Diet for a day

Diet to 1 day reset allows 1-2 kg. Sometimes it happens to lose in one day a little. Such situations, generally there are prior to any celebrations, when you climb into your favorite dress. Diet for 1 day, allowed, throw in 1 Kilo of excess weight, namely the weight, and not water, as it is in different diets. This diet is very simple, each can bear practically, to a weak will power. The main thing clearly in front of the goal, for you to sit on this diet. Food on this diet is on the clock, so you can fit all of the metabolic processes in the body and help speed up the metabolism.


Menu diet for 1 day:

7 PM: a Cup of green tea without sugar.
9 PM: 1 boiled hard boiled egg.
11 PM: 1 Tbsp. L. geparboilten raisins (just with boiling water for 5 minutes).
13 PM: 100gr. cooked meat of chicken or beef.
15 PM: a glass of tomato juice.
17 hours: 1 boiled hard boiled egg.
19 PM: green Apple.
21 PM: 1 Cup low-fat yogurt.

Due to the diet for 1 day rules:

  1. Eating strictly by the hour.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Before each meal drink 1 glass of water.
  3. Don't miss any meal and don't have to switch products, even way.
  4. Salt eliminate from your diet.

Pros and cons of the diet of a day

The Problem of our time – an increased weight. Only in our age of speed women the brunt of the extra pounds, the need to constantly wear, but the appearance of them will not win. But what if you have to spend a lot of time at a Desk in the office, on the Computer, or at home with the children, Yes, and how many try to eat around something delicious.

The question here is how to getting rid of extra pounds which interfere with feel great, physically and mentally?

And not every bear will starve, if you like to cook and feed the whole family every day and after work, so wants to eat.

Any diet of great Stress for the organism, the attempts to quirks of the host, and violation of balance in the diet leads to metabolic disorders.

And hungry or Mono-diet over weeks, a divorce a lot of good and healthy materials, but not only fat and make the body strong lost glycogen to replenish the stock immediately after the meal with twice the power.

The amount of fat cells – adipocytes, when people constantly change their size, and even great weight loss has no influence on your number, as it is simply a container for the energy reserves of the body, and the Hunger that drives him to reserve as much as possible.

Nutritionists all over the world hundreds of studies, the information about the low efficiency of many diets, but the decision is still there – it is the diet of a day is carried out.

Diet Message

Diet one day – it is especially fast day, or according to ancient Christian traditions, fasting, known since ancient times.

Options such as many diets, it is necessary to understand their functioning and act in accordance with their individual characteristics and abilities.

Diet Messegue

Mark Messegue, the famous American nutritionist, offers almost no-spend days, but not so strict as requires of the Christian Canon.

His method of fasting days is to eliminate that for 2 days per week of meat from the diet, food and in the ideal case, a red fish, but also fits any Fluvial or Marine.

He explains this by the fact that all the items were invented, the rich people of the past centuries, had eaten his food a lot of meat and the high content of Protein in the diet, the gout, the "disease of aristocrats caused in the course of time".

Patients Messegue in eat your fast days red fish without salt, vegetables and fruit, drink green tea, drink up to two liters of fluid, per day 1 pound of weight lose, to win without him the next day.

Diet one day to call and "wet diet", when in the course of the day, only fruits or vegetables, drink freshly squeezed juices in unlimited quantities.

Contrasting diet you can fat, to call a diet a day, you are Protein, and carbohydrate.

You choose what you depends for the waiver of a day, or carbohydrate food, or fat, or Protein, it's all of your eating habits.

The principle of the diet change is to set through the day, or only on fruit or on vegetables, or only on lean meat, fish, dairy products. But alternating every day with a normal diet full Board.

Unloading days, the days will be, if they refuse, meat, bread, potatoes, you eat five times per day all the other, more to eat low-fat food, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, fruit juices to drink.

Diet one day you can not starve and sit all day on a water, and lose the next day, a lot of food and weight by reducing the daily diet, or exclusions for the day of some products, no large feeling of hunger and without complaints, and not against the Balance of your diet.

The combination of these products in the diet as boiled egg and Grapefruit study in the Form of diet for a day or two, and tangible results.

For Breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat a boiled egg and half of a Grapefruit must, in addition to other products. You should not drink green or white tea, fresh-squeezed juices.

Tips to implementation of diet one day

  • Every diet a day at the best you begin with a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon, two hours before Breakfast.
  • For Breakfast, be sure to make a salad of various vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, red peppers, bitter red pepper or milled, Avocado, add the Apple, if it's a pumpkin, be sure to parsley or Dill.
  • All of the meals you eat, be careful with the juice of the lemon, it promotes the release of bile for breakdown of fats from the diet, but also to the dissolution of fat in the cells.
  • Sugar, a spoonful of honey always replace, because Glucose is still needed for the normal functioning of the brain.
  • In the night, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • You drink in total per day, 2.5 liters of liquid.
    These soups, juices, green and white tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks.
  • Not you food grilled on this day, nothing but meat or fish, grilled, possible.
  • Add a salad or a bowl of red pepper, or sprinkle with white or black pepper.
  • You don't hang up immediately, go hungry from the table to the ground, scientists have proved that the feeling of saturation occurs within 15 minutes, it is by this time in the brain the Signal comes through the fullness of the stomach.
  • Do not Snack between meals, don't drink juice, only non-carbonated mineral water.
  • The key to the success of any diet, as little as possible calorie and as you get more physical activity per day, so that you can start the morning with morning exercises, Jogging, Massage, in the Pool, in the Sauna or steam room.

Using the diet one day, you will not starve, and this, in turn, would shake in terms of your metabolism, your mood, and the body will not suffer again.

Advantages and disadvantages of such a diet are in a small reduction in weight day.

Although, if you relieve such a diet two times per week, then 2-3 kg is quite possible, the skin is fresh, accustom you a little to eat, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, move more, go for a walk, and that is something you have a healthy way of life.

Diet 1 day menu for 1 day

Get rid of ten kilograms a day, of course, do not work, but to reduce the waist by 2-3 cm per day is quite realistic! There are a number of options for diet programs, on the liberation of our body from the water.

Just by reducing the amount of water is rapid first lose weight. At the beginning, the cells try to show you the excess moisture, which prevents fat resolve, and it is only after 2 weeks of the diet, there is a natural fat combustion.

One-day fasting diets aimed at reducing weight by reducing the water. However, it is important to know some of the Features: dehydration is a dangerous process in the body, which can lead to functional disorders of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and heart

Example, "menu diet №1" for a day:

  1. First Breakfast: 1 boiled egg without salt, 1 Cup milk, 2% fat, or yogurt, baked Apple with cottage cheese;
  2. Second Breakfast: Kissel from non-acidic fruits;
  3. Lunch: soup with milk in Greece? Porridge and oatmeal, lean fillet of fish-steamed, the jelly from your own fruit (in season), tea with milk;
  4. Mid-morning snack: juice made from carrot, Apple and cabbage;
  5. Dinner: rice porridge without Butter, dried fruit, Pudding or yogurt;
  6. For the night: a Cup of yogurt or tea with milk.

Kefir Diet

The most common unloading diet for 1 day – curdled milk. Kefir to lose weight may be due to the presence in milk products product found a large number of bacteria. Such a diet with a varied menu not contraindicated, even for people with impaired digestion and the presence of diseases of the digestive system.

Approximate menu for one day:

  1. Morning: 1 Cup with purified water, diluted El. a spoonful of honey. After half an hour, you drink 250 grams of fat butter milk;
  2. Lunch: yogurt in unlimited quantities, any fat content. You can eat 200 grams of oatmeal, the pre-soak in low-fat yogurt;
  3. Snack: 1 oatmeal cookies, and 250 grams of low-fat Kefir;
  4. Evening: limit the intake of yogurt. Overall, you can't drink more than 1.5 liters of milk per day. For larger quantities you need to consume up to 15 hours of the day. After the specified time portions of the day are frequent, but only a few SIPS.

Kefir unloading food for a day helps the metabolism to normalize, reduce cholesterol and cleanse the colon natural way. Estimated number of dropped pounds – 2-3.

How to weight on the Apple diet?

Apple diet for 1 day for weight loss is also very popular due to its simplicity, ease, and variety of the menus.

You just need to know some limitations: prohibited to use this diet for people with diseases of the pancreas, and ulcers in the acute Phase.

