Wraps for belly slimming

Originally used as a way of struggle with cellulite, this procedure quickly moved into the category of the best methods that contribute to weight loss. And all thanks to his ability to clearly see the volume reduce in some parts of the body. So, for example, wraps for losing weight belly not only improves the condition of the skin in this area, but also reduces body fat, reduces the swelling and shaping the waist.

slim Spa wrap

This method is particularly useful for young mothers and those who are struggling with being overweight. As is known, the pregnancy and weight loss are the best way to the skin, and often in the area of the abdomen, she remains limp, flaccid, and wrinkled. And wraps for the stomach are able to fix this Situation and return to the previous elastic and flat stomach.

Of course, it is not necessary to consider this procedure as a panacea. Belly – it is the part of the body, the extra inches is just increase, but to get rid of is very difficult. So in addition to the wrap would be good yet can do sports, reconsider your menu. Or at least a more active, before life-style.

How to make a Spa-Salon at home

To most home, are more effective in the course of 10-14 body wraps, carried out through the day. To unload on the best day of the procedure – for example, keeping it on top of yogurt or other dairy products, or green tea, freshly squeezed juices, fruit, vegetable salads. The procedure itself is best on an empty stomach or at least two hours after a meal and two hours before the next one.

Interesting question – what time is the best wound. Many estheticians claim that the time of day is of no special importance. However, there is a quite interesting fact, which helps you to correctly choose the time for this procedure. The fact that in the period from 22 to 24 at our body Somatropin hormone produced to weight loss by activating the metabolism. And enhance the effect of this hormone packs you achieve losing weight in a short period of time.

Wrap slimming belly: act according to the rules

The implementation of this process, which goes specially for the belly, according to the same rules as all the Wraps. You start with the treatment of the skin Peeling. To do this, you can also the finished products of the cosmetics industry, and at home.

For example, connect a couple of spoons of ground coffee with the same amount of your favorite Tools for the soul, and carefully treating the resulting mixture previously moistened skin. A good scrub can also vegetable oil sea salt small ground, mixed with honey and a few drops. Very well, when the scrub to feet muffled by the skin under the hot shower or in the Sauna. The use of Peeling makes the skin Peeling and the effect and prepares it for the penetration of the active components.

After using the scrubs to rinse a must sja ' and you can begin wrapping foil slimming belly.

Prepared in advance for Wraps weight evenly thick belly to apply, paying special attention to problematic Sites – projecting laterally. Then, the waist wrap to try several layers of the food Film, "to put" the Film to leave and Millimeter-uncovered skin. Winding of the film must climb to the lower part of the abdomen, and gradually to the top. The last of the wind must, come to the area under the breast. It will not collect on the Film cringe and wrinkles on the belly.

Coffee Wrap

About the Film you can wrap something warm (a broad scarf, wool scarf) and cover with a blanket on half an hour or more (see for the well-being). The greenhouse effect, which arises under the film, to speed up the circulation of the Lymph and blood circulation, activates the excretion of stagnant fluids.

As soon as the time available on the effect of body wraps, slimming belly, is over, you can go in the shower. After water procedures, the need to massage problem areas easily, use the cream with Lifting effect and Anti-Cellulite.

Recipes for body Wraps belly

In contrast to already finished cosmetics for Wraps, cooked with no chemicals included, and what could be better for the skin than a natural and safe product?

The most common components for Wraps belly the well-known honey, algae, cosmetic clay, etc. with them were always, are and will be the most effective. All of these components contribute to burn of an accelerated you subcutaneous layer of fat, increase the excretion of excess fluid, and with it, the slags, toxins and literally rejuvenate the skin.

First wrap – honey

Which leads to a cleaning effect, burn body fat.

What happens: the skin is smoothed, tightened, regains elasticity, smoothness and elasticity.

How to do: a little honey (about 2 tablespoons) to bring the liquid state by means of a steam bath and a thin layer to cover the prepared skin of the abdomen. To wrap, turn the foil and go under the blanket for slimming the belly is well acted, then a shower.

They varied this simple recipe, enriched with honey, or essential oils. From the essential selection of the best fruit – orange, lemon stop to citrus (not more than 5 drops), vegetable – olive oil (half a teaspoon).

