Slimming for the company. How dangerous is Online Marathons for Dumping the weight?

The net is becoming increasingly slimming to the popularity of Marathons. What is the downside of the heated hunt for ideal forms.

The attractiveness of the Online marathon to lose weight is that they are accessible to everyone. The participation in some projects for free. In others a small fee, but the winner there is the promise of a stable money prices. In addition to the figure of the dream. The essence of the projects is nearly identical. The man belongs in the group, the lead curator: mostly sports coach, psychologist or simply a Person, the lose managed weight to and to follow with my own experience. The participants in a Video with exercises for practice and a guide to diet is a day. The duty of the "marathon runner" in the fact that every day is a photo - and Video reports and send to the organizers. Who of all the tasks coming into the final, who are you voting for most of the other participants, is the winner.


At first glance, tempting. To train if you do not have enough will power and eat right, you can coach "Stick" in the Form of a Online, will force you. Plus in such a Situation, a game of luck work effect of contests and competition. You want to prove that they are not worse or better than others. A further advantage of the collective slimming: with colleagues in the "misfortune" to share experiences, advice, moral support.

However, this method of weight reduction is not suitable for all.

What errors do not need to commit to potential participants of the Online Marathon?

  • To run a Marathon without consulting a doctor. To be fair, I must mention that the organizers give some of the projects the recommendation is that you visit the doctor prior to the beginning of the course. It is desirable to make and those that a healthy. Many people simply do not know that you have any problems or disturbances which do not allow to play such games. Strictly, you may can not lead to such a marathon for people with Diabetes mellitus, obesity, second-and third-degree (in the case of such people are also quite normal squats to injury, joints), and other chronic diseases.
  • Promises to believe fantastic. "2 weeks you can lose weight by 10 kg". Or: "After the end of the marathon, you will acquire the perfect figure". Because a lot depends on how much weight was in humans first. If too large, hardly a month he will be able to lose weight normal levels. And Yes, it is just too dangerous. You have to understand: if the weight very quickly, then it is very likely that an unbalanced diet, very low in calories. Sharp and quickly lose weight dangerous for the fact that generally due to the loss of muscle mass. In addition, to train if a Person just started, but first of all, the weight may even increase, and not decrease, because it becomes active muscles and muscles are heavier than fat.
  • Not paying attention to the incurred discomfort during participation in the Marathon. "If pain in the joints, increases the swelling of the limbs during exercise, heart rate will change (usually patients describe this image: "the heart is beating like a bird in a cage"), or there are other symptoms of a deterioration in the health, education should stop and consult a doctor.
  • After the completion of the marathon back to the old Regime-in power supply (with bread, sweets and sausages) and forget about the exercise." In this case, the old pounds are back. And it is not excluded that, with interest, be repaid. This does not mean that you have to sit the Rest of your life on a low calorie diet and torturing yourself in the gym. The achieved result must be a balanced diet and adequate physical activity.
  • Can and not
  • Not the private warehouse of the character are taken into account. "In General, similar open events, where participants will exchange personal data, publish their photos in social networks, are extroverts, that is, people don't know how to openly Express themselves, to present themselves, show you their results, including the best, experience, with others, with strangers. If you do not treat this kind of people, then better not even start to participate. To go or the distance in the very beginning, or will experience such a psychological burden, which topped even the possible benefit from the lessons.
  • It would be naive to believe that a Trainer or at least some of the organizer bears no responsibility for his actions," for example, if participants have problems with health. Because the people who have to be one of the leading Online Marathons typically no medical training, their activities are not licensed and are not adjustable. And this means that the demand for them suitable.
  • Hope the coach chooses the diet, specifically suitable for you. "In General, recommendations for nutrition standards to be given-and, more generally, we say, how much protein, fat and carbohydrates in the daily diet of an average participant. Individual nutrition only a specialist (doctor, dietitian) after a personal visit and, preferably, a detailed examination of the patient. Diet, however, varies and depends on the set goal, to lose the weight, keep the existing weight, build muscle, etc. by the Way, calculate your personal needs in calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates each person can be alone, without a coach-Mentor.
  • Not characteristics of health are taken into account in a given day." Implementation of the training through the pain and the force can be dangerous. For example, a woman with plenty of Menstruation in the first 2-3 days not recommended increased physical loads.
  • Not interested in the preparation, training, certificates, organizers of the marathon", a consultant that reviews about it on the Internet. You have to understand: it is not easy to play a game, you have these people you trust with your health. For example, most of us prefer to give the car in for repair professionals, so why such indifference?
  • Should not be tempted, the prices in the Form of plastic surgery of the breast, or snow-white smile", which is offered in some Marathons. Because when people have a good external data can first. But, trust the organizers of the project, to sell and promote similar aesthetic services to see the Person to believe before you will start to such an "attractive carrots",: but perhaps he will need it also, and perhaps artificially made Breasts, it is good and right? However, the prices are humane, more and neutral.