Almost days of lose weight

Recommendation mandate cannot be classified according to a certain period of time the day of the dismissal, the experts give only the people, aspiring to get rid of excess weight, but also adherents of a healthy way of life.

Useful fasting days

The view that the fasting days is not necessarily includes the use of food, to be erroneous, because there are a variety of techniques, among which one can choose the right variant to the specific characteristics of the organism.

Almost days of lose weight

The basic principle of the change of the day to the usual ration, with the exception of all the dangerous products that not only lose a certain amount of weight, but bring the body some of the benefits. This is due to the fact that the digestive tract gets relief from the usual, often oily and heavy meals. There is a gradual cleansing of accumulated toxins and slag in the Sediment. The habit of eating occurs more easily and tastiest food, balanced with all the necessary elements.

A good replacement, and discharge days of the diet Ladder, since it takes only 5 days, and also can cleanse the body.

Thanks to the regularity, of fresh complexion, disappears scaly skin, strengthens nails and hair. The efficiency, increases improves mood, you gain the resistance to Stress, faster the healing goes.

The advantage of a comfortable wearing feeling, and more in comparison with long-term diets, such as a one-Night-restriction in food loyalties more easily tolerated.

Almost days of lose weight

There are several reasons to arrange days for weight loss, from which depends almost whether this method is a one-time or weekly. In General, the first Option to choose for heavy solid feeling when in the morning, hard in the stomach, and it is the desire to get rid of appears, the complaints.

The second variant is part of a comprehensive program, oriented to geziehltes slimming. In this case, to achieve the objectives it has set for the continuation of the fasting days of practice as a preventive measures.

On the basis of a particular purpose, selected methods. It is considered that the weight-loss effect is mainly due to the cleaning of the organism. Fat layer is reduced very slowly, but with patience, you can get a slim figure, if you practice at the same time an optimal practice.

The basic principles

The introduction should be analysed in the usual rhythm of life elements with respect to health, how to properly conduct fasting day, in order to maximize the benefits.

  1. Must not this practice the techniques in the recovery phase after surgery or recovering from illnesses.
  2. A recommendation of a doctor, because in the presence of certain diseases of any kinds of products can damage is worth it.
  3. Required a certain state of mind to endure slight restrictions in the food. Well, if you load your favorite activities, but without excessive stress – mental or physical. Retention benefit in the fresh air.
  4. To drink, you should water up to 2.5 liters of pure, that in addition to the feeling of satiety promote.
  5. Found out that it is possible in the fasting day, take into account the potential damage for the organism of the used types of products.
  6. Food should be fun, therefore, it is advisable to give up those varieties of unloading, in which the unloved products.
  7. The output of the fast day should be gradual. Dangerous immediately a lot of food, especially heavy food.
  8. By following a specific technique, without trying, to one day combine unload with other varieties.

Necessarily an independent control over the reaction of the organism. A deficit of some substances can lead to dizziness, weakness, so you need to the selection of the other methods, the more likely the individual characteristics.

Not recommended, the relief is more often times a week. The optimal duration of 18 up to 18 hours. Some practice 36-hour period, beginning discharged in the evening and ends in the morning of the next day. The choice depends on the state of health. Some may be restricted to 18 hours per week Mono-diet, which will also bring a certain advantage.

Almost days on milk products

Rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and a variety of vitamins, including A, In 1, In 2, milk-food-varieties are known for its use as often as products for the fasting days. There are a few simple ways of their implementation.

On Cottage Cheese

On the whole day 0,5 kg cottage cheese spread low fat content (< 5%) and 0.5 Liter of low-fat yogurt with enough water to drink. Suitable for almost all age categories after the age of 8 years. An easily digestible, with diuretic properties, this product facilitates the digestive activity, stimulates the metabolism.

Contraindication: renal failure, possible allergic reaction.

On the milk<

To transport this Option is the fasting day is easy, thanks to the fact that the milk satisfies the Hunger. The low-calorie product promotes the cleaning of the intestine. Known for its positive effect on the strengthening of the nervous system, improving sleep.

During the entire duration of the discharge 2 litres of milk, dividing it into several receptions (5 – 6). Allowed breaks to eat a slice of unsweetened Apple cider (no more than two pieces, one for the whole day). You can lose a half a kilogram, almost unnecessary weight. If you have ruled out allergic is milk acid Mono-diet.


Dairy products contain easily digestible, useful elements for the body Vitamin A, Calcium, effectively stimulate the intestinal activity.

The simplest variant is the use of 100 ml of butter milk with a break of 30 minutes. Drink you swallow it in small. Water according to your needs.

You can alternate. Drink a glass of Kefir, and in forty minutes, a half a Cup of water. Then again, yogurt and so in the course of the whole period of the discharge.

Not classified Kefir discharge in the presence of increased acidity of gastric juice.

Fruits and vegetables almost daily

There are different ways of fasting days on fruit, so you can without difficulty figure out an appropriate view, in the light of their own preferences and contraindications to grab.

