Best Practices real slimming

On the Internet a number of different ways now to weight to lose a few pounds, the thing seems quite simple. But anyone who has ever tried to understand that it is only an Illusion. Even if weight starts to go fast, go on new-fangled diet, as soon as it stops, and then (almost always!) back. Those who is not struggling with being overweight for the first year, begin to think, that a reliable method of how to really lose weight and remain in good shape simply does not exist. But it is not so.

real slimming

In fact, the reality is that you are creating in your head, is very different from the actually existing. And in this case, the main problem of all slimming treatments. Always the pounds want to lose quickly, with minimal effort. In fact, that it is possible to convinced you of the annoying ads, to the next diet or taking adipem ardens supplements-volumetric lady in a few weeks turns into a sporty, slim beauty.

Yes, all want to believe in miracles. But this miracle with you does not happen. Yes, and with the women in the photo doesn't happen. What they don't show in the pictures – cheeky Photoshop or rearranged at the time of the pictures ( - , began-was). The second Version is confirmed by the fact that on the photo where the woman is already thin, it still looks much younger. And in life everything is different – after a strong decrease droops skin, wrinkles, stretch marks are visible.

The objective reality is that the human body is a complex, balanced System which reacts to sudden changes, such as Stress and starts to get to you.

Therefore, if you dramatically lose weight, the body will try to repair it:

  • slows down the metabolism;
  • apathy and drowsiness;
  • don't Wake your appetite (even if it was earlier).

Once the lost pounds will return, everything in its place, and the body works again in the normal mode for him.

Sounds a bit sad, isn't it? But as long as you do not understand, the simple truth is that losing weight does not must function smoothly and correctly, work real weight loss. And if possible, short and with the risk to health.

Yes, in the head useful to keep the visual image of the planned result. But at the same time, you have to be aware of the fact that for his services to quite a large way and work well. And, the waiver of an imaginary reality, where everything happens by itself, the first safe steps to a slim figure.

Saving mode

And for the beginning we will provide the red flags, the us from the Illusion. Sad fact – 80% of the above-mentioned Online-diets don't work. Or not work the way you want. And this is why. They are based on hard constraints: calories, set of products or some type of nutrients (protein, fat, carbs). As a result, a balanced functioning of the body fails.

The machine – breaking down a very strange path, in order to improve it. But that's exactly what those of you that lose weight make with your own body is wrong.

With the great shortage of calories, the body-saving switches measures. In the case of a deficiency of nutrients, anemia, vitamin deficiency, mineral metabolism, develops disturbed. In the absence of carbohydrates, that man is the primary source of energy loses. Without fat, the nervous system is not functioning normally. Excess protein burdens the kidneys. And you believe that you look beautiful?

Whether the diet?

real slimming techniques

And now you think, whether really lose weight in such diets:

  1. "Hungry". The calorie content of this diet is 900, and sometimes 500-600 kcal, which is far below the physiological subsistence minimum. This deficit is already 2-3 days dizziness, weakness, nausea, and the feeling of Hunger is lose the constant companion of such weight. The results are really weight loss up to 1 kg per day. But to be relieved about at the same pace again and again a place.
  2. Monodiets. If the basic element of the menu, the only product: buckwheat, apples, chocolate, etc. is weight on such diets even out fast enough. But if you leave them longer than a few days to manifest the symptoms of Beriberi: hair fading, the color changes of the skin, nails break. Because, even eat 2-3 days in a row, the same sad, waning appetite, and the calorie intake is greatly reduced. After completion of the diet, the body is crying out for balance, and the weight comes back.
  3. Sokovie. At first glance, the perfect solution, Beriberi to the juices, carefully not threatened. But they have no fats, proteins and fiber. And on some of the vitamins will not last long. In addition, acids of fruit – one of the strongest organic acids. In the case of Gastritis, problems with the intestines, and ulcerative diseases such diets strictly contraindicated. Result is the same – weight is initially fast, but after completion of the diet, pounds return, and the problems with the stomach even worse.

On tablets and other preparations to remove, we will not stay long. A rational consumer always is the composition examined in each of the new funds prior to the start of your application. Not the inventory of what is in the advertising, but one that is marked on the packaging with the product (if it even is available there).

Then you go to the Internet and read about the properties of the individual components (individually!). Turn off the logic and superior, as it all helps us to lose weight and whether it is worth the, what's in the Box those money that you pay for it.

To lose weight really

In fact, the way you can actually lose weight, only take into account the individual peculiarities of one's own body and eat right. And the good news is that most of the diets that really work, are based on exactly these principles. And the Rest are a change of hungry days, or Mono-diet, which compensates for the lack of calories or nutrients.

The best individual program to develop lose weight with the help of specialists, take into account all the important nuances: your age, physical abilities, lifestyle, existing diseases, and even taste preferences.
real slimming methods

The good nutritionist does not force you to follow it strictly, and remains in contact with them, if necessary, adjustments to the program adjustments. But if this is not possible, then don't get upset.

Some effort and assimilates useful information on the principles of a healthy diet, home-made program for losing weight not so difficult to make. And the main advantage is that during the application of the body will not experience Stress, which means you can lose weight, for an unlimited period of time until obtaining the desired result.

Calculation of caloric content

In the first line, you should calculate the ideal range within which the daily calorie content of their diet is constantly. Easier and faster to do it with a Online calculator, it's on almost any Website with topics, Fitness or slimming. In them, only the entry of height, weight, gender, age and level of physical activity.

