The basic rules of slimming for men

Many men believe that the speaker and the roundish belly, in combination with the double chin, not a disadvantage, but a sign of maturity and stable family ties. But looking at the slender age is enjoyed, I don't want to follow the example? In addition, the majority of women believe big belly and double chin unattractive.

We want to emphasize that rational and proper nutrition, it is useful, not only to good physical, but also for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Basic errors in diet

The rules of slimming
  • There is more than necessary. Not to eat need more to feel if there is already a saturation, but the food still remained on the table. This function comes from our ancestors, not knowing which is bright enough, when you lunch the next time. Often, this habit grows with the childhood, when the young teach: eat a lot – you'll be strong and tall.
  • A large number of "heavy" food. Many men believe that broccoli and steamed fish – food is for wimps, my dear dumplings, fat, meat, white bread, with Mayonnaise and everything nutritious and saturates quickly. Of course, calories need, but not in such quantities.
  • Snacking in front of the Computer (TV). Often they turn into a full-fledged meal, while the man believes that such foods only on one tooth. The danger lies in the fact that the bite is lost under the TV or the Computer, a sense of proportion.
  • Calories in the Form of alcohol. At first glance, a harmless beer (bottle even after a busy day) whets the appetite and reduces the feeling of satiety. Yes and the calories are penetrated into the body with alcohol, not without a trace disappear, especially in combination with sugar, and contain sweet drinks (juices, sodas, etc.). For this reason, in General, worsens the metabolic, and the body drained.
  • Sport is the consequences of the wrong diet. To think naively that sports give the desired result, if, before and after you incorrectly feed. This fact is confirmed in the research. If you systematically go to the gym, of course, improves blood circulation, but not way overweight. You need a comprehensive program: diet + Sport.

There are three basic reasons which is a big belly:

  • A sedentary way of life. Most of the time the man wanders between the Executive chair, the seat of the car and the Couch (the oblique abdominal muscles are weaker).
  • The change in the hormone levels. So it can settle with age or after stress situations (fat on hips and belly).
  • A Bad Diet. To include this point: obesity, unhealthy eating and high-calorie beverages (in General, the physical Form) is deteriorating.

The reduction of fat in the body not only no benefits, but is a sign of predisposition to such diseases, such as Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Experts have count: when with the growth of 170 cm, waist circumference of 94 cm, the risk of diseases of the average. If the distance reaches or exceeds 101 cm, the risk is always high.

Many interested in the question: "What can I do to lose weight?". The answer is simple – diet and physical activity. In addition, the products should not only be useful for the specified purpose. In them, Magnesium and zinc included for a performance-oriented formation of testosterone, and the support of the cardiovascular system.

Food that zinc:

  • Fish and other seafood;
  • Sunflower seeds (helianthus and pumpkin family);
  • Sesame;
  • common rosefinch;
  • Tafelspitz;
  • Cocoa;
  • Barley and oats;
  • Berries in fresh Form, especially blueberries and raspberries.

Products that contain Magnesium:

  • Dry fruits;
  • Cocoa;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • Bread Wholemeal;
  • Flour made from soy beans;
  • the beans.

A strict diet is not for men?


Many men believe that a strict diet is not for you. It irritates the monotony and the need to control himself. But no need, each time exactly according to the time, for example, for Breakfast there is only buckwheat. The diversity of the diet, consisting of healthy foods – is welcome. Therefore, you can to taste the different combinations of food. In addition, the number of meals is the same as in the normal mode for most people – 3 times per day.

Options for a healthy Breakfast

Most nutritionists justified to believe that Breakfast is the only Option, the meal, if Mono eat a normal serving. Also benefit, if a man has Breakfast at the family table. The woman will be able to control the number and the quality of the food.

It has been observed that men with the Breakfast at home, rarely occurs in overweight compared to those who prefer to have Breakfast in a cafe on the way to work or fast Food.

Healthy Breakfast is the right way to improve physical Fitness and health. They Offer Opportunities For:

  • Toast of wholemeal bread with Spread (mixture of vegetable and Butter) or cottage cheese with the addition of plants;
  • Oatmeal with low-fat milk and fresh berries or fruit;
  • airy omelet with vegetables (roast to pan on the Teflon, by not more than 1 teaspoon of olive oil);
  • Toast with tomato, Avocado, and finely chopped bacon;
  • 2 boiled eggs and wholemeal bread.
  • Also for Breakfast I can the vegetables Smoothies, for example, from carrots, broccoli, and celery.
  • They complement the Breakfast with a juice or tea, better green. But if there is a desire, a Cup of coffee, do it after Breakfast.

Nutrition in the course of the day

During the day is best to eat the soup. He is not only saturates without Overdrive calories, but also healthy for the stomach. After the soup you can eat stew with vegetables and low-fat meat and vegetable salad The food doesn't have to drink to the digestive complicate, since the liquid reduces to the consistency of the gastric juice. Drink the recommended to 30 minutes after a meal.

The dinner should not be later than 2 – 3 hours before bedtime. In the evening meal can be eat protein, but lean and also salad. Protein-lean meat, Tofu, fish, and other sea is the fruit.

What are you allowed and what is not in the dietary food

Your metabolism fully, you need to daily drink only water. Recommended Standard – 2-2,5 L a day. Productive producitur testosterone and the heart and the vessels work without interference, you need protein, calcium, and vitamins: A, B, C, D, E. In this context, you are not limited in the flesh. It is important that it is lean.

Should stop, ready meals, fast Food and sauces from the stores, because you a increased amount of sodium and sugar. Not suitable for nutrition and food, prepared and deep-fried. But you can eat at the feast, cooked on the Grill.