Diet weight loss belly and flanks for women: menu for the week

To provide protruding sides and belly, even in small quantities, to be able to spoil the mood and to force you,, your favorite tight dresses skin. But the Problem will always be solved by adherence to the dietary principles of nutrition, with regular implementation of exercises to burn fat in the stomach area and the so-called ears. This approach is mainly to preserve the correct shape after a few weeks of intensive teaching, but also the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, prevents the formation of stretch marks, including almost imperceptibly.

Diet for weight loss

The dream of a beautiful flat stomach to be much closer than you might at first glance and does not require any special expenditure in the Form of services of the plastic surgeon, and expensive massages.

The main principles and phases of the diet

As the experience of the active representatives of the fair sex, it helps best to get rid of signs on the side and belly of the principle of rejection of products with a high content of fat. The diet must be filled with mainly Protein dishes, but also a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits. The beverages preferably green tea with no sugar.

The whole process of the control of undesirable deposits on the sides and in the abdominal area consists of several stages:


The duration lasts for seven days and is in the gradual restriction of the used harmful and very high-calorie products, for example, in the favorite coffee in the morning, you can first two times put less sugar, and only later start to get used to the true taste of the refreshing drink with no calories sweetener To remove after the expiry of seven days from the diet completely all of the forbidden foods, the body itself begins to mentally prepare for the absolutely new rules work. Amazing, but already elemental the exception of sugar and the absence of sweet carbonated drinks promotes obesity, the loss of 1 – 3 kg.


Its duration depends on the number of pounds and criticality of the Situation with the belly, and a bent-back pages. In General, the primary Phase of the weight loss in such cases lasts from seven to twenty days (three weeks). If the weight more than 80 kg, then the main stage has to last at least three weeks, and the adaptation of the diet the proper diet is gradual. This is necessary for the maximum preservation of the elasticity of the skin, the fat flabby after combustion under her body.

The Last

This step is necessary for the attachment of the result. In Detail diet plan with the allowed food, and then strictly stick to it for at least a year and a half. To lose, according to the observations, the weight of many ladies, who in this period acquired skills in the selection of products and the preparation of the dishes are already habits, and, therefore, constantly the self is not in control is necessary.

If not achieving the beginning of the work on the belly and sides only by means of regular exercises, without the formation of new, useful taste, habits, the particular result is. This is due to the fact that a slim beauty and well-being in the process of the liberation of the redundant fat deposits on 80 per cent, depending on the quality of the food.

The list of allowed foods in the diet

To lose the list of allowed products in the desire, weight in the abdomen and flanks, you can still call and necessary. Because it is extremely filling important to remove the body to a extensive range of useful trace elements, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to this superfluous body fat is to break down much faster and the skin retains its elasticity, softness and beauty for many years to come. Recommended products important strengthening exercises to reduce the volume of the waist, the skin hanging.

For the observance of the proper diet should be taken to ensure, through the use of:


Wherein a day. Better when it's fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and carrots. Also it should be young green peas, peppers, radishes and asparagus are added. In the fresh kind of delicious salads, without the Dressing of vegetable oil or cooking soups without the use of any kind of roast in a pan with Butter.


beautiful body

First of all, you need to the apples, plum, cherry, peaches, pears, and plums, are rich in fibre. Exactly this component of a balanced diet can be faster and more effective for the removal of body fat accumulation in the waist and to the side.

Fresh Herbs

To saturate the regular addition in meals of fresh herbs to the body with useful microelements, splitting fat compounds. Special attention to the celery (leaves, stems, roots), as well as Basil, Dill and parsley. You can add to the possibility of in the diet of arugula and coriander.

Lean ground beef or meat of birds

In the right diet is also a place for beef, chicken, or meat (Turkey). But consumed the product can be no more than once per week, and with the limitation of up to 300 G per dose. It is important to understand that you have cooked the meat or steamed, with the addition of natural spices. Stew or bake (without addition of oil) is not recommended. The ready-to-cooked meat food better fresh vegetables.

Hard cheese

The most important prerequisite in the selection of hard cheeses for their quality and naturalness. Use it as a device may not be able to more than two times a week to 80 g. add to It the dissolved fruit or RUB the salad with fresh vegetables.

Dried Fruit, Seeds, Nuts

These products serve as a tasty nutritious snack, but not more than two times per week, and to the extent of a small handful. It is important to understand that the nuts must be raw. Of peanut (in any Form) it's worth it. From dried fruit can be plums, apricots and dates. Under the strict prohibition of all kinds of candied fruits, raisins and figs.

Milk products

It comes to yogurt, milk and cottage cheese. The first two products, if desired, to lose weight in the abdomen and flanks can be used more than three times per week (no more than one glass per day). Fresh milk, for example, you can have coffee or tea, yogurt and drink early in the morning or late in the evening, before going to bed. Quark can eat only berries in its pure Form, without the addition of spices or.

The list of prohibited products

Also the heavy physical burden on the work of the muscles of the abdomen and to the side, not able to get the desired result, when in the diet of the place is:

  1. Bread and all baked goods.
  2. Fruits with a high content of sugar (figs, grapes, banana).
  3. Starchy Vegetables (Potatoes).
  4. Fatty meats and fish (pork, lamb).
  5. Thread noodles.
  6. Grits.
  7. Eggs.
  8. Any type of vegetable oil.
  9. Confectionery and other sweets.
  10. Sugar.
  11. Smoked.
  12. Mayonnaise, mustard, Ketchup, sauces, a variety of shops.
  13. Canned.
  14. Full-fat milk.
  15. Hard cheese with a higher fat content.
  16. Alcoholic drinks and sweet aerated water.

