For many women, and even men, the abdominal Region is the biggest Problem. It would be great if there were special tablets, with their help, it would be possible to fat from the abdomen and remove the sides. Unfortunately, these miracle drugs are not invented yet, and therefore everything depends on our patience and willpower.

To lose belly fat exercises very real Problem. And in need of special complex, which is not tight in a short time, only the extra pounds, burn and muscular frame.

Scientists have proved that the simplest exercises are the most efficient, so focus today is on the classical complex.

exercises for losing weight

Exercises for the abdomen and flanks

Twisting on the Ball

Start the exercises with light loads. This will help all the muscles on the willingness and warm up the body. So, put on the Ball, as in the photo, the hands behind the head and deep. Then when you exhale your torso out, trying to span all of the muscles of the upper press. If you don't turn the Ball home, then you can directly do it on the ground. It used to be that the rise of the hull must be complete, that is, the back should be able to 90% of the feet. But now, this practice has been abandoned, especially Hollywood Trainer to be considered, because these increases are tables for people with trauma, the Patient loin.

To do for a complete leveling of the top of the press with this exercise, 3 sets of 12-16 twists. The most important sign that you are doing everything right – a slight burning sensation in the abdomen.


This exercise deserves to be acknowledged as one of the most effective slimming belly and flanks, as well as toning of the whole body. What are the benefits? In the upper abdomen, including pumps and the lower part, to correct which is usually very difficult. This is a unique exercise also helps a beautiful Relief of the oblique muscles, tightens your hips and freed from extra pounds. For the execution of "Bike" on the back, alternating the other leg moved. The hands limited also alternating with the other knee. For a good result you do 3 sets of 12-16 times.

Pulling up the knee

For the study of the lower press and give the beautiful Relief of the stomach it is recommended that in their training, and the knee-high pull. Since the upper part of the housing should be lifted throughout the exercise, created a static voltage, which is required for the giving of tone to the entire abdominal muscles, without which you will not of a beautiful belly. To do this, lie on your back and lift your upper body, tearing the legs slightly off the floor and alternately pull the knees to your chest, without losing the other leg.

The default number of meet times.

Backward movement

This is a great exercise for many may seem too complicated due to the weak muscles of the lower press. So, for starters, you do it as often as possible. But in the future, this exercise for you is the most important, if you want to, remove the fat from the abdomen and flanks. So, they put on the floor, between the ankles, they put the Ball and catch up to the legs slowly lower and then raise it back up again. If you have a few back problems, you can. your hands under the buttocks and lead to backward movement without the Ball

In the ideal case, you do 3 sets of 12 times. If you feel that your muscles have become stronger, you can, without interruption, lifting the legs 30 times.


The exercise "plank" helps not only open up and work all of the muscles in the abdomen and flanks, but he also strengthens the buttocks, spinal and shoulder muscles. For the implementation of this exercise, you will contact the ground and support yourself on your toes and elbows. The hull must be perfectly smooth and hard. You are in this Position for 1 Minute, then take a break. Repeat this Position 3 times. The more complicated variant, but incredibly effective in the fight with the fat on the belly and flanks, Ironing, alternating knee raise to the chest. The extra pounds burn fast-paced helps, start all of the metabolic processes in the body and accelerates the heartbeat. Cardio should be an integral part of the exercise for those who burn the body fat in any part of the body

Breeding Feet

Should appropriate attention will be devoted to the study of the lateral muscles, the clear relief of our actors AI Bochkov. Very good and not a complicated exercise is the abduction of the legs to the side. To do this, you lay on your side, Opera elbows into the floor and begin to lift one leg as high as possible. Repeat this movement 20 times and switch to the other leg. In addition, this exercise is working well, and the buttocks, loins and muscles.

The highlight of the whole body

At first glance, this exercise sounds simple, but it was not there. To it at least 10 times, you must have a good press, buttocks and thighs pumped. If you are a beginner, try the pelvic lift to the top, standing on two legs. If the spine and gluteal muscles stronger, and it will happen very soon, try raising the entire body standing on one leg. You can do be lazy with this exercise. Believe me, your suffering pay off a hundred percent.

Jump rope

Skipping rope – a simple way to start the metabolic process and prepare the body for the stresses. You begin your series of exercises to remove belly and flanks, just with the jump, and very soon you will see the result. Here it is important to understand that you only pump the muscles – you the desired result. You need to exercises in to your Training and Cardio. In addition to jump ropes, you can also go up run on the treadmill or stairs up and down several times.

For fixing and speeding up of the results for slimming belly and flanks, you can at regular intervals, various homemade Wraps. In detail you can read about it in our article on Wrap with mustard (recipes).