Very important step of this instruction does not execute, because of the drastic restriction crowned in all, and fasting is harmful to health, and in most cases, of success.

the most important steps

Step 1. You take a firm decision. To change ask yourself, what you choose, what benefits it brings you (self-esteem, health, relationship, career).

Step 2. Write your solution on the paper and place it in a prominent place - it will give you can do not affect.

Step 3. Usvoyte one simple truth: you do not only diet, but after you go on a healthy way of life. To ALWAYS be healthy, slim and beautiful.

Step 4. In this Phase, you need to realize that the process of weight loss without harm for health can only in the long term. For example, to relieve, 15 pounds overweight, you should lose weight from 3.5 to 7 months. Fast relief for the mass of the body and the associated hunger strikes, damage to health and the weight returns.

Step 5. You understand that localized fat burning problem areas (thighs, stomach, activated, buttocks, etc.) is not possible. Fat gradually out of the whole organism in the case of lack of calories.

Step 6. You talk with family members about your goals. Explain the use of this event, and ask for your understanding.

Step 7. Get the promise from their families, so that they do not hinder the achievement of the objective to buy (for example, a common fridge sweet, greasy, etc.).

Stages of slimming

Step 8. Plan slimming milestones (to lose optimal weight is 0.5 -1 kg per week). You have rewards for reaching a new Phase, which does not prevent the further reduction in weight (better the desired clothing piece or to purchase go to the cinema, to buy as a cake). Example: success number 1: lose 2 kg [reward] to the cinema for an interesting movie number 2: Reset 2 kg - [award] the acquisition of the new pair of Jeans, and so on.

Step 9. You can find an interesting activity to learn new things: languages, science, Tackle creativity (e.g., singing, knitting, painting, photography). You go to museums and theatre, watching good movies, reading educational books, etc. the food will no longer be the joy in life, if you are so passionate and happy.

Step 10. Stop using the fry - cook better or cook to cook, a couple of.

Step 11. You renounce to the consumption of sweet water, chocolate, pasta, potatoes, fast food and Chips - with their help, you exceed go unnoticed in times daily caloric content, that is the main reason for obesity.

Step 12. Eliminate the sweets. They contain large quantities of not only sugar, but also fat.

Step 13. As sweet, use fruit and dried fruit, nuts.

Step 14. Eliminate from your diet all flour: white bread, biscuits, drying, etc.

Step 15. Replace sugar with honey: a lot of you are eating it are not able to, but additional trace elements and vitamins.

Step 16. You drink tea without sugar. Unusual at first, but you can not be reduced only a feel for the variety of tea flavors and calories, and buy enough healthy habit.

Step 17. To completely eliminate from your diet sausages, Ravioli, ready meals and sausages: the producers deliberately increased the amount of fat in such products, but also adds various preservatives and flavor enhancers.

To completely eliminate from your diet sausages

Step 18. Replace pork and lamb meat, fat and fish (beef, Turkey breast, chicken breast, Pollock, salmon, etc.).

Step 19. Dispose of the use of Mayonnaise and sauces with a high fat content.

Step 20. You drink water in an amount of 33 ml on 1 kg of weight per day. It is in a chemical process from the processing of fat into energy. You mention that tea, coffee, soups etc. also water. But caffeine is not exaggerating - he's drained.

Step 21. Do not use refined oils in the "cold type" (for refueling) - they are much more refined and healthier. For the thermal treatment not higher 220-230 degrees, well-suited, refined sunflower oil or olive oil.

Step 22. You eat dairy products with a mass fraction of fat, 1-2,5%.

Step 23. 3 hours before going to bed do not overload to digest, not heavy, and long food, you better eat low-fat cottage cheese, an Apple or low-fat yogurt drink.

Step 24. Eat is warm food is digested longer than the cold - they no longer remain well-nourished. Do not rush to eat, thoroughly chewing the pieces - the feeling of satiety does not come immediately, but only after 15-20 min. The same food is better digested and assimilated.

