What not to eat while losing weight? The proper nutrition while losing weight

In today's time, almost every representative of the weaker sex on a Maximum of efforts to have her figure was slender. Correspond to the parameters of 90 x 60 x 90 is now very fashionable, so young women (and not only) is haunted by the question of what not to eat when losing weight.

Of course, the desire to get rid of excess weight praise it's value, but should not is in this quest, what is going too far. Very many girls, check your diet and don't fall 5-6 pounds, stop, and continue to lose weight and to lose weight. Finally, you fall into the net," home is looking treacherous pathology under the name of lean". Remember that all should be the measure.

In any case, those who sat on all kinds of diets, be aware that it is impossible to lose weight. But even they don't understand that when the body Sprite needed" or fried potatoes, then this food does not deprive it should. The main thing is not to eat them often and in large quantities. You must understand that the human being needs to delight in the food.

The list of forbidden food

However, when the Situation started, and the young lady is wearing in" the extra two dozen kilograms, then, of course, you should look for the first time strictly to the fact that it is not in weight loss, and on each Sandwich with oil, no question.

It's no secret: to lose weight, it is necessary to make great efforts, because not all of the tasty low-calorie foods.

So, we go to the practical examination, stating that it is impossible to lose weight.

The list of forbidden food

It is necessary to notice, that the list of food that lose under the ban for those, the weight is very impressive. We only list to mention the most important.

Carbonated Drinks

First and foremost, you should decide, all carbonated beverages, including the first Coca-Cola, of course.

These contain sugar, so getting rid of it is with your use of obesity is difficult.

Fast Food

Fans of restaurants also need to reconsider your diet. What foods not to eat while losing weight? Of course, cheeseburger, Hamburger, French fries and similar dishes. Such foods are extremely harmful, because it contains a large amount of cholesterol.


Still what foods not to eat while losing weight? The taboo extends in the first line on a smoked, cooked sausage, ham, sausages, as this is in the composition of food has a lot of fat and very little meat. However, this does not mean that the diet to exclude when removing the consumption of meat. On the contrary, nutritionists recommend that it was not necessarily present in the diet. Remember that the meat is a source of Protein, which is a major building material in our body. You can stewed chicken soup to eat or cook, for example, Turkey breast. In any case, it is impossible, there are grilled meats, such as cutlets or pies.

Bread and baked goods

Of white bread, as well as Donuts, Muffins, pastries, cookies, and gingerbread also should be abandoned. Flour immediately adds extra pounds. For the bread, it is better to white loaf of loaf of bread, from rye flour prefer.

Sweet Desserts

Sweet Desserts

Note that the candy will be excluded when removing also. Girls like chocolate, jam, jams, condensed milk and other Goodies that demonstrates the tremendous will-power, adherence to one or the other diet. All of the above products are part of rich category of calories.

Potatoes and cereals

Often write that the proper nutrition while losing weight includes eating of such foods, such as cereals and potatoes.

However, such a view is not the correct one-hundred percent. The above dishes are available in the various supply systems with the effect of weight loss. Now, those of us who heard about oatmeal, buckwheat or rice diet? It should be noted that they liberate people from the large number of extra pounds.

In regards to the potatoes, so you can say: try not to eat it in roasted, especially if he is preparing on the sunflower oil. But cooked or embodiment of these foods baked allowed, but with the restriction: not at night and not three times a day.

For those who do not overcome the urge to eat condensed milk or chips to eat, I can only recommend: if you are not able to your favorite dishes completely, then at least reduce your consumption. In the ideal case, of course, food, the forbidden, in order to lose weight, need to be excluded one hundred percent.


Of course fruit must eat regularly because they are rich in vitamins and mineral trace elements needed by the body for a full life.

But people who eat pears or grapes should have control over its own weight, keep in mind that in a strictly dosed quantities. Why? This is due to the fact that in most natural foods contain an incredible amount of Fructose, which is absorbed slowly by the body, and a significant portion is in the Form of fat reserves. In addition, you should remember that fruit sugar cause in humans a feeling of satiety, on the contrary, after the bananas and raisins appetite is even bigger. To do not recommend eating fruit as a main dish and snacking in the break between lunch and dinner. It is also not a good idea.

So, if you are determined to lose weight, you should of such products, such as figs, bananas dispense with grapes, dried fruits, pomegranate, Mango,.

You know the measure in eating

Nutritionists recommend eating at least five times a day, the portions should be small. Before Breakfast (30 minutes) usually take you to drink a glass of water, so that you tract in the situation, the intensification of the work of the gastro-intestinal. Try to eat only cooked food.