On apples

For the entire period of discharge, you will need 1.5 kg of apples. You choose the unsweetened variety with a moderately sour taste. Eaten, you can be both fresh and baked fruits. Water half a Cup of drink recommend all of 45 minutes. Because such a diet increases the digestion, what is the procedure you can.easier to 3 kg

In addition, the body gets vitamins and iron. Apples help to reduce cholesterol. Among the minuses for some people to lose the weight, notice the growing appetite.

On Bananas

Bananas, eat only in combination with other varieties of foods that have positive effects on the body. Therefore, they are often a fundamental component of the fasting days.

In these fruits, many of the necessary elements for the life of the organism, pectin, vitamins (A, C, E). There are also minerals (Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other). On request, you can other species: grapes, garlic, kiwi, paste, etc.

One Option is the use of a banana in case of hunger is unloaded. Drink weak unsweetened tea. Drink water according to your needs.

The functioning of the intestines Cocktail, improved made with blender of milk – 3 liters, and banana – 3 PCs. All of this amount is in three roughly equal portions over the course of the day. Drink water in the fasting days amounts.

It is forbidden to such an Option for people with obesity, allergies, diseases on bananas, as well as in the presence of acute intestinal. Serves as a contraindication to chronic pathological processes in the kidney, the pancreas, the liver, and Diabetes mellitus.

On Vegetables

Diet with milk

Vegetables contain fiber, which actively cleanse the intestines. In you also a lot of vitamins, minerals, benefits for the body. From the diversity of varieties to choose from, with a low starch content. It is cabbage, zucchini, carrots. Allow a full day of fasting pumpkin and beets.

It is advisable that the vegetables in the raw state in the Form of salads, allowed the addition of a little vegetable oil, but not salt. Only 1.5 kg of vegetables, spread over the whole day, so do not feel a strong sense of hunger.

Unloading on the pulps

A variety of cereals are recommended in the list of the dishes of food scientists for the compilation of a balanced diet. Their useful properties allow the fast-days, the with a certain type of grain by you at the same time, besides slimming, and other positive results. Water drink at least 2 liters.

On Buckwheat

Buckwheat is known for its rich content of Vitamin-Mineral complex, so the body can receive additional useful support. In addition, this porridge is not saturating well, so that Hunger is not felt almost.

Note that buckwheat cooking. Preparing the mash, to keep the in the evening a glass of groats with boiling water (0.5 liters), and under the lid, covered with warm hood, until the morning. Food without any additives, the distribution to the desired number of servings. A significant weight reduction on this Mono-diet is not to be expected, nevertheless, you can lose almost a kilo of weight.

On Rice

Rice has a beneficial effect on the body, causing salt deposits, eliminates toxins, and without swelling. Rice porridge cooked, on the basis of the following conditions – a glass of cereal and 400 ml of water without any additives, including, excluded, and salt. It is recommended, divided into three portions, but can also be more, if it is difficult to wear a long break without food.

Not suitable this porridge people with digestive problems as chronic constipation.

On Oatmeal

Oats is known for its positive influence on the liver. Oat flour is a common product for the fast-days, as you will be able to support a longer time feeling of satiety. Thanks to the content of vitamins, the skin a healthy fresh appearance gradually. Promotes the normalization of the Bunting of the stomach. A part of your dietary fiber helps to rid the intestines of toxins.

It is often cook recommended porridge on the water from 200 grams of cereal (can be the same amount of whole-grain products), some nutritionists advise to do to get the milk variant, which improves the digestibility portion of the cereal Protein Note that the one-piece croup better than the flakes, since it has more nutrients.

Protein Fasting Day

Essentially Protein-unloading is very nutritious, but no less effective. It is assumed that such a Shake allows the body to activate the metabolic processes in the direction of the growing use of and own fat reserves carbohydrates.

Dietary meat – poultry, beef contains a complete Protein, the vitamins, the entire complex of fat, protein, carbs. It contains important trace elements for the life. The beneficial effect is reflected in the structure of the muscles, strengthening the immune system, aid in the functioning of the stomach, weight reduction.

Not Mono-Protein diet for people, the pathological changes of the liver, and the kidneys to practice. Instead of discharge in the case of different products.

On the meat

In the daily diet of lean beef involved 400 grams of cooked without salt, and is divided into five portions.

On the chicken

Diet with green tea

The choice of chicken meat, you must stop the attention on the cooked breast without skin and without salt. For the organization of the full discharge you need 700 grams, divided in six pictures.

On the eggs

Protein contains almost all amino acids, the the health, is an easily digestible innards of view. In the yolk there are a couple of vitamins: B3, the unfolding of the improvement in the activity of the brain and the blood circulation; N stimulates, likely for the health of skin and hair. Also, the consumption of egg yolks normalized hemoglobin.

Apply boiled eggs. It is considered that welded soft-boiled egg yolk is digested faster, than a steep. Increased cholesterol-properly applied-eggs not affected. Advantage is the low calorie content. Nevertheless, the feeling of satiety, so fasting day is well tolerated. Of the day to eat no more than three eggs. You can also in the diet of vegetables and fruit.

Day of fasting on tea and water

Most active in the body eliminated and, accordingly, lose excess pounds, if the displacement of the liquid, as the green tea, milk tea or plain water. Such techniques entice you with their simplicity and accessibility.