Weight-loss diet: menu for the whole week

Many of the diets offered on the Internet, have a specific menu. Often this diet are poorly balanced and have a very low calorie content. To save in such a diet, usual physical activity for Fitness Training is very difficult. For the right slimming certain principles of a balanced diet. Unusually, to pick up a sensible diet is extremely difficult. To simplify this process, the menu for the week, so that you will be able to calculate takes care of the purchase of the right products and just the daily calorie intake.

What is the correct diet?

Vegetables with fruit and a glass of milk

Proper nutrition – a whole System of rational menu, calculated to remove. To postroynet, not necessarily to eat only bread and drink water. Eat wholesome and delicious while losing weight. This is to transform an important aspect, especially for people on Fitness. On low calorie diets force for the Sport left, and on the sparse menu, there is a high risk of failure.

The most important and effective principles of proper nutrition:

  1. Meals in small portions (150-250 G) in 3-4 hours.
  2. Compliance with the Balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Eliminate simple carbs, replace with complex.
  3. The last meal should be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  4. Take note of the fluid intake. To 1 kilogram of body weight 30 milliliters of pure water.
  5. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables.
  6. Complex carbohydrates – up to 14 days, after the lunch protein!
  7. You do without roast – cooking, baking, and cooking it in steam, but not boil!

Principles nothing out of the ordinary are lose weight easily enough in them. But in the case of the first pairs, the Fitness diet for a week together, not so easy, also based on the rules. For a clear Vision of the objectives, consider the menu for the day:


  1. Fruit;
  2. Dairy products or other proteins;
  3. Complex Carbohydrates, Vegetables;
  4. Low-calorie Dessert: Pasta or dark chocolate;

Everything should be in moderation, should not be in a meeting, eat a whole box of Goodies.

Second Breakfastit can be:

  1. Fruit;
  2. Milk product;
  3. Nuts.

On perekus relegated to 150 grams, but that is not the most important meal of the day.

Should not immediately 100 grams of eating nuts, they are certainly useful, but very calorie-rich. Better 80 grams of cottage cheese or yogurt and 5-6 pieces of nuts enable in the menu at the Snack.


  1. Complex Carbohydrates;
  2. Protein;
  3. Ballast substances;

Vegetables should be 50% of the total meal. The protein must not necessarily be an animal. You can replace it with legumes or soy.


  1. Protein;
  2. Ballast substances;

To eliminate after lunch, slimming, carbohydrates, including fruit. You can eat yogurt and cucumber, or a piece of boiled chicken breast with a salad.


  1. Protein;
  2. Ballast substances;

The acceptance must be complete, don't limit yourself to just yogurt or salad. So it must not be liable to slimming-not rules – 6.

The Hunger of more than 6 hours is harmful to the body, begins to the inhibition of metabolism. To break a high level of risk and the dangers of eating too much and treats.

Diet before and after Fitness Training

Actively engage in the gym or at home, you should be on the right diet and after the Training. Especially if you want to lose fat and build muscle.

Girl drinks after the workout, milk

If you are a Fitness exercise in the morning:

  1. Before the workout, for 15-20 minutes, Protein Shake, cottage cheese can eat. Yogurt or Kefir with fruit.
  2. Not worth it to eat animal protein – it is hard for Assimilation.
  3. To eat after the workout in the gym or at home lunch, but not less than an hour or two after the workout.
  4. Meal should be a full-fledged contains complex carbohydrates, Protein and vegetables product.

If you have a Fitness Training in the evening:

  1. On the Snack before the workout better, the carbs would be to remove, but we strive to lose weight.
  2. You do not eat fat yogurt or cottage cheese.
  3. Home to dinner, after an hour or two break.
  4. When you are at home and spend the Training quite late, then the period of time between dinner and bedtime is less than an hour. In this case, you make the food simple, there is a cottage cheese low fat with bran, vegetables, salad, boiled fish or meat varieties, low-fat.

