Fitness menu diet for women and girls to lose weight

Fitness diet is a special diet plan, that will be useful for all sports. Menu Fitness diet mainly consists of proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates: fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, milk products etc. do not eat such products is not only useful, but also delicious. Fitness diet for weight loss allows the body to recover after Training, but at the same time, save slim the figure. I prepared for you the most interesting Fitness recipes for weight loss. Read the following article.

Fitness menu for losing weight

Why Fitness diet not how to diet

Under the word "Fitness" into the vocabulary of the modern Russian language not so long ago, we mean the entire universe kinds of activities: from twist on a stationary Bicycle pedals to Power-Lifting. You touch a starting point: the Fitness is as orderly sports complex, directed on the improvement of the shape and General health. The most Fitness in the Form of groups of Cardio exercises or Training in the hall turn to when needed, weight loss.

It is a sport in which it carries out its pros, but the bulk of the "population" Fitness-Studios, students or working people, constitute a normal life. For most of them organized practice in his resistance to something like the hygienic procedures; someone creates, for a short period of time, by several "novels" and "divorce" with the gym.

In most cases, one of the main reasons for the "rupture of relations" with the exercises is always the wrong Fitness-diet, not the energy for Training and resources for recovery. For the old-timers sports centres in the question of the Fitness-diet no lowlights: you have learned to understand your body and, what is the "Fuel" and why is he needed for the work.

However, if the need for Fitness was slimming obviously related to being overweight or necessity of the proportions of the figure with the help of the training change, the question about the proper diet in the foreground. And here there are also very many people who need to lose weight, to make mistakes, unfortunate in his resistance: as a Fitness nutrition diet selected plan, in the rapid loss of body mass.

You can find one of these diets today, it is simple: the Express diet, fad diet, all kinds of diets with the prefix "non-". Such methods of weight loss are often justified in the case of need to quickly brush up on or change food habits, for example, the elimination of craving for sweets, but in the case of Fitness, sparse, apparently without a (or even several!) important nutrients diet is simply dangerous.

How to select Power mode

Fitness diet for men and for women differences. Girls, in General, deal primarily with Cardio exercises and workouts for "pull-UPS" figure, sports nutritionist, eat more carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (about 50% of the total diet), and also do not forget that fats, especially Omega-3-fatty acids – good for the body. The average daily intake of fat should not be less than 20%, the remaining 30% Protein.

Men, who want muscle definition, reach, muscles, and muscles of the fortress, should pay more attention to the protein intake (up to 40% of the total daily requirements), and carbohydrates – slimming-lower the value of their consumption to 35-40%, for a range of mass – enlargement of up to 55%. Fat in the time of "drying" racks up to 20%, and during active muscle-building-standard is 25%.

Rules Fitness diet for losing weight

Such a diet every day is becoming more and more popular, increasing the number of girls and women, which are happy to agree to this way of transformation from the beginning to the end. A man with a beautiful body – strong, it has its own unique touch, which can help to overcome difficult summit.

Hungry Fitness mention diet, fat burning is impossible, it has been quite varied, the average calorie intake is about 1800 Kcal per day. Not to dispense with such a diet, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, salads, seafood, fish, meat, fruit. Fitness diet weight loss for women – a real discovery, the most important rule of Power – give up relax have to replace the Couch after dinner, this time on the Training with the small physical loads.

Peculiarities of nutrition in Fitness classes

The methodology of the healing of the body, is very suitable both for men than for women, for people who have to regularly attend training in the diet proteins that will help to eliminate that the improvement of the work of the muscles, carbohydrates – fuel for Fitness Training and fat as possible from food, because they slow down the metabolism.


Since the structure of the protein is in the Form of a long chain, has a very strong impact on the process of metabolism. During digestion, this chain is split into individual amino acids, active used blood.

The most important rules for the Fitness diet:

  1. Two hours before the workout need to eat well, are such dishes as baked fish with vegetables, salad, chicken fillet, pieces, whole-grain bread, portion of rice, cottage cheese, an Apple, a small serving of oatmeal.
  2. Half an hour before the workout, drink unsweetened green tea. Of water you drink every 20 minutes during exercise.
  3. Eat after Training, it can be 20 minutes later. Perfect juice, vegetables, fruit, rice, chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese, and cheese and grapes.
  4. The extent of the portions should not be placed on the palm of your hand, to eat too much.
  5. Coffee and chocolate are contraindicated in compliance with the Fitness diet.

Digestive process

The digestive process is long and tedious, during which the protein promotes the care of the hunger and strengthens the muscles, causing a process of metabolism. In connection with this Protein-Fitness — diet-a powerful tool for the burning of fat in the body.

The target group of this practice is to remove

Fitness nutrition perfectly suitable for people, the way of life of the cooked saturated and active in the course of the day, those who are very fond of meat, but not fried, boiled and steamed, or simply in water. For athletes a real discovery, and all is thanks to the fact that the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the body, and a large Protein content has a positive effect on the muscle mass. Such a diet is good for pregnant women or women who are back in shape, without harm to the body.

Contraindications – who should not be on such a diet

Fans of sweet must avoid this diet, as it gives the opposite effect. Older people, as well as those with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, goiter, chronic pancreatitis, disorders of the renal system.

In the case of hypertension, in force for the strengthening of the blood vessels as amines meat on their strengths and harm the body.

Fitness diet: what to eat

In the case of Fitness-diet, the two main characters — carbohydrates (Carbo) and proteins. Carbohydrates — provide energy for the body and food for the brain and nerves. In the body reserves of Carbo in the Form of glycogen (animal starch) in the muscles and the liver, active, and consumed during the workout. So the lack of carbohydrate foods in a health diet makes it impossible, really, of Fitness is problematic in the feet lead to occur when the body needs a lie down.

