Diet weight loss belly and flanks: the list of the products that is on the menu for a week

What makes the figure more attractive and beautiful? Modern canons of beauty suggest that the figure should be proportional, taut, no frills – no matter whether thin or massive forms.

Diet for weight loss

Belly as a Form of reflection of the life style of the people

In the middle of the body – the abdomen, this word is associated with the words "alive", "life". Really, the appearance of the abdomen is a mirror image of the moral and energy state of every human being.

Flat firm stomach people organized to be inherent in purposeful, positive, to respect your body and take care of his health. If the stomach is flabby, covered with excess fat, such people, we take as weak, passive, in your life and act, in the Wake of their inner instincts of the animals.

All processes are connected in our lives with each other, so to have a nice flat stomach, you must first change your way of life, of thinking and acting.

The reasons for the emergence of wrinkles on the abdomen and flanks

  • subcutaneous fat: this is created by the accumulation of excess weight. The fatty wrinkles on the belly are inherent to people with the figure of the "Apple", for whom the area of the abdomen, waist and flanks of problem zones. The only effective way to get rid of subcutaneous fat — is this the correct, healthy diet;
  • visceral fat on the internal organs: extremely dangerous for the health — invisible to the eye, so fat around the vital organs, provoking the development of severe diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes type II, Oncology. Get rid of this fat Power is difficult, but possible:-correct mode, completely excluded from the diet of harmful products;
  • sagging skin fold: occurs in people without obesity by lack of exercise, improper diet (fast food, frequent consumption of fast Food), as well as posture. Stooped posture causes the belly to bulge forward, in this case, helper strengthening exercises for all muscles of the upper body, the back and of the press;
  • impaired digestion: the digestive organs – the stomach and intestines are in the abdomen. If the digestion is disturbed, heartburn, bloating, and heavy torment – my belly looks like a bloated, inflamed. You need to determine the cause of such a breach: Pass the necessary medical examination, receive the recommendations of a gastroenterologist. And here, the first point in the list of appointments, the right diet is.

So, the belly Fit and slim to be – first and foremost, you need to your diet to normalize: a number of useful foods, the daily calorie content and the Regime of food intake.

It is important to remember that selective removing (e.g., on the abdomen or buttocks) impossible; and if you want to have a elastic stomach without fat – you need to get rid of the excess weight of the whole body.

The right diet: the list of useful and harmful products

We consider the most important product categories, select the most useful, and define the most harmful:

  • Meat products: stop your choice on a white chicken meat, low-fat varieties of beef, eliminate all canned varieties of meats, sausages, sausages;
  • Fish and seafood: are useful sources of proteins and healthy fats, in addition, the regular consumption of fish products is for the elimination of iodine deficiency in the organism;
  • Vegetables and herbs absolutely should be part of the daily diet, but we should be careful to the beans, such as potatoes, peas, beans – as in the case of the use of increased quantities, you can also cause unnecessary fat deposits;
  • Fruits and berries provide the body the most important set of vitamins and useful acids, but not to abuse it, at the level of the Reset obesity should be excluded bananas, grapes, sweet pears;
  • Eggs are sources of complete proteins and good fats, exclude them from your diet, however, you should not be consumed better in the mostly cooked or baked without fat Form;
  • Oil – very rich in calories, but completely exclude to you. The most useful types of oils as olive oil, flax seeds, sesame seeds and coconut;
  • Dairy products – useful supplier of protein, carbohydrates. Choose low-fat natural cottage cheese, yogurt, sour milk drinks (fermented baked milk, Kefir, sour milk), and support the intestinal flora, thus a positive effect on the immune system. You dispense so popular today, Quark, yogurt with sweet additives, jam, chocolate bullets, the health benefits you will not bring, but an increased level of sugar in the blood and the excess of empty calories deliver exactly;
  • Cereals and cereal – useful sources of energy, slow carbohydrates contain, and when you put it in the blood, they provide the body with energy, so that the feeling of satiety and energy for a few hours. Choose minimally peeled, whole grains, such as buckwheat, oats, barley, corn flour, brown or wild rice. Do not use the white husked rice, various flakes of fast preparation: in almost no minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber so useful for the colon, mainly in the bowl of cereals;
  • Flour and flour products: slimming, should we put the flour from their diet; for those who are used to the bread, it is recommended that products made from whole grain, such products give a feeling of satiety and a long supply of energy;
  • Sweets and pastries are the worst enemies of a flat stomach: in addition to the high content of sugar in them are not less harmful Trans-fats, having a melting point higher than the temperature of the human body, on the walls of the blood vessels, thereby reducing the development of coronary heart disease, thrombosis, obesity; and should never be consumed. Those with a sweet tooth such products can replace useful sweets (in very moderate quantities, and in the first half of the day) – dried fruit, dried berries, seeds, self-cooked or Quark products, natural sweeteners (Stevia);
  • Nuts and dry fruits should not completely exclude from the diet because of their high calorie content. Nuts contain healthy fats, proteins, minerals, healthy growth and a good type of hair and nails, but due to the large amount of fat, you should drink very moderately. Dried fruit (especially apricots and prunes) are beautiful helper of the intestine, promote the regular cleaning;
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks should be completely out of use exclude: in addition to a large proportion of sugar and harmful effects on the body, alcohol often causes increased appetite and reduced sense of self-control in the selection of Snacks. Pre-packaged juices and various sweet carbonated water contain large amounts of sugar, the immediately absorbed by the body, you'd better replace your mineral water, herbal teas.
proper nutrition