Winding the second – algae

What: reduce the volume of the body, activating the metabolism, draining effect.

What happens: the first process is able to reduce the waist a few inches, the skin is visibly tightened through the removal of the stagnant liquids and saturated with valuable substances, rich in algae.

How to do: to buy algae (in the pharmacy, and the best Kelp) according to the instructions the cooking. If a cold compress for the abdomen is slimming, algae, pour water at room temperature. If hot water is not higher than 38 ° C. Cover the wet sheets, the problem areas, fix them with foil, heat cushion, cloth and about a half hour under the duvet. Then you can take a shower, after application to the skin cream.

Honey Body Wrap

Algae, such as honey, can also enrich essential oils.

Wrap the third – chocolate

What: nourishing, moisturizing, Anti-Stress effect.

What happens: in cocoa-oil-complex and antioxidants nourishes not only the skin, but also strengthens your resistance to aging, and flavonoids to strengthen the blood vessels and promote to improve the blood circulation. In addition, the scent of chocolate lifts the mood and relieves Stress.

How to do: in a water bath, the tile must beans dissolve of dark chocolate with a high cocoa. Let it cool to an acceptable temperature, mass, cover the skin and wrap the foil. Then you can relax a half-hour under a blanket, or a blanket.

Winding the fourth – with cocoa

A seaweed wrap for belly slimming – with cocoa powder. For its preparation you have to a couple of spoons of powdered cocoa, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil – suit and olive, and sweet almond oil, and wheat germ. Grinding composition stirring, heat it to steam or a water bath (without boil). Let it cool to a comfortable temperature, cover the problem. In General, the composition of the mass for chocolate is RUB-no wrapping valuable in itself, but on request, you can also enrich it with essential oils, natural honey, Aloe juice, paprika or ginger.

Winding the fifth – acetic acid

What is the fat burning, draining, regenerating effect.

What happens: the acceleration of the process of fat burning and the elimination of excess fluid, the waist decreases in volume, the skin resumes elasticity, tightens. The acetic acid promotes greater Regeneration of the skin and increase the production of collagen.

How to: acetic acid for slimming belly Wrap is vinegar with a conventional or Apple. In two parts of boiled water, diluted part of the vinegar. In this composition, moisten a clean cotton cloth and wrap it around the belly. Using fabric to wrap the Film by 3-4 round, and you go under the ceiling not less than half an hour.

Wrap sixth – clay

What is: activation of metabolic processes, humidification and cleaning.

What happens: due to certain properties of the clay, the skin is freed quickly of impurities, saturated with oxygen, is firmer.

How to do: blue tone (wrap slimming belly will only be diluted with this type of clay) in a glass with warm water until paste-like mass. Stir-do not use metal objects. Ready composition, problem areas and rotates on the upper side of the slide, relax the ceiling for a half hour under the bed.

Wrap seventh – tea tree

What: a moisturizing, soothing, invigorating, effect.

What happens: due to the impact in the tea leaves contained antioxidants and catechins will be strengthened skin, free from swelling, smoother.

Recipe Wraps

How to do: to cool down the usual way to brew green tea, wind speed, and wet to an acceptable temperature, in it h/B fabric. She wrapped around the waist, attach the top side of the foil, and warm wool wide scarf. The effect of the Wraps for losing weight on the belly can be used decoctions of herbs, ginger, and cardamom.

Wrap eighth – fruity

What: nourishing, purifying, regenerating and moisturizing effect.

What happens: the effect of fruit skin acids, improves the process of Regeneration, tightens and elastic. Vitamins in fruit, active of the skin and increases its protective properties.

How to do: with the Mixer, any fruit mashed, mixing with the cream. The finished mass to cover the skin, and then again in the Film and to isolate.

For fruit-Wraps, take apples, grapes, water melon, plums, Mangos, oranges, and berries – currants, strawberries. For the preparation of mashed potatoes, you can suitable the mixture of fruits and instead of cream, honey, vegetable oil, sour cream.

Wraps for belly slimming: contraindications

Before embarking on the implementation of the method, a list of the diseases in which it is contraindicated, it is necessary. These are: a variety of tumors, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, gynecological and skin diseases, allergies to any of the products for Wraps. Also, this procedure will not be performed during pregnancy and lactation breastfeeding.