Effective exercises for losing weight at home

Often, many people can not fend for himself, and for his body, not even because of laziness, but because of a banal lack of time and for this reason, the best exercises to lose weight at home, with which you will be able to lose weight at home! To do this, you need very little time, the day and a bit of self-discipline. And to do it a lot easier for yourself in this article the most useful exercises for losing weight at home for women, and told all the Details of this training mode.

A series of exercises to lose weight at home for women

Before you begin, remember one important rule – in training is important is regularity! You can't throw out give away of the month of this practice, and hope it lasts the result. For maintaining the beautiful shape you have to train constantly.

Exercises to lose weight at home – Features

For starters, a little about the General principles of exercise for losing weight should. In order to have benefits, you will need to adjust from the beginning to the what you a long and hard road awaits. No fast results – one of the main reasons people throw in the Training.

Do not forget about the food! It is just about food and not about fame percusserit, the mask under the word.

Correct nutrition is based on several principles:

  • Reusable food – the more meals a day, the faster your metabolism works. And, accordingly, the faster you will get rid of the excess fat. In addition, if you eat often but in small portions, the walls of your stomach is not stretched, and with the time accustomed to such portions. Can significantly your belly can be reduced visibly.
  • The daily dose of calorie intake must be lower than the amount you consume. To calculate, you need to calculate the basic calorie consumption, as well as the amount that you spend over the course of the day.
  • Do not forget to drink plenty of clean water – it is necessary for the work of all of our organs, can be little to eat, but also speeds up the metabolism.

For a Person fat is not a cosmetic disease, but our body thinks quite differently. Fat reserves are necessary to provide the body with energy in these moments, when for some time no food. It is to lose a kind of emergency ration, and his body is not simply allowed. Therefore, step-by-step have to go for the performance of this task. And for that, you need exercises to lose weight quickly at home, which we describe below.

Exercises to lose weight at home

This group of exercises can be divided into two categories:

  1. Those who actively use the Internet, fat deposits as an energy source – which is specifically geared towards burning fat;
  2. And those that add visually, the muscles lean and taut appearance.

One can't have one without the other, because to lose even if you are able to weight, it on your body leave your echoes in the Form of stretch marks. It was not, it is necessary to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

Warm-up exercises

Before the Training necessary for high quality Training. It helps not only prevent a variety of injuries, dislocations and sprains, but also distribute the blood throughout the body.

Special requirements to the Training, the main thing is to open up and heat the main muscles of the body. Starting with the head and ending with the feet.

  1. Circular rotation of the head four times clockwise, four counterclockwise.
  2. The head tilts front-to-rear-to the left-to the right, on eight accounts, two in each direction.
  3. Circular Rotation straight arms four forward, four back.
  4. Twitching with the hands – the right Hand above, left below. The Yanks four – accounts - 2 on each Hand, then change your Position.
  5. The hands – circular Rotation of the elbow joint. Four in front, four in the opposite direction.
  6. The hands in the lock – Rotation fingers joints. First in one direction then in the opposite.
  7. Put your feet wide, hands against the chest. From such a Position, you will lead the rotation of the housing – four to the right, four anti-clockwise.
  8. Heels together, arms at the belt. Without bending your knee, you cause the bending of the housing at the bottom, the heels touching with the hands.
  9. Stretch your arms in front of you. To touch, lift the leg so the left knee with the right Hand, and Vice versa.
  10. The heels and toes together, hands on the knees. Perform the rotation in the knee joint, first clockwise, then against.
  11. You place a foot on the toes and cause the rotation of the toe of first one, then the other direction. Then do the same for the other foot.
exercises to lose weight at home

As already mentioned, at home exercises for weight loss are divided into two categories. The Training should start to lose those exercises, with the help of which it will be possible to "visual weight". In General, there are static exercises muscles keep in a state of limbo, in a Position for some time.

Exercises for maintaining muscle tone

Ironing. One of the most important exercises for those who reduce the volume of the abdomen and flanks. He is also a perfect bark strengthens the muscles and provides for the health of the spine. Classic Ironing is done as follows: take the Position as the squeezings from the ground, only reliqua not on the palm of your hand, but on the forearms and elbows. Toe socks together. Your body is a straight line anywhere – not in caves, especially in the lower back. In this Position, the maximum pull your belly and keep your muscles in this voltage. For the beginning of a Minute per day is sufficient. Then increase the time to 5 minutes per day.

Static crouching. Sit with your back against the wall and put themselves in a Position in which the angle in the knees reach 90 degrees. Tincidunt are in this Position and try for as long as possible. First of all, enough of a Minute, gradually increasing the time. This exercise works perfectly kvadriceps legs. As a Supplement, can on the forward outstretched Hand, each in weight keep – in order to strengthen the arm muscles.

The abduction of the legs back. You take a chair with a backrest and a set. Leaning with hands on the backrest of the chair, back straight leg until it is parallel to the ground. In this Position, hold for 30 to 60 seconds, then switch leg. This exercise is very good muscle buttocks.

Lunges. Starting position – standing, hands on belt. You make a big step forward with the right foot and set yourself on the right leg, so that the bending angle was 90 degrees. Back in the starting Position, pushing off with the feet, made a lunge. Repeat the same for the second leg.

