A number of measures to slimming belly: exercise, nutrition and Beauty treatments

The shortcomings of the figure, knows every woman. The Zone, the indignant, often the lower abdomen. Fat folds in this area brings its owner a lot of resentment. To resolve this Problem requires an integrated approach: special exercises, diet and Beauty treatments. Belly regular employment is required and the constant restriction in the consumption of Junk Food. The only way a slender and firmer figure.

a set of exercises for weight loss

Exercises, corrective area of the abdomen

The first component is a blood at the end of the press, especially the lower muscles. You must do sports at least three times a week. Below you will find a list of exercises for an effective study of the muscles of the press.

  • We stand together on the floor, the legs. Do the tilt forward until the housing is not perpendicular to the feet. Hands at the waist or across the body. To not bend the back. You lead a 30 tilt.
  • The output location is the same, but the legs shoulder-width apart. We perform motion-pool in a circle. The abdomen is retracted. Buttocks tense. Repeat 50 laps in both directions.
  • Lie on the floor. Legs perpendicular to the floor lift. The hands put under the loin. To reduce start alternating one, then the other leg. So, as if we go up in the air. The exercise 50 times.
  • Climbers. Take the attack lying down. Refer to the outstretched hands. Alternately, lift the knee of one or the other legs to the chest. The back straight will not hold, to bend the lower back.
  • Pleat. Sit on the floor. The hands are resting on the floor behind the back, feet. Lift the lower limbs to 5-10 cm above the ground. Lift the knees to the chest, in this Moment, the body tries to bend forward. As if we, "we make us" cut in half. This exercise of the pumps on the press with a straight back not less than 30 times.
  • Sit on a chair. Back straight, abdominal muscles tense. Focus with your palms on the edge of the seats. Lift the knees to the chest. Make 30 repetitions of the element.

With regular carrying out these simple exercises, slimming belly quickly and effectively.

Blood press for men

Representatives of the stronger sex requires a lot of strength and time, to the area of the abdomen to adjust. Do you need more exposure, which can provide special exercises. You can also women, whose athletic training enable to withstand high-intensity training.

  1. Backwards. Lie on the floor. Lift your legs, bent knee joints. Distribute the load — you help yourself with your hands, you make the prop into the ground. You do 20 reps in 3 sets.
  2. Bike. The Start-pose is the same. The hands under the head. Pull the elbow of the left Hand on the knee of the right leg. Then limb change: drawn with the right Hand on the left leg. Fitness-exercise 30 times on each side.
  3. V-shaped twist. Starting position is the same. The legs together. Lifting with the hands and the body to the top. Do 3 sets of 25 repetitions.
  4. Simple Torsion. Location are in belly. Knee bent. Turn the housing and the fingers try to reach to the feet. Perform 20 reps in 3 sets.

Blood press for men requires a high intensity of training and full dedication. To achieve without these conditions, the bas-Reliefs on the belly impossible.

Diet for weight loss belly

The figure slim tight, needed a diet. You should strictly monitor your diet. About the rules of the food and the drink described below.

Drink: Each person must drink daily 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. Compliance with the water budget contributes to the normal nutrition of the cells, smoothes the skin, making the muscles more flexible. But the lack of water in the body leads to dehydration. The body of accumulating begins, the water in the fat tissue. For the most part, fat is localized just in the area of the abdomen. For the combustion of the consumed drinks are to the body the breakdown of fat cells. This is a tea with ginger, cinnamon, honey, lemon. Belly slimming also useful fennel and mint.

Nutrition: a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates makes our full-fledged diet. That is why we try to eat only in moderation. Emphasis on a bit of a shifts in balance. It is full of different kinds of problems:

  • an oversupply of grease slows down the process of digestion;
  • excess carbohydrates is no fluid to go from the body, which is associated with the formation of edema;
  • unwanted proteins cause increased formation of gas.

You should not also sweet foods and drinks, eat where the "0 calories". If the advertising claims the product contains no sugar, the sweet taste caused him to artificially produced additive to gas and bloating.

Useful in fermented foods to eat, Pre - and probiotics. It's Kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, etc. you will have a positive effect on digestion, without the increase of the abdomen due to the increased production of gases.

A healthy habit is by eating foods with negative calories, if the body spends more energy on the digestion of such food, as the consumer receives. Pineapple, celery, cabbage, peach, melon, zucchini, apples, peppers, oranges, radishes, tomato, onion, beetroot, lettuce (green). Useful spices worth mentioning red pepper, ground ginger, cinnamon.

Cosmetic treatments for a flat stomach

A slim waist and a flat stomach are insufficiently numerous exercises to meet prokachku the press. Required to more engage and Beauty treatments for an effective weight loss belly.

The most popular means for weight loss and correction of problem zones is a Massage. And not necessarily seek the services of a professional. Perform yourself everyone can massage at home for free. You can. essential oils for rubbing during the procedure, all of which contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, burning of fat tissue, smoothing of the skin

In addition to Massage oil you can in the plant body wraps. For home security process enough to the mixture of the most effective oils and RUB into the skin, then wrapped problem areas for clear film.

lose weight

A flat belly requires a lot of work on themselves. Start a healthy habit, the exercises in the morning self-massage to perform on the evening after the shower and wraps pamper yourself 2-3 times per week. And then the result will not wait long!