Program weight 10 kg per month, without harm to health

As per month 10 kg per month slimming? This question torments more often the fair sex in the run-up to the spring or the summer. It is very important to make the process smoother and not harmful to health. The first results will motivate you, in the future, to keep to a diet and to do sports.

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How to lose 10 kg per month

To lose up to 10 kg per month, and not harm, to tips:

1. The rejection of mealy products. In the program, lose weight Online, we do not recommend a while the bread and its derivatives.

2. Abandonment of sugar and its derivatives. Even if you have a sweet tooth, from the foods that contain large amounts of sugar.

3. Denial about roasted and salted. These components can be the holding back of water in the organism, in addition to the harmful effects on him.

4. Rules for a light dinner and a hearty Breakfast. The ones that the load on the night to gain weight significantly faster than those who waived the dinner in General, or replaces it with protein-rich food.

5. Drink after a meal. The rule in childhood familiar to us to be really a place. The a or other meal, drink we have to consciously increase the stomach. In consequence, in the future, we need significantly more calories to eat than usual. (Tanja Rybakov so for a week the starting gun for up to 3 kg).

How to weight to 10 kg per month - real tips from Dr. Dukan.

This is a very strict diet will help you to bring out of the body, not just the pounds, but also toxins, improves the condition of skin, nails and hair. She developed a professional doctor and includes in his menu, all of the elements required for a balanced diet. You won't want to back to the old weight, and, above all, it is subject to absolutely everything (even 16-year-old girl).

Diet for Extreme slimming easier (menu per month)

For those people who urgently need to lose a few pounds, developed a diet Extreme slimming. You can stick with it, or to replace every day to similar products (note the recipes Protasov).

1 week.

1. For Breakfast you can eat to choose from: low-fat yogurt, a handful of fruit or nuts After 2 hours, when Hunger is felt, you can Apple for a Snack. For lunch you can cook vegetable soup without fat, lean meat or fish, salad Dinner - a glass of Kefir.

2 week.

Breakfast cottage cheese low-fat dairy products, a handful of raisins. Lunch – salad, fish or meat steamed, vegetables. Dinner – Vegetable Salad.

3 week.

Breakfast – whole-grain-crispbread, a handful of dry fruits. Lunch - 2 boiled eggs, 1 tablespoon of any porridge without oil. Dinner – cheese and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

4 week.

Breakfast – vegetable-green salad with Hand-Cola. Dinner – boiled chicken fillet and salad. Dinner – 2 slices of fried Apple.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that per meal should not be more than 300 grams of food.

To take into account a number of contraindications, which are present in this diet.

Among Them:

• Pregnancy and breast-feeding

• The acute Phase of a chronic disease

• Persons older than 55 years

• Children up to 16

• Normal Psycho – emotional rise.

Lose 10 pounds in a month - home exercises


To ensure that you get quick results, need to work on the reduction of the weight in the system. This not only costs of the food plan, but also Intensive training sessions, in which the emphasis must be on cardio training.

The selection of workouts and exercises in the ideal case, Trainer, program-painting should do, particularly, in view of the individual peculiarities of the body and the presence of chronic diseases.

Exemplary Training Plan:

Start with 15-minute workout. With each day you increase the time to 45-60 min. as a warm-up, you can jump on the rope for 3-5 min.

• To run. How much you have to run? To get rid of excess weight it is recommended that first run after 15 min. If you are a beginner, start with a brisk walk on the treadmill or ordinary Park. With the time you need to increase the load and increase the pace. 30 minutes a day (morning or evening) is quite sufficient .

• Leg and buttock muscles. The tried-and-tested and best exercises failure are bend steps and knee. But to start, you should bend with simple knee, which are the most effective for the lower part of the body.

• Press and belly. Such exercises such as curl, Frog, boat. For this you need to lie on the back and the torso lifting, tensing of the press. It is very important to control neck muscles to better focus your gaze on the ceiling. If you do everything right, a pleasant burn in the feel of the lower abdomen.