Diet for belly

Belly is the problem area of the female body. At the input of a corresponding search request, search engines, hundreds of give us, if not thousands, of Websites with different variations of weight loss diets belly.

Diet for belly

But the Paradox is that the diet for the reduction of the volume of the stomach in General is not different from ordinary diet because the main objective here is the emaciation, which is enough to adhere to a certain diet and provide the necessary nutrition. So forget about an unbalanced diet and Hunger, which lead to certain diseases, you will start the rules of healthy diet and your stomach goes by itself along with obesity.

The basic principles of nutrition for the stomach

The main thing in the diet for the belly, as is the case with any diet is the omission of certain foods that are harmful for our body and leads to accumulation of extra pounds or replace them to more useful:

  1. Salt. The excessive use of a delay of the output of water occurs from the body and edema, which is very unfavorable for weight loss and for metabolism. The salt originally contained in many foods, so our habit is to add it in every dish recalls the overabundance of salt in the body, which leads to weight gain. And without salt, the dishes seem to us to be boring and tasteless.
    Try in the course of the week, not salted foods are nervous your taste back on your feet, and you start to feel the real taste of food and the use of salt is necessary. If a salt is to avoid the difficult – to start with, reduce it doubles in volume and add ready-made meals or go to the Navy, useful for our body salt.
  2. Alcohol. About the dangers for the health and a slim figure of beer, wine and stronger alcoholic beverages already said so much that the comments are superfluous. If you would like to see the long-term effect of the right diet Fit and enjoy a flat stomach – stop, to consume alcohol at all.
  3. Potatoes. Loved by many the potatoes, unfortunately, not compatible with the proper diet, since he is the source of strength that lead to obesity and an increase in the abdomen. The Maximum that you can afford to go on a diet – it is a tuber, in shell, baked.
  4. Pastries, Sweets. Nothing useful for the body these products, except for the short-term satisfaction of taste buds. Needs to be replaced fruit-fry, rich in Vitamin C (oranges, Kiwi, Grapefruit), milk chocolate (cocoa content of at least 75%). The effect of this change you will notice after a week. The main thing not fruit until six o'clock in the evening — not to forget that the fruits but rich in sugar, is not digested at the end of the day, but postponed is not always there where it is necessary.
  5. White Rice. This product needs to be replaced on the brown rice and use it not more often than two times per week, because the strength, the negate in white rice in large quantities, such as in potatoes and in the location, all your attempts to lose weight.

Characteristics of the diet for the belly

slimming belly

Now let's talk about the specifics:

  • You drink every day at least 2 liters of water so you can greatly improve and speed up your metabolism, which in the case of the reduction of the abdomen is essential.
  • The diet for 14 days.
  • The results of the diet begin to appear in a week, and during the diet can lose from 2 to 7 kilograms, depending on the starting weight.
  • Diet throughout the day will have to split it on several meals, where it is desirable, at regular intervals.
  • Every day, after waking up need, drink a glass of water for the awakening and activation of all the processes in the body.
  • The portions must not be large and a maximum volume of 1 Cup.

Diet menu for 7 days


  • Breakfast. 50 grams of oatmeal, a percent soaked yogurt, Apple, green tea.
  • Lunch. 50 grams of low-fat cheese, half a tomato, half an Avocado.
  • Dinner. Chicken Fillet, Onion, 50 Grams Of Rice, Noodles. Season with soy sauce.


  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with milk, orange, and green tea.
  • Lunch. Vegetable salad with a teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Dinner. Braised zucchini, 50 G of hard cheese.


  • Breakfast. Smoothies from berries.
  • Lunch. Sushi, or any lean fish, steamed (300 grams).
  • Dinner. Baked chicken breast, seasoned with lemon juice.


  • Breakfast. Oatmeal and a boiled egg.
  • Lunch. Vegetables, steamed.
  • Dinner. Greek salad with the addition of chicken (100 grams).


  • Breakfast. Fruit salad.
  • Lunch. Salad, Hard Cheese, 50 Grams.
  • Afternoon snack. A Glass Of Butter Milk.
  • Dinner. Two tubers roasted potatoes, or 300 G salmon, steamed.


  • Breakfast. Boiled egg, vegetable salad.
  • Lunch. Stewed or steamed vegetables, rice noodles.
  • Dinner. Veal (200 G), salad of tomatoes and peppers.


  • Breakfast. Oats prefer porridge with milk, all berries 50 grams.
  • Lunch. Lettuce, tomato, low-fat cheese and cucumber.
  • Dinner. Salmon with broccoli.

On the second week the menu is the same.

Output from the diet

Because the diet for the belly, it is, in fact, a well-balanced, healthy diet, contraindications for their application are missing and specific logout is not required.

Try to continue the same diet, the avoidance of frying, hot spices, appetite, sausage, pastries, Ketchup and Mayonnaise. Make sure that the Breakfast was rich and nutritious, dinner is easy, preferably Protein and you should avoid snacking. The observance of these simple rules, you will be directed to not only not back the dropped pounds, but also continue to slow, but goal is to get rid of the superfluous fat deposits.


Menu for weight loss

For the fixing of the result not to neglect moderate physical load. One of the best ways to get a thin waist is a special Massage of the tire and rotate it 20-30 minutes per day. You will not make less than 50 exercises on the press every day, and not to forget, the inclined surfaces – is 30-40 times forward and in any direction.

You will spend at least one hour per day walking at a brisk pace. The combination of such activities with proper and healthy diet, very soon you will forget about the bad shape of your belly. You'll take pleasure in your body matters, as the same, proves to be simply and easily in the Top is tapered-Form.