6 effective ways to lose weight fast

There is nothing to stop on the way to the ideal body, as a huge amount of myths and modern theories that are born from incompetent people, not with the medical basic training.

Absolutely clear, a natural need of every human being achieve the desired result as quickly as possible so hot. Equally obvious is the fact that the modern world is anything but ideal, and in our time, thousands of scammers are cashing in on this natural desire of the people for beauty.

effective weight loss

This article in brief, you will learn the basic principles of weight loss, based on medical data and not only without harm to the body, but also healthy.

So, let's begin! How we used to lose weight? You create in your head a whole list of banned products, and drastically reduce the calories to your diet. Both of these steps in the root is incorrect! We consider in Detail.

6 effective ways to lose weight fast

Method 1: The Emergency

Of course, the most obvious method to get rid of extra pounds is a diet. Immediately the question arises to what. Of course, in the ideal case, you should consult a nutritionist so that he was for you menu. But you will agree with me to do this, each of us. The process is lengthy and not always efficient. There are diets that work at all properly. Such a Protein diet Ducane. In three weeks (for every this diet takes points in time) can lose five to ten kilograms. As with all Protein diet, you reduce the feeling of Hunger avoids, because the list of approved products is large. However, the biggest disadvantage is that excess Protein has products and faster loss of body fat and cause serious poisoning.

Dukan diet consists of four phases. The first, "attack", it will take 5-7 days. In this time, it is allowed, meat, and poultry without skin, fish, eggs, dairy products, and be sure to add 2-3 tablespoons of bran per day. In the second Phase (it lasts until the ideal weight is reached) in the diet can add raw and cooked vegetables. On the third, you can eat fruit. And in the last step, you can go back to their normal diet, but once a week is necessary to hold the Protein day.

Method 2: unobtrusive

If you need to lose just a little weight, you should not resort to emergency measures. Enough to daily eliminate 500 kcal. In what way? Firstly, they reduce the calorie content of the food. You may not even notice major changes in the diet, and it will bear fruit. For example, they are accustomed to drinking coffee with cream. On time you replace the cream from the milk, or even give up on you – and the is already reduced calorie content of the drink. Used salads loaded with Mayonnaise? Replace it with the sour cream with grated garlic and chopped herbs. To lose, by the way, if the Plus to this, you will lean on dairy products, weight faster. 250 kcal unnoticed "leave". With the remaining 250, we it can be even easier – "to Hit" for him, the physical strain. Firstly, to get to the office, the streets, climb up the stairs. In the evening, do at least 10 squats. Seemingly very simple ways and what is effective! In a few weeks you will get rid of 2-3 extra pounds.

Method 3: relaxing

If you want to combine the useful with the pleasant, you should Massage a look at the Hardware. In many Salons, you will find procedures R-sleek, allowing it to lose weight, get rid of Cellulite and get pleasure.

How many say, a very unexpected effect of relaxation and relaxation for a hour procedure, and at the same time the liveliness and renewal. This effect is due to the deep lymphatic drainage, which don't reach you, neither a manual Massage or the Hardware is based on the principle of vacuum.

Rumor has it that you will be able to relax about 6-10 times, and then lose weight to 1-2 in the location, size and come only in the prevention of or a incredible feeling.

You want to relax after a busy day? You spend time for yourself? Something slimmer and more attractive? All you can do at the same time.

Method 4

A more effective method for burning fat – wraps, especially effective in mustard or vinegar sour. For the achievement of the outcome to treatments, depending on needs of 5 to 10. Wraps help eliminate toxins and fluid, resulting in weight and goes.

You can make the Wraps at home. To do this, you need to steam the skin, clean it with a body scrub and Massage. On the dry skin composition for Wraps (e.g. mustard) to apply. Then connect all the areas of the foil, wrap your body, but so that it is not. You want to and wait 20-30 minutes, then rinse the composition.

Method 5: a pleasant

On the eve of the new year many of us go to the Tradition of cinema, in the Sauna. About its advantages, of course, well known. But the fact that the pair of you can lose weight, doubt some. And in vain! Get rid of two or three extra pounds is really possible. If you act properly, your fat highlighting begins on mineral substances and water, a large amount of energy.

First rule: don't cold water. Otherwise sweat to reduce. Instead, lose weight in the bath would have to with hot salt water. Then wrap myself in a blanket and sit for 10-15 minutes, and then go to breathe only in the locker room air.

The second rule: do not drink before, during and after the bath. Your task is to get rid of the liquid but not to buy. If the mouth is dry, eat a slice of Apple, orange or lemon.

The third rule: do not overdo it. Of course, for those who want to lose weight, you need to keep in mind in the Sauna two to three times more than usual, but still show that the Sauna may be harmful to the health.

Method 6: optical illusion

For those who can't stand it, baths, diets, and body wraps and massages, not have time, we recommend you have recourse to deception – visual.

Beautiful tan will help "reduce" them to a couple of inches. You go to the Solarium or on the skin cream self-Tanner (and better – ask a friend, how evenly it is so easy), especially on the face, hands and neck. Already in the face, intentionally leaving you to lift your cheek bones with dark icing sugar and the emphasis on the eyes.