Running for weight loss: how quickly calories burn

Run — one of the most effective and most economical of the available pacemakers. Of movement the muscles tighten leads the accelerates blood circulation, nourishes the cells and tissues with oxygen, stabilizes hormones. While the body the optimal amount of pollution, Cycling of metabolic processes. All the harmful and unnecessary substances go into the blood vessels and sweat excreted. As a result of extra calories to be lost, and the proportions are reduced, happens weight loss. To experience all of the useful features of a course to master enough breathing technique, Training, and update your sports wardrobe.

running for weight loss

Running for weight loss: efficacy studies

Regular Jogging or brisk walking allow you to lose the correct shape and the pounds. Sports can every season in the fresh air, in the gym, at home, on the treadmill. It is important to have the optimum pace, speed and time of the lesson.

Running at the same time influences all groups of muscles and accelerates collects the breakdown of sugar in the body. If "Sweet fuel" ends, the organism begins as a source of energy fat reserves.

IMPORTANT! The fat burning starts only in 40-50 minutes of monotonous running. You can't miss the warm-up Phase, which lasts at least 40 minutes.

During the destruction of the subcutaneous reserves in the blood, a large amount of oxygen. The metabolism is accelerated, the circulation increased, and the toxins along with the sweat. The exercise stabilizes the work of many internal organs (liver, intestine) and whole systems (cardiovascular, urinary tract).


A targeted slimming the first positive results appear in problem areas: abdomen, thighs, arms. Weight off gradually and irretrievably. It is important, at a certain time, plan, Training, a balanced diet, and water budget.

CAUTION! In the case of the large initial weight begin to run they should only be taken after consultation with a professional Trainer. Otherwise, a lot of Training and poor compliance with the running technique can lead to injuries, problems with the joints.

Reach the noticeable lightness can Training after 1-2 months. The average amount of lost weight 2 to 5. It all depends on the starting weight, the characteristics of the Form and the diet during weight loss.

the result of running


To use running for weight loss the case of the following diseases is contraindicated:

  • Heart defects;
  • poor blood circulation;
  • Heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmia, tachycardia, etc.);
  • mitral stenosis;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • The common cold;
  • chronic diseases;
  • Smoking;
  • Injuries of the spine and the joints.

To also refrain from cross-country skiing lessons, people with addictions (Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption), pregnant and lactating mothers.

How to run properly

To run brought exclusively promote, you must follow the many rules. On the result of a number of factors: clothing and shoes, the quality of the training, the correct execution of the technique, and breathing. To lose the most important recommendations to avoid common mistakes and quick weight.

General Recommendations

  1. You examine all of the contraindications and make sure that you are not a representative of one of the diseases.
  2. In the presence of old injuries should again make an x-ray image, and consult with you to run through the possibility with a specialist.
  3. This type of load is a tool for losing weight, so that the results obtained from the Training will be backed up to a complete sleep and nutrition.
  4. Before departure, you must have the load capacity in the Form of stretching exercises. For a better effect you can with dumbbells, skipping rope and other sports equipment.
  5. Follow the same tactics and you create your training program. Choose some of the monotonous Jogging, others prefer interval method, or Power-walking.
  6. The Form of the race has to be comfortable.
  7. In the case of the large initial weight best slimming alternately slow speed to begin with the feet, faster.
  8. Manufacturing Training should crispi. The complex includes a relaxation exercise, depend on the bar. This avoids protrusions, a pinched.
running for beginners

Running for beginners: Training from the ground

Inner Motivation and enthusiasm — the key to successful weight loss. In order not to be disappointed in the Sport, it is not necessary to be ready that the first run will give immediate results. Need to train persistently, properly and on a regular basis.

To keep in shape will allow you to Plan. To take into account in the scheduling of exercises, the your own physical Fitness, health condition, and the original weight. How much you have to run with Jogging for weight-loss? The first race is of a more introductory character. Duration should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

For the next 5-6 days Tempo is best to select the slow. Ideal in this case, the variant is just a quick walk away. Before starting the muscles, a little Stretching to warm up, to meet tangles,.

Also for newcomers, it is recommended that the breaks between the lessons. For example, every 3. Day. Gradually, the number of days of rest is decreased and the duration of the run increases up to 1 hour.


The body's need for oxygen during the continuous run has increased tenfold. This process must be fully in line with the body. To frequent or rare breaths disturb the rhythm, obstruct the ventilation of the lungs. This will help, dizziness, loss of coordination of movement.

IMPORTANT! To fill with the correct breathing during the race, the lungs for oxygen to 25-40%. The chest is thereby increased by about a third.

Control of breathing in the case of large distances helps a simple technique: inhale and exhale on every step 3. If oxygen is missing, you can reduce the number of steps to 2. The Sprint run store, the correct breathing is not possible. The body compensates for settling the shortness of breath.

TIP! During the exercise, the breathing nose and mouth, you can combine. It accelerates the penetration of oxygen into the lungs. Protect in the Winter from the cold air, the language helps. During inhalation, you hold it as in the pronunciation of the letter "L".

Time: morning or evening?

First of all, the training time should be selected in accordance with your schedule and biorhythms. If more comfortable running in the evening, you should not Wake up with the sunrise, and Vice versa. However, many experts are convinced that losing weight Jogging effective. After returning home, the Breakfast is at the end not exactly at the waist and quickly digestible.

