Soup for weight loss: the recipe and the results of the diet

But lately steel soup diet losing weight successfully, and this approach proved to be very effective. In addition, you will note a lot easier than other diets because the soups saturate, even if they contain little calories.

Soup for slimming

Soup Cups Nutrition

For all their effectiveness soup diet cups are very soft, and within a week you can excess weight 5 kg. The safety of such diets can also suffer from people with certain chronic diseases; the consumption of diet soup helps cleanse the body and improve health.

Vitamins and mineral substances contained in large quantities will help in fruit and green, the body faster break down to burn calories and fat. Vegetable broth, on the often, these soups are preparing to lose weight, perfect the liver cleans it of toxins and waste products.

Such vegetables as celery, onions, parsley not only lipolysis, but require from the body for a considerable expenditure of energy: finally, you have digested long enough, and in them is little calories in it.

Soups for losing weight

Soups for losing weight are many, but the most common is the onion, onion, or celery, corn, tomatoes. It is clear that the main components are of such soups, vegetables, and herbs.

The main components of the soups for losing weight

Very often the main ingredient of the soup to lose weight cabbage: white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and other varieties.

Celery, like I said, good and helps burn calories; tomatoes, peppers and carrots is an anti-oxidizing agent; a complement to soup, remove the onion, parsley, garlic, dried herbs. Soup of salts, but a little.

Soup to lose weight with cabbage and celery: the recipe

Cooking-vegetable - soup-slimming, you have to successively throw the vegetables in boiling water. First of all, the finely chopped cabbage, then the diced roots and stems of celery (or vegetable) - about 30 G celery has a diuretic effect and leads to excess fluid from the body, but also improves the metabolism and is necessary for the liberation of obesity.

Then finely cut the onion, carrots and peppers. Crushed tomatoes without skin last paste, and simmer all the vegetables together. More salt and add the spices: red or a little black pepper, Curry, Paprika, garlic put the last.

Then put the stuffing into the broth, where the vegetable is boiled. When serving, sprinkle soup, each finely chopped herbs: parsley, chives, Dill.

Water enough for the soup 1.5 liters, but the broth 2 litres – more. Cabbage – 500 G Tomatoes – 2 PCs., Onion, peppers, carrots – 1 piece of celery – 30 grams garlic – 1-2 cloves of garlic, and a bundle of herbs.

The soup every day, several times - as you want, and arrange a weekly diet with the addition of other products.

So, on the 1. Day you can eat bananas, soup and fruit, except for the; at the 2. Day, soup and vegetables, even potatoes – boiled or baked, in small quantities, with vegetable oil; 3. Day the soup, fruits and vegetables (without potatoes); 4. Day – the same, but you can add a glass of low-fat milk and a few bananas. On 5. Day except for the soup and unlimited amount of tomatoes, you can afford a little boiled beef (chicken, lean fish) – not more than 100-200 g. On the 6. Day you can also add in the soup, beef and lots of green leafy vegetables. Instead of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce eat. On the last day of the week – soup, vegetables, brown rice, freshly squeezed fruit juice. On 5. and 6. Day not add to a fruit diet. The vegetables must be fresh to use, but not in cans.

Of course, the soup for weight loss is necessary to cook every day, and cook with the stock, 2 or even 3 days, how do some of the Housewives. The best Option – there are soup 3 times per day, supplementing with other products, and as much as possible, drink mineral water without Gas up to 2 liters. Herbal tea can you drink coffee if you want, but without sugar.

In General, they all need to be proposed exactly as is, and not try your options diet already been tested.

This method of rapid weight loss American experts was proposed, but this soup somehow, often called "Bonn". For us it is not so important – important to the efficiency of the spring soup diet, promotes the burning of calories and fat quickly and safely.

Inadmissible bread, sugar, alcohol, and sugary sodas. With the correct implementation of all recommendations already on 3. Day with a pacifier in 1,5-2 kg weight increase per week to lose weight 4-5 kg.

To lose the benefits of this method of weight: a diet is safe and it does not take long, the result is fast, the body is cleaned and improved health. You use this diet you can is also pregnant, and repeat as often as necessary, until the weight is back to normal.

If you got rid of for a week, 5 kg, and it is necessary to reset, should the diet, you can more confidently; if the weight loss was 7 kg or more, so you have a week's break.

Those who you lose weight quickly, 2-3 kg, we recommend 2-4 days of only soup, by the add-ons.

This diet, many experts believe that the gentle and comfortable, and if you soups to love, it turns into joy.

Of course, the get rid of extra pounds immediately to the diet should be to self, the you before to such a life. However, during the diet to get used to, there are fruits, vegetables and other food, so that day-to-day healthy diet is easy.

Soup with mushrooms

Soup to lose weight with beans and mushrooms: recipe

You can cook diet soup with beans and mushrooms – it is very tasty.

Canned beans can take – for example, Bonduelle, but it is better to pre-cook fresh. Mushrooms also it is better fresh (frozen mushrooms) and vinegar cucumber into slices and soak in water.

Mushrooms and beans should be on 250 G cucumber – 1, large onion – 1 garlic – 2 cloves, salt, spices, spices.

Do not place any objects in the soup stock cubes, although some recipes suggested – thus, you negate all of the efforts, and can also interfere with the metabolism.

If beans out of a can, the vegetables can be fried without oil: first, you put on a hot pan, add chopped onion, after a few minutes add the chopped cucumber and mushrooms. The cover pan, and after 10 minutes, add the beans together with the Sauce from the can. Leave on for 15 minutes on low heat, boil, and then put all in a pot with boiling water, add the spices and herbs and cook for another 15-20 minutes.

The soup is fragrant and delicious, but the dietary. If you cooked fresh beans, then you can.when you stew vegetables and mushrooms with a little oil – olive oil or melted Butter, and salt, but a little

Soup cups nutrition can be many and varied. Long enough, you can adhere to this diet, if the Alternative variants of the soups.

Japanese soup for weight loss: recipe

Japanese soup slimming lovers of fish dishes, but also fill the body's need for essential trace elements for example iodine.

You need sauce 1.5 liters of water, and lean fish – for example, Pollock (1 piece), 1/3 Cup of rice, seaweed (150 G), egg, spices and soy. In the recipe, just the Sauce Toko is recommended, however, in its composition, often components such as glutamate, dyes, preservatives, and even modified starch, especially if it is a product of Russian production. So you better choose the Sauce in which it is used no additives, and instead of sugar-fruit sugar. Cabbage can take in cans, if not fresh.

Onion marinated in soy sauce with spices. In this time, boiled until soft rice, add to it the fish, and cook up to readiness of the products. Then add the chopped sea Kale (from doses he necessary, drain and press out the juice) and then add the marinated onions – without the Marinade. The beaten egg is poured in a thin stream into the soup, stirred, and immediately remove from heat. Onions should remain crisp – then the soup is tasty, and you'll want to be in the Form of hot and cold.

Rules Diets Soup Spoon

To note, during the soup diet the basic rules of the diet. Above all, it is at least 3 times a day, or even 4 times, if it works. Not limited to 1-2 meals a day – severe diseases of the digestive tract.

If you decide not to take soup to get rid of diet and extra pounds, take this as a forced rejection of the sought-after, and the usual food – so you will hardly get a positive result. Best diet to perceive as a gift, and as a perfect opportunity to finally gain the harmony and beauty with the help of tasty and healthy food.