Good diet for a flat stomach

A flat stomach, you need to be on a special diet for the belly. The task of the diets for a flat belly fat burning in the waist area and properly work the stomach configure-intestinal tract.

Diet for a flat stomach

Two basic factors-diet for a flat belly - complete renunciation of alcohol and tobacco. The normal metabolism in their use is almost impossible, especially if you are under the age of thirty and older. To destroy in addition,, alcohol, and especially now a popular youth, beer, diet for belly simple - you bring the body to a lot of female hormones, and their abundance will be delayed exactly in the waist, and make a flat stomach in this case is very problematic.

The best diet for a flat stomach

What is the diet for the belly, which will help you a flat stomach, then in the first place, the attention to the diet should be, all fat and cute. The most important for a flat stomach buckwheat, Kefir and rice diet. Rice diet, to help cleanse the body of toxins, in consequence, you will not only get a flat stomach, but also a thinner waist.

Which products should the diet for a flat stomach

Fibrous Foods.

If it does, the time for you to have a special role and they do not want to put yourself on a strict diet for the belly, get a flat stomach, pay attention to the fibrous food. Such food fills the stomach, blunting Hunger, but no negative side effects, such as bloating or constipation. The basis of the diet for a flat stomach to work out, cereals, vegetables, rich in dietary fibre is cereals, brown rice, legumes, apples, very good cucumber, zucchini, various herbs, and algae. These products can be elegant in a variety of make a rich menu.

I can add in the food, fiber, artificial? You can, of course, only makes sense - if you eat a normal diet, in other tissues no sense. In any case, if you do dare, so, start your small doses, drink plenty of water and make sure you have a chair.


Of course, diet for a flat stomach is not necessarily fruit. The more, the better, but fruit - a separate court, but not next to the plate of gruel. At best you make a flat belly our native apples and pears help, but in the case of imported Grapefruit and orange. Do not bother them with other foods, eat them separately, I made it for Breakfast, together with yoghurt (Apple or pear eaten), and in the afternoon (Grapefruit or orange).

The Protein.

Proteins are an essential part of the right metabolism. Therefore, in the diet for a flat belly at least twice a week for lunch, a good piece of fish with vegetables, white meat chicken, and orange, and two protein-the perfect dinner. Plus nuts and seeds contain, which are useful for the organism, oils and vegetable protein. However, you do not eat a lot, it is a heavy burden for the kidneys, add in your diet for a flat belly is about 50 grams of the product per day.

Salads and oils

A few words about oils - just you, instead of Mayonnaise or sour cream, you salads to fill, if you follow a diet for getting a flat stomach. First and foremost, it is the olive oil, purified vegetable oil. The best salads in order to clean its stomach, making it flat on the vegetables.

One more tip - want to make flat stomach, try this diets for belly, where I often, but small portions. It is better, five to six times a day small portions.

Diet for a flat belly is on the menu for 6 days

If you want to go on a diet to get rid of belly fat, a better choice as the basis of the Protein-and-fruit-based, which means the food proteins (meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs) and vegetables should be available on the menu daily, and the fibers from vegetables salads. This is the approximate menu that you can use:


1 day

  • Breakfast - cottage cheese (100 gr.), green Apple, green tea without sugar
  • Lunch - chicken breast (200 gr.), Herb salad
  • Dinner - Yogurt (0.5 Liters)

2 day

  • Breakfast - omelet made of 2 eggs with tomato
  • Lunch - fish stew (from 2000 to 300 gr.), Apple
  • Dinner - a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs in olive oil

3. Day

  • Breakfast - yogurt, green tea, Apple
  • Lunch - chicken breast (200 gr.), an orange
  • Dinner - salad with cucumber-crab Sticks

4. Day

  • Breakfast - porridge on the water from the oatmeal, Apple
  • Lunch - fish, welded or braised, a Grapefruit
  • Dinner - boiled shrimp (200 gr.), green tea

5 day

  • Breakfast - yogurt, fruit salad (300 gr.)
  • Lunch - Vegetable Soup, Apple
  • Dinner - cottage cheese (200 gr.), Grapefruit

6. Day

  • Breakfast - two boiled eggs, orange
  • Lunch - 3 small pancakes made of cottage cheese, yogurt (a glass of)
  • Dinner - meat Steak (200 gr.), Salad of radish or cabbage

Diet for a flat belly - what can be done

Water - another important factor is food for the belly, which will help make your belly flat. Without water, the metabolism in the body is hampered. In order to accelerate it, diet for a flat stomach melt water, which promotes an active increase fat burning and cleansing the lymph. You boil water easily - in the plastic bottle to freeze in the freezer litre of water cools, the next day thawed and drink 2-3 SIP time to time in the course of the day.

We already have the oils that you should use in the diet for the belly. And here is another way to get a flat stomach, it helps get rid of stretch marks in a half a teaspoon of olive oil, add five drops of Vitamin E of the composition applied to the skin of the abdomen, and you can spend active Massage.

And excellent help for those wishing to make a flat stomach, exercises for a flat stomach - in combination with a diet of speed, a nice flat stomach quickly increase.