Pushups on the knees. Starting position – focus on knees and hands, the palms of the hands under the shoulders, the back is straight. Press, bend the elbows until your chest touches the ground. Return to the starting position.

These exercises will help restore tone to the muscles, and even without losing weight can significantly change your appearance. Now, let's talk about simple exercises to lose weight at home that can help get rid of them hated fat.

A series of exercises for losing weight at home

In order to effectively eliminate excess weight, the exercises, if possible, industria should-intensive. That is, you have to move as much as possible, and therefore, for the domestic conditions, there are special exercises. As an example here are some of them.

Appendix №1. In this complex three exercises that must be followed includes, in succession, without interruption, in the course of time. Starting Position – Focus On Squats. Jump accept stop lying, do a pushup, return to the starting position. Then, follow the jump up, her arms stretched out over your head, return to the starting position. Without interruption for one and a half minutes. A one-Minute break and then repeat the complex.

A small complex made up of two exercises. Starting position – hands along the body, the legs shoulder-width apart. Do a squat, then we jump up, clap with the palms of the hands over the head, and the exit position.

Exercises for maintaining muscle tone

Next, we talk about the exercises to lose weight at home for women:

Exercise 1. You lay down on the floor, raise the shoulder blades from the ground, the hands behind the head. The legs raised above the floor a straight, the other bent in the knee. Alternatively, you change your Position, such as a bike ride. They try to touch the elbow of the left Hand to the right knee and Vice versa, rotate the body.

Exercise 2. Lie on the floor, arms along the body, legs straight on the floor. You lift first one foot, then the second, and, alternately, lower back to the starting position.

Exercise 3. Sit on the floor, knees bent feet, without the ground to touch and hold at chest height, hands out to the front. At the same time pull back on the extended leg to the front and tilt the housing, holding the balance of the abdominal muscles. Then return to the starting position.

Exercise 4. Lie on the floor, hands on the floor, and outstretched arms over the head. At the same time lift the legs and the housing, to touch the hands of socks.

Exercise 5. Jumps on an obstacle. Would be good if you home is a small, but sturdy stool. You put it in front of him. Jump directly on you, then jump down. Despite the seeming simplicity of the exercise is quite complicated.

Exercise 6. An incomplete bridge. You lay on your back, bend your legs at the knees. From this Position, lift the buttocks upwards, then return to the starting position.

Exercise 7. Lie on the side of the lower leg bend in the knee and a little to the front. Upper leg lift to the top of the maximum possible Amplitude, without making you turn your.

Even the simplest of exercises to lose weight at home must include and crispi. Hitch well helps the muscle in a state of relaxation, improves blood circulation, which promotes a rapid Regeneration of the muscle tissue. In addition, you can reduce pain the next day after the Training:

  • You sit down on the ground, close to the foot a leg up on the other. The knee will look in opposite directions. Slowly the pressure on the knee, feeling the stretch in the muscles of the thigh.
  • Lay back on the belly, the legs stretched out. Lift the upper housing part relied on the hands, thus the strain in the belly region.
  • Stand up straight, bend the left leg at the knee, opened the foot. You take the Hand over the foot, and drag him to the top, so that the feeling of muscle strain kvadricepsa.
  • You stand straight. You take with one Hand the second the brush behind the back, the arms draw back, as possible and bring them to the spot. You should have a strong stretch in the chest area feel.
  • Sit on the floor, stretch the legs forward. You pull your hands to your toes, Flex the muscles of the back.

How to plan a sports-exercises for slimming?

In order to properly use a training plan, you need to be able to properly assess the burden that you can give yourself in the Moment. Over-zealousness usually ends inappropriate injuries, their Motivation for education may be undermined. So, first and foremost, you put on a long, but the planmssige work.

If the large excess weight may be in some of the exercises fully, or you may not be satisfied physically. Therefore, you should not dwell only on this Home-complex, but also the time for Jogging and Hiking.

Per week, you spend about three-four training sessions, to forget the aerobic loads. After the time, you should start by 20 minutes on the first try each exercise, but without a Minimum amount of time. Then, each exercise should have a few minutes to pay attention to one or the other muscle.

The Schema of the training sessions for a beginner look like this:

 loss home for weight
  • Monday: morning + running exercises for weight loss during the day;
  • Tuesday: exercises for the maintenance of muscle tone;
  • Wednesday: morning + running exercises for weight loss during the day;
  • Thursday: run in the morning;
  • Friday: exercises for weight loss + for maintaining the muscle tone;
  • Saturday: Free Time;
  • Sunday: morning + running exercises for weight loss.

The number of sets and reps:

  • You start with 2 sets of 10 reps in the exercises to the sound. In the case of good endurance, the number of sets and reps to increase up to the feeling of slight burning in the muscles;
  • Exercises for weight loss, but also other Aerobic exercises running, until a feeling of fatigue, i.e., as much as will allow you endurance.

When will the result of home exercises for weight loss?

Clearly this question is not to answer because it all depends on the original settings. On average, the optimal value of 3 to 6 kg per month, depending on the number of training sessions, the diet, the observance of the regime. A larger quantity can be harmful influence for your body, therefore you should be too much of a hurry.

In order to achieve the maximum effect of the house combine-made Training with properly-prepared, diet, and aerobic loads. We advise you activate it in program running or jumping rope.