Proper diet for weight loss: a menu for the week-the day

Even those who understand this knows nothing about the right diet: to lose weight, you must eat less. Who does not know this: weight loss diets with menus for every day all tried out, but none of them was magic, the result is so.

Understand in Detail the proper diet often have no time and need to lose weight yesterday. To help the newbies and point them in the right way, we approximate balanced diet menu for one week/per day for weight loss. And yet to say what the errors are and how to make a menu for the weight loss.

the right diet for losing weight

The most important thing in our menu for each day, per week, calories lose weight. Only about 1500 kcal. It is enough to lose weight, if your daily rate of about 1800-2000 kcal (i.e., for women). Men need more calories – which is more "hang up in grams". On the composition of the menu and products for women does not differ from a menu for men.

A balanced diet is about 40% carbohydrates and 30% protein and fat. We have this proportions in our table with the menu for weight loss.

The right diet for losing weight: what to and what not

How to replace the products in the menu for weight loss per week? We have a fairly simple diet menu. But if you want to, change the products for those who more like the Hand. It's easy – low-fat Protein low-fat Protein: chicken, fish and seafood, eggs, cottage cheese replace. Complex carbohydrates (they can change each other): buckwheat, brown rice (no brown – take what is there), pasta from durum wheat (in the extreme case, you can use ordinary), beans and lentils. Raw vegetables without restriction – they are very low in calories. For example, if on the night of the belly to growl, and it is impossible to fall asleep – you can take cucumber, tomatoes. Fill the stomach and it is not more than 50-100 calories.

Not to count for the "first acquaintance" with the right diet for losing weight necessarily meticulously calories and proteins, fats, carbohydrates knocking the whole day on the computer, and production rates of the accountant. You start at least eating in our simple menu for the day. You try to buy low calorie food. Not to rip on fast Food, fried, Mayonnaise , etc., are Not necessarily eat strictly on the clock, 5 times a day, do not eat after 6, etc. the main thing – stowed on calories burned accurately, then you will lose weight.

Your daily requirement to calculate according to the formula and subtract 20-30%. So many calories you personally need to lose weight about 1-2kg per month. Yes, this is very little. BUT! Traditional weight loss diets promise, minus 5-10kg 2-4 weeks – it is a waste of time. They can withstand low-calorie (1000 kcal), hardly anyone you you. And if the weight went quickly, mostly he returns even faster. So not a diet, but a balanced proper diet is the best way to lose weight. You will probably have heard it a hundred times already, but why is it that only those who understood on a personal experience of faith.

Menu for lose weight in a week/per day

Below you can see a table with different menus for three days. All days can be mutually replaced, and the products can replace similar caloric content and composition, it's not a strict "diets". Example menu for a week: Mo – menu, #1, w #3, CP – menu #2, Mo – menu, #3, pt #1, sa #3, total menu #2. Yes, such a Plan – ready the right diet for weight loss. Only you are flexible, you can change the days reversed, and even a stopper on your favorite products.

Table. Menu for weight loss

Click on the names of the dishes (blue), open the page with the recipes. Everything can be made at home from simple ingredients.

Menu #1

Kcal 1421

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates 116/50/132

Fat Carbohydrates Proteins Kcal
Breakfast 5,25 35,08 25,85 289
Cottage cheese (fat free) 100g 1,84 3,34 18,01 101
Yogurt Light 0,1%, 50g 0,05 8,5 1,25 38
Oatmeal oatmeal, 30g 1,86 18,54 3,69 106
Milk 1,5%, 100ml 1,5 4,7 2,9 44
Lunch 18 59,47 49,58 580
Chicken fillet, 170g 2,11 39,25 187
Buckwheat, 50g 1,7 35,75 6,62 172
Red bell pepper, 100g 0,3 6,03 0,99 26
Onion, 100gr 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Green beans (Frozen), 100g 0,21 To 7.58 1,8 33
Sunflower Oil, 1 Tbsp. L. 13,6 120
Dinner Was 18,76 To 17.04 16,52 292
Scrambled Eggs, Salad:
Egg Yolk, 1 PC. 4,51 0,61 2,7 55
Protein, 3 PCs. 0,17 0,72 10,79 51
Tomatoes, 1piece. 0,25 4,82 1,08 22
Cucumber, 2pcs 0,33 10,89 1,95 45
Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp L 13,5 119
Between meal
Curd Casserole, 200 G 8,64 20,49 24,02 260