The full-fledged sources of Carbo for Fitness-diet — carbohydrates with a long chain of Assimilation. This whole-grain products and products thereof fruits and vegetables with low glycemic index — in short, everything, slowly processed, whereby a uniform supply of energy. Proteins in a Fitness diet play a role of "building blocks" for the muscles: warm-up, and after work, "spend", the muscles require a portion of amino acids for protein synthesis.

Depending on the bioavailability, and the number of proteins consumed in the incoming "material" in the course of the muscle-synthesis, or to restore, either to the growth of the tissue. How can you understand if the food on Fitness and healthy diet is going to suffer enough Protein, the muscles begin to become stronger and more resistant to dystrophy, literally "eating" itself. Fats in Fitness-diet — question, the attention and control.

the consumption of water

Clearly food, the fat, avoid directly in front of the Training — clean energy fats, not glycogen stores, form of shares, and the process of digestion, and with it, accordingly, metabolic, and seriously slow down. However, you hurry, do not completely give up: there are healthy fats that are able to help you lose weight! Fatty acids (especially unsaturated) in the Fitness menu are essential — it is crucial in cardiovascular, Central nervous system and endocrine systems, support the elasticity of the tissue, which are involved in mitosis (cell division), the transport and the environment for fat-soluble vitamins.

And not to forget, of course, the water. In a health diet in the Phase of active decrease as the air with water, the products of the cleavage of protein and fat, are in need of toxins, with the aid of tissue fluids updated. But also the joyous time when obesity is defeated, and it remains to be quest only, the most beautiful muscles and shapes with the help of the training, lose the water of its importance: without adequate revenue, liquid is impossible, the formation of healthy Protein cells.

Water helps to supply the muscles with oxygen, and their supply is sufficient and allows to transport only a simple heavy loads, but also eases muscle pain. Warning, it is important not to confuse this with clean water and liquids, the use of which corresponds to the absorption of nutrients — juices, thick liquid milk products, Protein Shakes.

You (as in coffee and tea) in the standard fluid intake, the adjusting at the active Fitness classes is for women with a weight of about 70 kg of about 2 liters (that number under your weight, add or subtract 250 ml of water from the calculation per 10 kg of body weight).

Lethargy, dry mouth, sudden deterioration in mood, and no visible results on the background of the rule classes and thought-out Fitness-diet-testimony to a lack of water!

The specialists for sports nutrition advice, support fluid balance in small, but regular swallow during intensive training with a duration up to 50 minutes, and then replace the plain water, sports drink if the workout lasts longer. Carbohydrates in the composition of a sports drink to provide additional energy and electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Menu Fitness diet to burn fat

Start the first day you need to meat with large quantities of cooked chicken, the feeling of Hunger is not their attention to the sudden change in the diet. And on the second day, you can already plan the next diet:

Morning: Two hard-boiled eggs without a yolk, 200 G skimmed (no more than 5%) Quark.

Lunch: 250g fish, steamed, without salt. A glass of butter milk with a low percentage.

Snack: 250g salad. 50g low-fat cheese.

Dinner: A Glass Of Butter Milk. 200g cottage cheese.

On the following days you eat cereal porridge with dried fruit, scrambled eggs, boiled rice, bananas, baked potatoes, salad with shrimp, green apples, juice, yogurt, green tea.

Fitness – Diet. The menu for the day

Breakfast: a slice of bread (30 G) 1 whole egg and 1 egg white, tea with lemon without sugar. Snack: Apple or pear, and 30 G of low-fat cheese.

Lunch: meat or chicken (about 150 G), vegetables, salad, buckwheat or rice as a side dish.

Before Training: 1 banana, half a Cup of yogurt.

After the workout: a Cup of low-fat yogurt and 1 TSP honey.

Dinner: fish and steamed vegetables.

Before bedtime: a Cup of yogurt.

If you do not have enough energy, something you increase the amount of complex carbohydrates and protein, for example, add 100 G of cottage cheese, a few tablespoons of cereal and fruit.

The adherence to this diet and on a regular basis, do you lose weight about 500 G per week by reducing the fat tissue.

Menu Fitness Diet

The most important rule of the Fitness diet for weight loss is a small feedings: 4-5 times of the day, as well as the compliance with the water budget. The consumption of a sufficient amount of water to have a direct influence on the effectiveness of training and the condition of the body.

For Help Calculation of the norms of water consumption is done individually by a special formula. Drinking water should also be on a particular System, to avoid dehydration or overhydration.

Sample menu diet on training days

the menu for the day

Breakfast: 15 minutes after waking up, drink a glass of lukewarm water, mixed with half a spoon of honey. After about a half-hour – Protein dish (scrambled eggs without Butter, scrambled eggs with tomatoes).

Second Breakfast: whole grain Toast with low-fat cheese or a small serving of oatmeal.

Lunch: pasta, whole grain or buckwheat for a few (40-50 grams in a dry Form), chicken breast or red fish (100-150 grams), salad. Snack before workout: 100 ml low-fat natural yogurt or cottage cheese with the addition of fresh berries\savory fruit.

Snack after Training: Apple\orange\spouse of Grapefruit. Dinner: a small chicken cutlets for a couple or a serving of lean white fish with a salad of green vegetables. 1.5-2 hours before going to bed drink a glass of low-fat yogurt with fiber.

It is important to remember that if the Training starts in the morning, the Breakfast must be no earlier than 1.5 hours after that. If Fitness ordered in the afternoon, for 2-3 hours, better lunch, afternoon snack and eat dinner an hour before class, 2 hours after. Now, if you visit the gym late in the evening, it is better, the dinner in advance, after a late Training is not recommended.