To lose phases the weight loss body: what are the parts of the body, weight faster, the reasons

Not getting the right diet and exercise giving 100% result in weight loss,since the organisms of women and men have individual properties.

slimming of the body

That and why in weight loss is reduced in the first place

Girls and women can not to a certain part of the body, such as abdomen, thighs or arms. But as you know, a local fat burning is not possible, when you remove the necessary parts of the body together, volumes, and other places: chest, shoulders, fingers, and face, in the last number of inches to leave the problem zones, namely, with the lower part of the body. Such a process of losing weight is not local, but uniform changes in the fatty tissue on the entire body.

When the weight gain first of all, it comes to a fat storage in the hips and waist, and only then the face with a thick, i.e. the group of fat mass from the bottom to the top. In the case of weight reduction, the reverse phenomenon happens, the first fat to the upper parts of the body: Slims the face, chest, arms, shoulders and neck, and then the hip and the waist is burned. But due to the peculiarities of each organism, the physiology, you can lose weight and other parts of the body.

If weight to lose is that the first Slims: muscles or fat

Muscle fibers are rough, so that their reduction during the low-calorie diet or physical exercise occurs in the last row. First, for the energy will be fat in the Form of glycogen in the muscles, then, provided inadequate intake of Protein in the body, the decrease in the muscles.

The common reason for this phenomenon is:

  • Carbohydrate-diet – in such a diet, the diet contains a minimum of Protein;
  • low-calorie diets with insufficient daily calorie content;
  • a small number of meals;
  • Insufficient intake of vitamins.

To avoid this problem, the diet is products adequate amounts of Protein are present in sufficient quantity, in cottage cheese, milk products, beans, legumes, lentils, fish and meat.

slimming body wise

What part of the body, lose weight to in the first line of girls, women and men

Due to the individuality of each organism, the weight loss occurs at all different, require certain conditions. But to experts, the main points, the typical sex and age, at a decreasing rate.

That Slims in the first place in the diet

In the case of low calorie diet first the volume disappears with the Person, then the fat burns in the area of the shoulders and the hands, then the sizes of the legs, thighs, abdomen and chest decrease. But in some cases, people who need to lose weight, notice slimming shoulder blades, the neck, the face remains unchanged.

Such a process is due to the fact that, on its face, the fat has a protective function, not salutaris, as in other areas of the body, protects the face from Frost, wind or mechanical impacts. So often a Person can begin to lose weight only after in other parts of the fat percentage is much lower.

That men weight to lose in the first place

Men inherent in pretium phasellus ipsum body shape: slender legs, the relief Tincidunt-like muscles and a narrow waist. But if you are overweight, fat is first of all in the area of the waist, and only then in other areas. In the case of the reduction of the weight of all to lose, on the contrary, the weight of the legs, arms, waist and abdomen, shoulders, and face.

That Slims in the first place in women

The deposition of fat in the female body occurs mode type, i.e., in the first line of the Mast buttocks and belly, only then the process on the tips. This decrease is different: those areas which are not prone to the accumulation of fat in the last row, and decrease the first start due to the negligible fat content. This process is inevitable in any age women, no matter whether you are 20 or 45 years old – are the same, due to the physiology.

Why losing breast weight in the first place

Often, women faced with such a Problem, how to lose weight chest, in the process, the problem areas remain in the same state. Such a process is due to the fact that the breast consists mostly of adipose tissue and, to a lesser – of breast cancer. In the case of insufficient intake of calories in the body, namely, healthy fats, leads primarily to a decrease in the chest and then the waist and hips.

slimming body belly

Such jumps lead to the loss of Tonus of the skin of the breast and its deflectens, in order to prevent this, if weight is important to note to lose the following:

  • the diet should be rich food to Protein, the strengthening of the muscles of the chest;
  • daily a sufficient number of amino acids are eaten in sufficient quantity in the red fish;
  • the food must often, at least 5-6 times;
  • you should have a set of exercises for the chest muscles.

Why Slims belly last

By reducing weight, fat out of the belly the least of which is because of the following reasons:

  • the presence of Diabetes mellitus is a disease that requires drugs that slow down the metabolism, leading to weight gain, but also the cause of the increase in the appetite;
  • Body shape – women and Art figure "Apple", then a slim waist falls to your successfully;
  • the excess of the stress hormone Cortisol.

That Slims when running

Lose weight in a certain area depends on the selected style of the run:

  • Sprint: to lose weight, calves and feet;
  • Sports: the majority of the load on the buttocks;
  • Jogging: the burden falls on the back of the thigh and the buttocks.

You should note that even in such a case, losing weight is evenly done, but this approach accelerates the process of reducing the layer of fat locally.

What are the parts of the body is reduced, the rope

During the execution of the exercises with the help of the rope tension in the legs and the forearm, so that the fat burning happens in this order:

slimming body jump rope
  • the muscle strengthens fibers of the upper and lower extremities;
  • burned the supply with these same lines in bold;
  • strengthens the muscles and reduces the volume of the stomach.

The opinion of nutritionists and useful tips

To lose weight locally is not possible, but without the proper nutrition, even in the presence of physical stress to get rid of belly will not work. Therefore, for the acceleration of the fat burning in problem areas like hips and belly, and experts to contribute to this food recommend. In the diet from bran, cinnamon, seaweed, cabbage, zucchini, celery, pineapple and Grapefruit.

You can make the following conclusions:

  • in spite of the individual peculiarities of each, 80% of the success of the right diet is;
  • you connect the physical loads;
  • in order to achieve results you should units a diet and teaching how;
  • Reduction of the volume happens at all different, but all men – from the bottom to the top, in the case of women – from top to bottom.