In the evening, 2-3 hours should go for a run before bed. This exercise promotes the burning of carbohydrates, not fat. After removing run allow in this time, to keep Fit and to overcome self.


Each type of racing has its own characteristics and can be used to weight loss in different areas. In addition, various techniques allow the impact on individual muscle groups and organs. Jogging is after all the rules of health and energy for a long time.


The term "Jogging" runner Arthur Lydiard 1961 was introduced. This type is ideal for losing weight and requires no special training. During the lessons, the person develops a top speed of 8 km per hour. The whole essence of the technique lies in the short detachment of the body from the earth. If a leg is in the air, the second is located on the surface of the earth. The landing on the whole foot and not only on the sock. After his execution, Jogging is very similar to Power-walking. Different only the time of the flight is, if a leg is replaced by another.

May Jogging women and men in every age, in the case of different body sizes. The technique is completely safe and painless.

just run


A kind of health tonic run — easy. On the world stage, the name remained "attacking", which is like walking at a fast pace. The technique is a fat, suffering from shortness of breath people. Also, walking allows you to lead for beginners or a sedentary way of life.

While it is not a minimal work therefore, the procedure is as running for weight loss. can be attacking you in the pauses between the races in the middle or fast Tempo, as well as the weekend workout days.


For Jogging in the mountain, the hills, the mountain, the steep climb fits in any area with a Podium. In the gym, you can configure the treadmill, by the angle of inclination. The main thing is that the plot was not slippery or trauma and the air is cold and damp.

Contain this kind of in the weight loss program, it is recommended 1-2 times per week is mandatory. While the participation of all the muscle take fiber, promotes fat the efficient burning of body. Mountain running is ideal for the correction of the thighs, calves, and hands.

With the acceleration

Interval Jogging not only promotes the development of the stamina, but also weight loss. The technique of acceleration in his training, not only professional athletes but also for beginners. The essence of the technique consists in the exchange of velocities: a part of the track must fast in a slow pace, the second — as much as possible.

Power consumption increases during exercise twice. More calories are burned, hence the weight loss happens faster than normal. The technique is suitable for the correction and elimination of superfluous centimeters in all areas, and also have a positive effect on the entire body. Practice running with acceleration should be no more than 1-2 times per week.

After 5 km

Daily 5 km runs, the person consumes 2 to 2.5 thousand calories. It is important to have the same speed to maintain, and not go the distance. In the breaks, you can begin Extreme fatigue Power-walking and then run again. The technique is suitable for those who under a high weight and has the free time. Training takes an average of 1-1.5 hours.


If it is not possible for the Park or the stadium, with space for the run of the house. For these purposes, you can jump on a treadmill, rope, or just walk on the grounds. It is important not to be lazy and a specific program to follow. To avoid damage of the joints and of the spine is imperative that special shoes and shape.

The optimal period of exercise for burning fat — for 1 hour. During this time, the man on site about 8 km. The first small weight of the weights: elbow pads are recommended, knee pads filled.

run home

Differences for men and women

Cross-country Training has a positive influence on male health. This type of physical activity promotes the development of muscular corset, increasing the resistance of the organism and for the improvement of the potency. Women escape obesity can eliminate, hormones, metabolic processes, regulate and normalize. The skin is saturated with oxygen, gets healthy, and radiant, and the body is Fit and elastic.


Clothing and shoes for running in the first line of comfortably lightweight, elastic and pleasant to the body must be. Ergonomic sole for sneakers contributes to the equal distribution of weight and relieves the joints. The Form must be adapted to the season. In the Winter you need a warm tracksuit, and in the summer, enough to prepare for the teaching of Leggings or Shorts with a T-SHIRT.

In order to focus the result from the run on the problem areas, recourse to the creation of a "greenhouse effect". These synthetic materials use, not air. However, this is only a myth, which is fraught with negative consequences for the health. All of the accessories for the weight loss during the execution are just a Marketing Trick and lead to a sharp increase in body temperature. The consequences are problems with the circulatory System, kidneys, violations of water-salt balance and swelling.

Running, jumping rope, or walking: which is better?

For the best results should be comprehensive, removing, therefore, all the exercises are, to the destruction of the excess weight However, if the choice is between walking, Jogging and skipping rope, something better, give preference to regular currit in the fresh air.

Cross-country Training, in addition to its directional antenna to enormous health benefits in General. In addition to losing weight, you the immune system, the heart, blood vessels, and improve the condition of the skin strengthen.

Walking is a natural process, so no muscle load, which he does. Use for weight loss however, is possible only if daily large distances. Not everyone has such a lot of free time. The best Option in the application m — Staging load, or Element of the start rating.

Jump rope

Training with the jump rope are also removing the most important way. Monotonous exercise affects a small group of muscles and addicted to power. Rope the site will have to jump only as an Element of Core Training.

Lose weight with running to gain not only a beautiful figure, but also good health. Daily moderate loads, a pacemaker and a remedy against Stress, depression are powerful. In the burning of fat, improves mood and self-confidence develop. Exercise can be an excellent opportunity for new objectives and institutions of the acquaintances. The main thing, laziness, get rid of and make the first step to change their appearance!