Raw Apple cider has a slight laxative effect on the intestine. Baked Apple – normalizes the microflora of the digestive tract.

The menu for the day:

  1. Morning: 2-3 green apples. You can have a salad with peeled raw apples and dried apricots. Drink green tea without sugar;
  2. Lunch: baked apples – 2-3 PCs. on this day, better to replace sugar with honey sweet, or even give up. The liquid should Liter in full – at least 1.5 per day;
  3. Snack: cottage cheese Apple casserole with honey, green tea;
  4. Evening: baked apples without honey, water, you can substitute low-fat yogurt.

Nutritionists promise minus 1-2 kg for the first day slimming. Monotonous weight loss diet is the variety, since, according to the strong and sharp decrease of the weight of an uncontrollable desire to eat a lot.

Baked apples

Protein and egg diet

Nutritionists claim that all of the extra pounds the result of incorrectly formulated diet, the carbohydrates Protein is replaced. On protein more energy and thus more calories are consumed and burned.

The menu for the day should consist of 10% carbohydrates, 60% of the proteins of animal origin, 20% of proteins of plant origin, and the Rest fats.

A large number of proteins of animal origin is located in eggs, meat, Turkey, chicken, rabbit.

Vegetable protein is soy, beans, beans. Distribute the food intake, so that 60% was attributable to the first half of the day, and 40% noon until 5 o'clock in the evening.

Approximate menu for one day:

  1. 200 grams of cooked white meat;
  2. 2 boiled eggs;
  3. 200 Grams Of Cottage Cheese;
  4. Buckwheat in unlimited quantities, without oil;
  5. Beans – 50 gr.;
  6. Tea, coffee without sugar;
  7. Water – 2.5 L.

Of the day increase the intake of fresh water to 2.5 liters, limit the intake of fat pork, fried foods, potatoes, rice, millet and noodles.

Alternative intake of Protein with dairy products, better low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream or Kefir. The portions first, do not reduce, because the desire to eat more.

To be lost in the course of time the desire to eat large portions, and the scales show minus 8-9 kg per week.

Drinking-diet for 1 day

Water Melon Diet

Summer diet is unloaded – it is cheap and delicious watermelon diet. Increases the production of urine, the body spends a lot of energy, and all of the excess fluid from the body in just a few days.

The application of such a diet for people with diseases of kidney stones, inflammatory processes of the kidneys is recommended. Number of watermelon per day — not more than 5 kg.

Watermelon diet, the approximate menu for one day:

  1. Breakfast number 1: water melon and sweet tea with milk;
  2. Breakfast number 2: Curd casserole without cream and sugar (honey substitute), watermelon – 3 pieces, Kissel;
  3. Lunch: vegetables-cabbage-soup-puree, 250 G of buckwheat for a couple without oil, baked apples in the oven with honey, green tea, watermelon in unlimited quantities;
  4. Snack: water melon, tea without sugar;
  5. Dinner: rice sweet porridge with honey, apricots and raisins, watermelon;
  6. For the night: tea without sugar, 1 Grapefruit.

How to lose weight with the rice diet?

Rice diet 1 day – a complex of measures for the elimination of toxins and fluids. Rice unloading diet of the day to remove the digestion of fat slows down the process.

Menu for a day is the approximate:

  1. Breakfast: boiled rice without salt – 100 grams of lean meat cooked – 50 grams of low-fat yogurt – 1 Cup;
  2. Lunch: soup made of rice and carrots (without the potatoes with a little salt), tea or coffee, vegetables (cabbage, beet, cucumber, tomato, celery), herbs in large quantities;
  3. Snack: steamed rice in advance of hot water without salt – 3 tbsp. L., green tea without sugar or yogurt 1%;
  4. Morning: Grapefruit, Rice Parboiled 3-4 Tbsp. L.

In the case of the observance of the rules of the diet, nutritionists are guaranteed to lose weight per week to 7 kilograms.

The importance of attention to the diet and after termination of the dietary nutrition. Rice, and Parboiled in hot water, to release a life expectancy of not less than 5 hours, the water, and there are only grains.

Lose weight in a day without harm for health can. But the main thing here is the rule – do no harm.