Menu #2

proper nutrition

Kcal 1440

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates 120/48/135

Fat Carbohydrates Proteins Kcal
Breakfast 3,47 42,65 21,76 276
Cottage cheese (fat free) 100g 1,84 3,34 18,01 101
Oatmeal oatmeal, 20g 1,24 12,36 2,46 70
Banana, 1 medium (18 cm — 20 cm long) 0,39 26,95 1,29 105
Lunch 17,36 55,32 58,96 615
Saithe, 300 G The 2.4 51,54 243
Brown Rice, 50 G 1,1 38,35 3,9 172
Green Peas (Frozen), 50 G 0,18 6,86 2,6 38
Onion, 100gr 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Green Peas (Frozen), 50 G 0,18 6,86 2,6 38
Sunflower Oil, 1 Tbsp. L. 13,6 120
Dinner 18,51 16,26 15,49 289
Egg Yolk, 1 PC. 4,51 0,61 2,7 55
Protein, 3 PCs. 0,17 0,72 10,79 51
Tomatoes, 1piece. 0,25 4,82 1,08 22
Onion, 100 G 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp L 13,5 119
Between meal
Cottage Cheese Cake, 200 G 8,64 20,49 24,02 260

Menu #3

Kcal 1465

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates 122/51/132

Fat Carbohydrates Proteins Kcal
Breakfast 2,21 33,9 14,76 212
Oatmeal with Protein:
Protein, 3 PCs. 0,17 0,72 10,79 51
Oatmeal oatmeal, 30g 1,86 18,54 3,69 106
Lunch 23,96 61,11 40,65 615
Salmon, 150 G 22,65 31,19 337
Pasta from durum wheat, 50 G 0,65 35,25 5,5 169
Tomato, 1 Piece 0,25 4,82 1,08 22
Onion, 100gr 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Cucumber, 1 Piece 0,33 10,93 1,96 45
Dinner 17,56 21,33 36,33 382
Pizza chicken (¼ of a whole, with low-fat cheese) 3,48 5,58 33,29 196
Tomatoes, 1piece. 0,25 4,82 1,08 22
Cucumber, 1 Piece 0,33 10,93 1,96 45
Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp. L. 13,5 119
Between meal
Curd casserole, (coffee-lemon, ¼ of the whole) 7,55 15,77 30,32 256

As an approximate well-balanced diet for losing weight of the day/week?


To believe his days of need, keep me from 20-30%. So you know how many calories to lose weight.

Day set of the calories

Table Calories Slimming Products

Balanced Diet: Proteins/Fats/Carbs

The approximate ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates with a balanced diet for weight loss – 30/30/40 (%). I.e., carbohydrates 40%, proteins and fats – 30%.

Food, the large amounts of Protein

Foods that contain carbohydrates

Food, the fat


A menu for slimming, not necessarily expensive or rare products. The most expensive item of expenditure is fresh meat, fish and vegetables. In order to accurately count calories, cook at home, alone. With time you will remember which products like a lot of calories, and make a menu to lose weight of the day is easy. If cooking at home, the container with the food to work – it seems to be difficult, slimming up to move? For those, the berries the way easier, there are green coffee and Goji. Try it first, and then go to the side of the proper diet and plastic containers. We have no biscuits, but there is your slender reflection in the mirror.

What can go wrong

Failures due to Hard mode

When it comes to proper nutrition for losing weight a long time, sooner or later, "uncle George". Although diet and "proper", well-balanced menu for a week, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, the body still want to regain the lost weight. And how to do it? Make naest everything! The corresponding hormones are on time to your brain. Therefore, it is not so difficult to weight after a long diet.

How not to get bogged down? You sometimes have to "entertain". You eat some "harmful" once a week ("Cheat Mils"). But not holiday switch "" of the week food Binge. Maybe something harmful better eat in the Café or with friends, the temptation to continue the celebration. In our menu, no fruit (you just don't fit on calories), but the proper nutrition you need. For example, that you want a "fruity Cheat nice."

If you still have the food, this is the most important thing – not automatically in the condition of "well, I'm still against food that you can eat even 2 times more, I have nothing to will". With this approach, a unique barn is transformed in a week, and then month and continuous gluttony. How familiar sounds, but "your own fault". You do not pay attention to the to fix what. It is important, as you begin to eat in the here and now.

Do not be afraid to substitute similar products

Nothing bad will happen, the main thing is calories. "And if I on a diet of Sushi?", "But you can watermelon?". There are products that we don't call "proper nutrition for weight loss" fast – Food, pastries, etc. But if you replaced any product on "harmful" or not in the Standard menu, you will lose weight! Under one condition: of calories per day is not more than according to Plan (in our menu 1500 kcal). For example: your lunch on the Plan 500 kcal. And, instead, eat Sushi, in which the fuel was 500 kcal. So nothing bad! The only "but" – the "right" lunch feeds better and better (low-calorie food can eat more). So if it is "harmful," every day, then it will not take long and sorveshsya.

Constant snacking

How often do you hear: "I am so little food and not lose weight!". If you have any health problems, then it is not true. So you eat really a lot, just not snacking (banana, Sandwich, cake at work), or the wrong calories, consider counting, especially when eating at home. Our menu for each day – that's all you lose meals per day, weight. If you are snacking to be from the top, then nothing happens.

healthy food

We hope that our menus for each day will help to lose beginners, weight and to understand what is what is the right diet.