Calculation of calories for weight loss

Obesity – a serious cause for concern. This is a Problem that many people today thrilled. The topic of slimming, with a special interest in the female circle. People who are overweight usually suffer from the presence of complex, non-knowledge are able to appreciate yourself and to fully accept their own benefits. You are constantly are on a diet, limit starchy foods, and a sweet, infinite calculations to make high-calorie foods.You set the standards for the daily intake of calories and try not to go outside of their borders.Frames are sometimes so hard that they remain unreal for a long time. Fans of different diets often reach a critical point in the situation, irreparable damage to health. Some of the more susceptible natures fear afford an additional piece of favorite dish, and refuse even if you have enough food.

Calories slimming

Many set themselves the task of losing weight, but not all to the desired destination. To achieve the result, it is important to first calculate calories per day, and then systematically support your diet. With a special calculator calories you can use Online to calculate the number of the daily Norm. Produce the enumeration is not difficult: you need only the appropriate numbers in the fields and wait for long-term weight loss Plan.

Five formulas for the calculation

On the page there are methods of weight loss that you can choose for your Situation. There are a total of five formulas: Mifflin San commune, Harris – Benedict-Ketch – Macardle, Tom Venuto, and the formula of the world health organization. They all aim lose weight to achieve an objective, systematic weight reduction. The difference is that the formula taking into account various methods of influence on the organism, offer the possibility of counting calories per day, week, month. In any case, the user has the possibility to decide themselves. You can agree or not with the proposed conditions, certain conclusions, to analyze the data. The so-called zig-zag-calorie-shows the number of calories you consume per day.

Safe Weight Reduction

In the compilation of the calculation to the user, it is important to have a way that he will act quickly to remove or smooth. Safe weight reduction means that the daily rate should not be less than 1200 calories per day. It is the most gentle version is to keep your body in excellent shape. The emaciation happens in a natural way, the process is not through renunciation of all sorts of Goodies. Only the person starts to consume a little less food and, in time, comes to the expected result. A time limit can have to months and years (depending on the amount of kg to lose), but the effect usually targets the long-term perspective.

Most healthy people will choose the safe option. Here do not need to risk your health and give a lot of power to fight your own body. Calculation as the person experienced, mental and physical ailments.

Extreme Weight Reduction

To lose sometimes, weight is urgently required. This happens when an important event or an event planned. In such a case, the required safety time to wait. Need expert to realize daily needs, so that strictly to the intended purpose. Derogations from the conditions for not allowed. Calculation of straight and builds on the strong effort of personality, to deny the ability of yourself the gastronomic delights. Per day in the case of this variant, allows, consume less than 1000 calories. The calculation is carried out individually, in dependence of indicators of the General activity and the original Position.

I have to say that the effect of this decrease for a very short time. The error of many people consists that you to be involved assiduously in the process. It is impossible to calculate and predict such consequences as poor health, Depression.

Why are some so and can't lose weight

Calories for weight loss how to count

Most people want to invest in a quick result with minimal effort. You can expect a reduction in the weight already the next morning, after making an important decision. But this is not to realize nobody under force. Some start in vain exhausting, calling for the immediate and rapid indicators decrease. Women sometimes unattainable Standards set initially, and then the unfairness of fate complain, all and any. Someone refuses to eat for several days, allowing hungry fainting. Such a behavior can not be negative health effects.

It is important to know how to act right before it starts. Many will surrender even before you make the first step. That is why they are still there to develop where once planned confident.

The most important thing – learn to set a goal and go for it every day in small steps. No one is able a great period of time, make a spasmodic jerk. No need to constantly berate themselves for being overweight. Check your diet, but do not make hasty steps. You maintain your own level of attractiveness means, above all, renounce, coarse, destructive criticism, soul-exhausting, but leads to the development of the personality, not the people helps to put the work in.

So try a calculation according to the proposed scheme could be anyone. Just need to keep in mind that the process of weight loss especially individually, and for all different.