For starters, it can be limited to only two numbers: the base and the days speed up metabolism. The base shows how many calories your body needs a rest. And the daily – physical activity is taken into account.

To reduce weight the calorie content of the daily diet of percent on 20-30% less than in the daily metabolism, but not below the initial value. should Depending on your current weight, these figures are adjusted.

For a stable operation of the organism as important to have a balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Nutritionists recommend a ratio of proteins, fat and carbohydrates 30/10/60, but on the level of the inclusion of strength training, the increase in the protein content, which is essential as a building material for the muscles. adjusted to 40/10/50, A large part of the fats should be of plant origin. But protein in the animal is preferable. Ratio of fast and slow carbohydrates 30/70.

Set Products

Set of foods in the diet for weight loss should be varied. This is the body with all the necessary nutrients and losing weight is not boring and enjoyable.

Of course, it should be to your individual taste preferences. But there are foods that should be displayed for a minimum of several times per week on the Desktop:

  • non-starchy vegetables are the best source of vitamins and minerals, contain a lot of water and fiber and low calorie content;
  • unsweetened fruit contain Fructose, sucrose, vitamins and organic acids;
  • Nuts and seeds are the source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements;
  • animal protein (eggs, fish, fresh meat) – contains the essential amino acids to build the muscles, for a long time gives a feeling of satiety;
  • Milk products – the best source for calcium, protein, minerals, lactic acid and other organic acids that are the prevention of dysbiosis;
  • Bran and sprouted grain is an important source of coarse plant fibers that cleanse the intestines;
  • Seafood are rich in iodine, necessary for the normal operation of the thyroid gland (thyroxine influence on the speed of the metabolism produced);
  • Cereals – contain almost the entire group of vitamins that have an influence on the speed of the metabolism and are responsible for the condition of the skin and of the hair;
  • Herbs and spices not only enhance the taste of food, but also to a faster fat burning help.

Agreed that the compilation of such a set of products is a varied and tasty menu, very easy. It is desirable to do so in advance. So you save time for shopping, and along with the diet and ensure that it includes all the necessary product group.

real weight loss diet rules

Food law

To lose weight fast enough, eat little and moderately. Cooking and food must also be correct. Recommendations a little bit and remind you simply:

  • The food should be fresh. Already after 15-20 minutes after the preparation of salad the amount of vitamins in it is significantly reduced. And calida several times and the food is almost useless – it is only the calories remained.
  • No fry! But all the other preparation types are allowed: baking, decoction in water or on pair, Grill. To refrain from the microwave better.
  • Fat – No! Replace animal oil, vegetables, milk products and cheese you choose with a minimum percentage of fat and with meat and fish, all visible fat removed before cooking.
  • No fame percusserit. If you really want to eat – better to eat than to endure the and then eat twice as much. But biscuits and sweets have to forget. Fruit, nuts, or sunflower seeds, whole-grain bars are.
  • A Glass Of Water. Drunk for 20-30 minutes before meals, it reduces the feeling of Hunger, activates the digestion, and partially fills the stomach.
  • The mandatory Breakfast. You should begin not later than one hour after waking up, and about 15% of the daily diet. Better to stop the choice on carbohydrate products – enter the amount of energy for an active day.
  • No late dinner. Production should not go to dinner later than 2 hours prior to bedtime. If sleep fails on an empty stomach, then we can have a drink tonight with a glass of low-fat Kefir or yogurt.

And not necessarily down from the table, all the harmful products: bakery products, desserts, marinades, preserves, convenience. Do not visit fast Food Restaurants. Minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages. You waive all sweet drinks and packaged juice.

As you can see, the rules are not so many, and no strict restrictions are imposed for the diet. Just in everyday life, few you to pay attention to what and how you eat. And even in the case of the mini-control painting, you can quickly stop the weight gain and the process in the opposite direction.

Physical Activity

Often argue about, to lose whether really weight, without any strenuous activities. On the right diet this Option. But the Problem is that, as you appearance your figure, you will hardly be satisfied. Lost a natural support in the Form of a subcutaneous fat layer, the skin sagging and wrinkles. Wrinkles, stretch marks, the man looks older than her age.

Save you to help the attractive appearance and the elasticity of the skin, physical activity. During the training:

  • clearly, the pulse frequency is increased;
  • consume extra calories;
  • increases the life capacity of lungs;
  • increases immunity;
  • developed physical strength and endurance;
  • together with the sweat toxins.
real slimming exercises

In the initial phase of healthier endurance training weight loss: swimming, Nordic walking, running, dancing, aerobics, fast. If subcutaneous fat layer and the body becomes accustomed to the are exposed to regular stresses, it is allowed strength training. Ideally, a replacement of fat increased muscle mass is weight loss.

Mode is not less important for weight loss as the proper diet. Lack of sleep and fatigue – the most important enemies are the ones on your figure. Therefore, you have to be careful that the dream at least 7-8 hours. And so it was a hard, make sure you plan an evening walk, at least half an hour. It is to relieve the Stress of the day to enrich the body with oxygen and helps to separate himself from serious thoughts.

Wake up also gradually better, so it is good to set the alarm for 10-15 minutes before the usual time of ascension. Lying in bed a couple of times needs to stretch well, smile to the new day and drink a glass of pure water (can) with the addition of a teaspoon of lemon juice. And then you have to get up and do small exercises: squats, bend a little and jumps in the sun. Now the body is ready for the day ahead to prepare.

The Rest of the schedule plan according to the necessary tasks and work plan. You mention a minimum of 4 main meals: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.