Step 25. You try, a large part of the carbohydrates (cereals, honey, nuts, fruit) dinner-up to 14 hours, in the second half of the same day, the balance will move in the direction of protein (lean meat, eggs, dairy products). Vegetables are helpful in the course of the day.

Step 26. Regularly clean the body of toxins (in this vegetables, fruits, bran, dried apricots and plums).

Step 27. Parasites are often the cause of obesity - and we can't detect their presence. Prevention spend by garlic, onions, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts.

Step 28. Eliminating the use of alcohol. He is pretty rich in calories and can also be a reason for the failure of your diet.

Step 29. Do not smoke - tobacco-resins to prevent the absorption of vitamins by the body, which are necessary for the restriction of the diet.

Step 30. Turn in your daily diet foods that have Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids. They will help to strengthen the immune system, cardiovascular System, and help the beauty of skin, hair and nails.

Make a note of everything, what to eat for the day

Step 31. Make a note of everything, what to eat for the day: so you get a complete picture of your diet, calories can calculate, and also will not engage in self-deception (many overweight people are convinced that in the course of the day, eat a little, but those shots might even be you).

Step 32. You start with the control of the amount of calories. The best every day drinking the same amount of food (under-recording) and at the end of the week, you control the outcome: if their weight decreased by 0.5-1 kg, then everything is correct and in the future, should the same amount of food. If you is weight grown in a week, or not changed, then the amount of calories should reduce to (for the early on 200 Kcal, if necessary, more every week by 100 Kcal). Reduce calories should be up to the date, up to the weekly weight loss of 0.5-1 kg.

Step 33. Do not exceed the Limit of 250 Kcal per meal, you will accelerate your metabolism.

Step 34. Share your Standard 3 meals at 6 without an increase in the number of the eaten products - it speeds up the metabolic process and the fat burning.

Step 35. Spend weekly monitoring of your condition: resting heart rate and take your current weight (preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, to do it), take pictures. In the future, it will route you with additional Motivation, with an eye on the distance driven.

Step 36. Get enough sleep. In the case of lack of sleep from the "Hunger is on the rise-hormone" - Ghrelin. In the case of people unconsciously increase the need for extra calories.

Step 37. Take Showers Alternating. It accelerates the metabolism, strengthens blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, makes the skin supple.

Step 38. Have Sex with a loved one: you are able to burn calories, tone muscles, sweat out the toxins (if there is an active Position). Finally, you will not "pull" on the food out of the feeling of dissatisfaction (especially not after Sex, eating). Gradually, you will develop helpful habits: eat right, cleanse your body, to lead an active life. Exceptionally, and in small quantities, it is possible to remove and sometimes eat high-calorie product (not recommended early). The main principle of weight loss - spend more calories than consume. The higher the physical activity, the more calories you "burn".

Step 39. If you have a sedentary job, try every 45 minutes get up and move for 5-10 minutes. During this time, you can take a break or work standing up.

Step 40. Follow the same principle, if you watch TV and work on the Computer.

Step 41. You start with easy walks within 15 min of the day. Each week you increase the duration to 5 min, up to 1 hour. It is best if you want to migrate partially or fully replace the use of motor vehicles.

Step 42. If you reach 1-hour walks, go to the medium pace and shorter walks of up to 30 minutes per day. Each week add 5 minutes until the total time of 1 hour.

Step 43. Depending on the Wellness exercises at home. Start support 5 sun, knee bends and rises on the day of the upper part of the body. Every 3 days, add 1 additional repetition in the exercises to 15. You follow the same principle, increasing the number of approaches in the exercises.

You start with 5 pushups

Step 44. You can continue to train at home or in the gym depending on your requirements.

You do not starve to death! The minimum calories per day (lack of exercise) should not calories below 1200 for women and 1600 calories for men. A drastic reduction in calories, threatens to decline in immunity, weakness. Better the calories consumed to compensate for periodic motion.