I can lose weight with a simple water? Contrary to various skeptical opinions – Yes! The weight loss and the maintenance of normal weight depends on the volume, the frequency and the quality of the fluid intake.

According to the rules of the water diet, you can lose those extra inches, and at the same time and improve your health — if, of course, will not miss the water does not need, because 5 litres of water per day not only brings no benefit, but also to wash his clothes from the body with all the minerals.


  • How much to drink? The average number of water for a day – 1.5 to 2.5 liters. The daily rate is 30-40 mg of water/1 kg of body weight. Although in the ideal case, this number can best determine a personal diet consultant. Do not abuse the water! To think naively that 4-6 liters per day twice as fast, you turn into a slim fairy (Oh, such cases). Save your liver and the whole body.
  • What water to use? In the above-described amount of liquid, only water included. Juices, coffee/tea and other beverages separately. Relating to coffee at all a separate conversation – it dehydrates the body. Therefore, they each add a Cup of coffee or a glass of water. And sweet drinks, try to eliminate anything from the diet.What is the type of water, for the "diet" can take melt water, boiled, and medical-Mineral without gas and also water with additives (lemon, mint, cinnamon, honey, etc.). You waive any soda, including water. Non-alcoholic drinks are not only harmful, but as part of a soda water salt are present, is not conducive to the process of weight loss.
  • Water fasting – one of the most important rules. Hardly, she jumped out of bed and donned Slippers, immediately in the running step is not Bad to brush your teeth and drink water in the kitchen. Not in a hurry, plug in Toast, oatmeal, or scrambled eggs with bacon. First – the water! Fasting — a glass of water at room temperature, lemon juice with a spoon of honey, or the addition of a few drops. And only then, all start, your Affairs.
  • Get a good habit – drink a glass (Cup) of water half an hour before meals. You can reduce calm the appetite and the stomach, on the benefits for the digestive tract and can not speak. But you drink, lunch /dinner, water should not injury the digestive. To drink after 1-2 hours after a carbohydrate meal and after 3-4 Protein.
  • The water should only be clean – no dirt and smell. You pay attention to their quality.
  • Drink in small SIPS – not the liver to overload the kidneys. It is an Illusion that will quickly "suck" a bottle of water quenches immediately the thirst. On the contrary, the slower you drink, the faster the thirst. The best Option is to drink through a straw.
  • Their work involves many hours, the clock on the Computer? That means that every 15 minutes distracted on a few SIPS of water. So you can take control of your Hunger, and not to be confused with the thirst.
  • You drink only water at room temperature. Firstly, cold water is not absorbed in the digestive tract, but only "flies by". Secondly, it stimulates the Hunger. While the warm water soothes the Hunger, soothes the stomach and has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.
  • If before a meal far, and it is a passion that you want to drink you can stomach a glass of water fool you. And, of course, you waive all fat, flour and sweet. Pointless waiting for the result of the water, "diet", when after a glass of water, go for cakes with cherries, basin with Olivier and pans with fried chicken.
  • Do not drink water from plastic – only glass, regularly and in small portions.

And "off"... water diet is not a diet, but just a few rules that will help get back to a normal weight. Therefore, it is not necessary to tear his hair, bite their lips and suffer "severe diet".

Take it all with a smile, and the result will appear very soon. And to lose weight a nice Tackle aesthetics of the process – buy, and beautiful glasses for water and create your personal Tradition. For example, in the chair, with the sounds of nature from the Radio, with fruit mask on the face.