Smaller meals for slimming the belly

If you are accustomed to eating is rare, but very large portions, you certainly know the feeling of overcrowding stomach, lethargy, fatigue – because the body is all the energy on digestion.

The best Option for you would be to frequent, smaller 6-meals a day: if it's every 2.5 — 3 hours of humble servings, the feeling of Hunger will cause You to not pursue, but of power and ease to increase.

In addition, the size of the stomach is reduced, thereby reducing the volume of the stomach.

Sample menu diet for a week

Consider the basic principles of the formation of the menu for the day:

1. First Breakfast: choose slow carbs and protein + fruit;

2. Second Breakfast: the same, slow carbs and protein + fruit;

3. Lunch: protein, slow carbs, with a predominance of fiber;

4. Snack: healthy fats, and slow carbs;

5. Dinner: protein and slow carbs;

6. Snack before bedtime: milk drink / unsweetened fruit.

Menu for slimming stomach a week might look like the following:


  1. 150 g. from the whole porridge of oatmeal, 15 G of Flaxseed, 2 apricots;
  2. 170g. in a natural 2% yogurt, Apple, coffee;
  3. Cabbage and carrot salad with 10 G of olive oil, 110 G of buckwheat, 3 Chicken cutlets;
  4. the average tomato, 35G. 17% cheese, 30 G of crusty bread, tea with mint;
  5. 210 G. chicken casserole sour cream with 3 teaspoons of 15%, 2 whole-grain-bread;
  6. 200 G. Of 2.5% Yogurt.


  1. 145 G of oatmeal with cherries, a glass of 2.5% in sour milk;
  2. 125 G low-fat yogurt, 2 oat biscuits, coffee;
  3. 130 G salad of grated beet, 100 G of stewed chicken, 95 G wild rice;
  4. 140 G. 2% of soft cheese with cinnamon, orange, ginger tea;
  5. 210 g. salad from carrots and cottage cheese, 30 G of crusty bread, tea with lemon;
  6. Tomatoes 130 G 0% Cottage Cheese.


  1. 5 pancakes, cheese cake with oatmeal and strawberries, and coffee;
  2. 100 g. 1% cream cheese, half a Grapefruit, tea;
  3. 100 G boiled cauliflower, 70 g. of corn porridge, 100 G chicken Schnitzel, herbal tea;
  4. 30 G whole-grain bread with cucumber slices and salad, Mandarin orange, tea;
  5. 160 g. warm salad of green vegetables, and chick peas, 75 G of cottage cheese with currants, chamomile tea;
  6. a half a Grapefruit, a glass of milk.


  1. 2 boiled eggs, 4 cereals, bread, coffee;
  2. Sandwich consisting of 60 G of corn bread with leaves of the Beijing cabbage, pieces of pepper and tomato, green tea;
  3. 100 G of boiled green beans, 80 grams of boiled buckwheat, 110 G of cooked salmon, a glass of mineral water;
  4. 2 plums 150 G of 4% cottage cheese;
  5. 45 G. rye bread, 160 G of cottage cheese-berry-casserole, tea with lemon balm;
  6. 250g. 1% sour milk.


  1. 1 egg "poached", a slice of corn bread, 2 inflorescences-cooked broccoli, coffee;
  2. 3 biscuits made of whole-grain oatmeal with sesame seeds, tea Mate;
  3. 200 G Of Vegetable Salad, Fish Chips;
  4. 10 Cashew Nuts, Apple;
  5. Herb salad, cooked chicken liver, herbal tea;
  6. Glass of 1% yogurt with 1 tablespoon of powder of fiber.

Saturday / Sunday

  1. 5 cheese cake pancakes from oatmeal with 3 TSP of honey, 5 pieces of prunes, coffee;
  2. 1 boiled egg, cucumber, or tomato, Dill;
  3. 100 G of lettuce "iceberg", the stems of celery, 100 G of fried beef, 100 G of barley grain;
  4. 210 G. jelly 2% cottage cheese with blueberries, tea with lemon;
  5. Omelette with green beans, a slice of salted salmon, 1 tbsp. L. 4% yogurt, tea with lemon balm;
  6. a glass of 1% yogurt.
Menu for the week

So the famous quote "man is what he eats" can be so described: "a beautiful belly is created in the kitchen". Eat right, fractional, plan every meal and very soon you will the feeling of lightness, increased energy and performance, as in a mirror, and the volume of the body will appeal to you.