Recommendations for the preparation of the diet menu

You realize the dream of the possibility to wear a tight dress and feel slim beauty can, if the consumption of products from the list of approved will be built as follows:

Meal times List of products
Breakfast Salad from fresh vegetables with the addition of grated hard cheese and herbs. Coffee (absolutely no sugar, but you can with milk).
Brunch About 100 G of pure curd with no additives and sweeteners.
Lunch Soup, boiled cabbage with celery and tomatoes. Green tea (no sugar or substitutes). The two apples.

Taking a soup of boiled meat and with the addition of fresh vegetables can replace it correctly.

Afternoon snack Fresh fruit (except bananas), or a small handful of approved nuts or dried fruit.
Dinner Vegetable salad with the obligatory addition of a lot of green. Fruit from the list of allowed.

The size of the servings should be no more than 250 – 300 grams at a time. In addition to diet and exercise is extremely important to restore the water balance in the body and thus you need to during the day for about 1.5 – 2 litres of pure water to drink. Your use of stretch for the whole day, and should drink small SIPS.

Experienced nutritionist and Trainer recommend not to treat the proposed diet, a temporary diet-go tables restriction, after which it will be possible back to the numerous sweets and harmful products. It is a new life style with the binding purchase of a new healthy habits. Otherwise, the long-awaited Finesse waist buy back flanks and belly hanging, but the battle with them is much more difficult.

You can improve the result of the work developed through the coordinated complex of exercises, the pumps, the muscles of the press and the elimination of fatty deposits in the sides.

Proven ways to speed up the metabolic processes

Figure in order to bring possible, if you take care of the acceleration of the metabolism in the body. For these experienced trainers, and nutritionists recommend:

  1. You can increase the amount of the consumed protein.
  2. Go to the exclusive use of useful carbohydrates.
  3. Learn to count, calories burned.
  4. Relaxing establish sleep and rest.
  5. You break down the daily ration to more frequent meals in small portions (5 – 6 times during the day).

An increased intake of proteins has a direct influence on metabolic processes, so that their number shall not be less than 35% of the daily diet. Slimming also due to the fact that for a full decomposition of protein by the organism, about 150 spends – 200 extra calories. If the power supply is divided into four stages, three of which are Protein components.

About useful carbohydrates, then you can focus exactly on fresh fruit and vegetables, the longer saturate the body with the necessary energy and give power for the exercises. The need to count calories consumed, combined with the fact that a simple restriction in the diet slows down may be too restrictive, and this, in turn, reversed the metabolic processes in the body. The minimum number of calories is 500 – 800 kcal.

Eating better, smaller portions, but more often. Thanks to this metabolic process accelerates, the body suffers from a lack of consumed nutrients and trace elements, and therefore, there are all conditions for the cleavage of accumulated fat deposits in the abdomen and flanks.

Not less important when slimming abdomen and sides of a healthy restful sleep. This is due to the fact that it is during sleep the body produces hormones that are directly involved in the removal of superfluous body fat. People who prefer to sleep after 3 – 4 hours, more likely than other obese and need help in weight loss.

Best diet weight loss

Every body is different, so the choice of diet for the removal of ears on the sides and hanging belly should be selected, taking into account:

  • the individual characteristics of the organism;
  • existing state of health;
  • the number of pounds you want to get rid of;
  • the ability to set goals and achieve;
  • personal taste preferences.

To lose of the popular diets that are suitable for the control of undesirable deposits in the area of the waist is the Highlight of Kefir, buckwheat and rice, but it is far from the whole list of possibilities weight successfully. But there are individual diet tips for those who live a sedentary lifestyle, for example, works at a Computer all day, and the evening for television.

Buckwheat Diet

The most important feature of the diet, wheat is an exceptional eating boiled book, plain water without any additives and Pure green tea. To the list of approved products to add low-fat yogurt (up to 1,5 litre). The food is cheap, affordable and easy to prepare. Its duration lasts 3 – 5 days and can significantly lose weight in the belly and flanks.

Milk products slimming

The peculiarity of the buckwheat diet, the ability to cleanse the digestive tract of accumulated harmful toxins and slags, indicate the excess fluid from the body, but also significantly thinner waist. If not, there are problems with the work of the gastro-intestinal tract, and any chronic diseases of the organs, the diet can be for 1,5 – 2 weeks. The choice of Kefir for such a diet, you should take into account that:

  • in the presence of hyperacidity of the digestive tract and the most common manifestations of heartburn, better with the one-day Kefir;
  • if you have a tendency to increased gas formation, Kefir, you should be three-day.

Can diet damage the diet, and fresh herbs. The quantity consumed of cereals unlimited, but per day you should take 2 – 2.5 liters of water drink at least. Another important feature relates to the method of preparation of buckwheat: 1 part grain to 2 parts of boiling water and zaparivat for 7 – 8 hours. It is better in a thermos, brewing buckwheat overnight for consumption the next day.

In the process of compliance with the buckwheat diet is the maintenance and regular physical activity. In compliance with the requirements, you can excess weight on a daily loss of 1 kg, which is visually reflected 0.5 cm in the waist.

Buckwheat diet is not suitable for people who have problems with the functioning of the digestive tract, as well as possible allergic reactions to the product itself (individual peculiarity of the organism).