Fasting slimming: Feedback and different results

Of course, if the signs of relaxation with the Team at work, but you can simply come to be an important event, you want to look at such events, as they brighter and more beautiful.

Yes, and in the Cabinet weighs, dusty dress, the must wave to two sizes smaller than your current one, and to carry him, like, favorite, swept the urgent centimeters. But how? The only thing we can think of, is fasting. But everything is so good as you imagine it?

Fasting to lose weight

What would you say to a friend, or you vaguely heard in a TV Show, any sudden change in a continuous and systematic working of our body, leads to a state of shock.

And this is how our brain activity and of the internal organs, which are responsible for many processes in the interior.

To assert, therefore, that the fasting brings only benefits stupid. Before you put your complete opinion about this method of weight loss, you need to weigh your options, to carefully read all the terms and peculiarities of this method.

There is still a reliable way to ensure the effectiveness of fasting for weight loss, the the results and reviews from other people who have already tried on this technique, and now you can use your subjective opinion.

Of course, the opinion of a people is not a panacea, but the opinion of the majority – it is the best advertising, or the anti-is advertising, depending on the content.

What is fasting?

The essence of the therapeutic fasting is that for the waiver of a certain time full of all the food, it's all done for medical purposes, slimming. Losing weight is a complete and absolute, in the first case, the person refuses to eat, but can fully use of water, as much as the affected organism.

In absolute lack of oxygen, the cancellation is full of everything, it is only under the supervision of specialists, as it is with negative consequences for the subject.

Of the legislature such a power, Paul Bragg, even in the twentieth century, a book "miracle of fasting", was instantly popular and heavily discussed, published. As with any non-traditional method of treatment, has to starve his followers, and there are opponents, which is totally against such methods.

If the logic of the field Bragg, fasting is able to extend the life of man to 120 years, and he even planned a more durable, adhering to the original methodology did not work out Yes.

In many countries of the world, its enthusiasts and supporters of the act Bragg, according to the author, published under types of fasting exist. What, on this occasion, Bragg said? He believed that fasting in the first place makes sense, in such a time of his life, the body begins to eat and act by their Backup forces, of which we do not know, so he trained and constantly keeps the muscle tone.

In addition, the period of fasting all the waste and toxins that we can observe in "eerie color of urine and a strange smell", will appear in a few days of therapy. But is that all? And what is the modern medicine speaks in this relationship?

Healing Fasting. Worth The Risk?

Qualified professionals are in great doubt as to such proceedings, and especially against those possibilities, when people appoint themselves.

Fasting is also matter, water, or dry, observation requires on the part of the professionals, some doctors, sometimes this procedures, as an aid in diseases such as pancreatitis, Asthma, Gastritis and other.

But the point is that the doctor asks in a day or two sitting on the water, and our ladies have managed to bring this process to the point of absurdity – to refuse the food after 30 or more days. What is the body endure?

Yes you will know, some people, this technique can be indexed in the General counterpoint, especially those with Diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, cardiac arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, in General, this list is big enough, so think about it or ask your doctor to be before you start.

But there are also positive sides?

There are. It is, in fact, the only way to lose weight in the shortest amount of time, enough to sit 2-3 days on such a "diet", and you will be visible results.

Short-term starvation, the pollutants according to all the rules, have real benefits – rids the body of toxins, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, which is also very useful.

Doctors claim that fasting can lead to increased brain activity, because the blood is formed from the stomach, and rushes, where? In the head, of course, so if you need to solve an important task or to solve a Problem, do not try to eat day, it is possible that you will find significantly faster the right solution.

As fasting harmful?

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this method are where more than the pros. Doctors believe that during prolonged fasting, the intoxication of the body begins to occur, in the truest sense of the word. In order to live, the body begins to break down their stocks, the first thing that he does not take for fat, as we have hoped for, and for proteins, that is, for the muscle tissue, therefore, literally on the first day you can feel the weakness in the body and heaviness in the extremities.

Then acetonovye body, and contribute to the poisoning of the nervous system, lowers insulin levels, which can bring into the condition of diabetic coma.

To lose weight without eating

A fast-time, accompanied by the full interruption of the intake of useful minerals, vitamins and trace elements, leads to a General unhealthy eyes, problems with skin and hair, as well as to the full slow down the metabolism.

The consequences of the prolonged starvation and memory disorders, performance, you may experience visual and auditory hallucinations, the person is nervous, it can bouts of Aggression, and unpredictable anger, which are in practice often there are cases of syncope and severe dizziness.

Have a couple of kilos of such victims? As we have already said, starvation can be used for medical purposes, but rather as a means for effective and long term weight reduction, it is not recommended.

They lost a couple of pounds, back to you, he took a few, well, if there is no diseases and negative effects. To try if you still decide to clean your body, for the implementation of this method is necessary, not more than 24 hours, all the more so, if the body is not ready to such shocks.