is power.

Way of nature, that after a certain age the body no longer can work in the same mode as it was a few years ago: a well-known fact, after 30, every additional 10 years, the metabolism is reduced on the average on 10 %. In addition to the metabolism is reduced and the power consumption. Yes, a woman has a lot to do in the budget, but it is not so easy, at least in a normal walk, pull out of the house. New conditions for the body, old habits calories will not be burned, such as logical summary of we get the Problem of excess weight.

The Situation that worsens the presence of diseases, which also affect the metabolism and overall health. To Supplement overweight and wrong diet acquired bouquet of flowers already in a few diseases, such as atherosclerosis, joint pain, Diabetes and much more.

The organism women after 40 years requires a day consume a lot more waterthan you probably are accustomed to. This is a very important point, because the body is dehydrated can be the cause of various problems with the body. Diet can include a lot of proteins and vitamins (especially calcium), the consumption of saturated fats and high in carbohydrates will be better.

Vision and obesity

The extra pounds, as you know, have a number of negative consequences. And, as it turned out, blurred vision. Modern studies have shown that being overweight increases the cause of loss of vision due to the fact that in the blood the level of free radical in this case is clear, namely, you have a negative effect on the eyes. In addition, a decrease in the number of pigments that would defend the eyes from the harmful effects.

And the following chain: being overweight is the cause of Diabetes, which is, in turn, is the reason for this is that her eyesight deteriorated, namely, the retina is destroyed.

Adipose tissue is able to grow, even in the eyes of the cave, which worse to increase the pressure there, and as a result of the vision.

The release of estrogen – a result of the presence of unnecessary Kilos. What it could affect the eyesight? As a result of this increase of the hormone the risk of inflammation of the blood vessels, including in the eyes.

Diets and fasting days

This point requires special attention. It has long been known that fasting helps in losing weight, on the contrary. Strict diet body reduce, yet more to provoke the metabolism. Add to this the fact that with increasing age, fat will get rid of difficult (which is associated with the lowering of the tone), so it is not only the uselessness of such a half-starved days, and an even greater weight gain. So, dear ladies, in regular intervals put on a strict diet, and to not to get bogged down, it is not surprising that "somehow does not out weight".

You can reduce weight quickly, easily, and, of course, does not come out. Pays to be patient and to do it correctly and smoothly.

The influence of psychological factors

losing weight after 40

To not lose "why weight?" — the answer to this question not only has physiological reasons. Psychological background has a direct influence on the weight. Here is a very illustrative example. In a state of infatuation kilogram can evaporate by itself. What is the reason? Quite simply, the love of a new life brings joy, and increases the Tonus, one needs more and more of the new energy, and the unnecessary fat reserves.

Conclusion here can be very important, the taste of life and passion find. This condition will help get rid of excess weight.

The most important rules of weight loss after 40

So, where do I start and what to pay attention to the fact that the question of the reduction of the weight of the woman began to get up from the floor?

The very first thing you do – see a doctor (endocrinologist, gynaecologist). Why? Start the changes should be with the inner self. If there are any disruptions on the hormonal level, not a diet and healthier menu will not help you. So, first and foremost, that this is no such problems with health.

Further, we take a look at your daily menu and fundamentally change the usual System of power supply. A new diet must follow the following rules:

  • Must refrain from the consumption of fried and greasy. Better preferred boiled and steamed products. You can also bake dishes, but without the use of oil (with a special paper, foil or carpet).
  • The food intake must be approached wisely and correctly. A case of "not thin" occurs when there is no Power mode. Make sure that all the 3 — 4 hours, in this case, the metabolic rate is kept at the proper level for the whole day instead of jumping, if you rarely eat.
  • The portions should be small, so as not to overload the body, including the pancreas.
  • In order to lose weight, after 40 years, not necessarily sweet abandon. Enough will only reduce the consumption of sugar. No victims, removal of sugar often increases the risk of failure.
  • Type in your menu foods with a low glycemic index, and minimize the consumption with high. What is the glycemic index? In simple words, is digested an indicator of how quickly carbohydrates, and how quickly the sugar in the blood rises. The smaller this index is, the more comfortable for the body, the process of Assimilation of food is done.
  • As already mentioned, should have a diet focused on Protein and complex carbohydrates.
  • Do not forget about the water. Don't have to drink, if I wanted to, but constantly. The feeling of thirst is a sign of dehydration. It is particularly important to avoid this woman after the age of 40. So, pay attention to the daily intake of about 2 liters of water.
  • Your menu should contain a large amount of fruit and vegetables, dairy products. Try less meat, but more fish and seafood.
  • Not In A Hurry. You take the food intake for a minimum of 20 minutes, with no TV, books, Computer, distracted (etc.). The intake of food consciously, you will feel full faster.
  • If you keep an eye on calories, we recommend the courts at 1500 Kcal daily. Not hard to restrict yourself and up to 900 Kcal, but do not forget, what are the consequences of such a menu.
  • The rule of "not a 6" is wrong. It is important that the last meal was 3 hours before bedtime. In the extreme case, one hour is allowed before the hang up, drink a glass of Kefir.

The right diet is the reduction of the amount of food, this change its quality.

To eat started properly, do not wait to change, the body needs time to accumulated harmful slag products. Him can help adjust the work of the digestive tract.

proper nutrition

And the last one (not important) point – active position in life. Sports should be an integral part of your life. No one is forcing you daily 10 km run (it would be nice), if you like it. You log in the Pool, dance, Fitness, and so on. The selection of currently is big, every woman will be able to find what is pleasant. In order to lose weight, after 40 years, it is important to you in your exercise Regime and not less than 2-3 times per week.