Nutrition and the composition of the menus for the week

Remember – the menu should be varied and full of value! Do not sit on mono-victu, "kill" your metabolism, and the pounds very quickly.

To the correct mode, or a Snack to Fitness Training, adhere to, you can always tank with the food take. Cook for a couple of days, and wrinkles in a convenient for you TARA. Then you simply take with dishes and get it, if it is convenient, even if you are away from home.

Breakfast and Snacks

For Breakfast slow carbs need to include:

  1. Kasi,
  2. Whole grain bread,
  3. Pasta Of Durum Wheat,
  4. Potatoes,
  5. Legumes.

Also fruit, dairy products, Protein and low-calorie sweets can log in

Snacking we have two.

  1. If in the first half of the can afford something sweet, then in the afternoon you will be limited in the consumption of carbohydrates.
  2. Not snacking miss. Big breaks between meals, overeating, to lose weight very well.
  3. If it does not have to forget possible, or simply take you out of the house container with the prepared food, eat, drink yogurt or cottage cheese. This "fast Food" you can really Snack in front of the Fitness Training or directly on the street

For starters, decrease the size of the portions, buy kitchen scales. Thing in the kitchen of the house is very useful. Also, if you eat per meal is the recommended 250 grams, not the change of the total diet, calorie deficit will amount to about 300-400 kcal. Diet for a week designed for counting grams on the menu.

Lunch and dinner

The lunch is the last meal, when you eat carbohydrates.

  1. You Diversify Your Diet. Should not wheat every day, only eat chicken breast and book.
  2. If the food out of the house, take a container of cooked food.
  3. To food much healthier to eat at work, the normal house of a man than before, nothing to eat, snacking or tea with sweets.
  4. If the lunch you will have exercises to Fitness, then you eat two hours after the lesson.
The dinner should not be later than 3-4 hours before bedtime!

Before going to bed drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Do not miss the dinner if you were late at home, after work, or Fitness. Just make it simple by replacing heavy meat products cooked fish or cottage cheese.

Exemplary menu for a week

This diet consists of a week by the rules of rational and effective slimming. On its basis you can create your own list.

  1. Breakfast: Porridge oats, preferably, welded to the water-150g cottage cheese + 80 G + sweets.
  2. Between meal 1: cake made from wheat flour with bran 50 G banana 100 G
  3. Lunch: boiled wild rice 60 grams, fried cod 80 G salad of cucumbers and tomatoes 100 G
  4. Between meal 2: lean ham-100 G cucumber fresh — 50.
  5. Dinner:trout 100 G green salad 150.
  1. Breakfast: Protein Scrambled Eggs 100 G + Vegetable Salad 100 G + Slice Of Whole Grain Bread 30 G
  2. Between meal 1: cottage cheese with low fat content, 100 G, pine nuts and almonds – 8 piece.
  3. Lunch: Sauerkraut, Tafelspitz, a piece of whole-grain bread, cucumber.
  4. Between meal 2: boiled or baked fish, low-fat, 100 grams of tomato varieties 50 grams.
  5. Dinner: cottage cheese with milk, a low fat content 0.3 kg.
  1. Breakfast: muesli multi sacrificiaque, welded on the water 150 G + banana 100 + strips of bitter chocolate 75%.
  2. Snack 1: yogurt 100 ml of plum and Apple 50 G
  3. Lunch: peppers stuffed with buckwheat and beef 150 grams of minced meat, salad from fresh cabbage 100 grams.
  4. Snack 2: yogurt with cucumber and herbs, 150 ml.
  5. Dinner: boiled mussels, 100 G of salad from vegetables 150 g.
Thursday Boiled potatoes
  1. Breakfast: chicken breast 100 G + 100 G buckwheat + apricots, and raisins 30 gr.
  2. Between meal 1: 8 pieces of dried fruit, a Sandwich with whole grain bread and cheese.
  3. Lunch: 70 grams of boiled potatoes, baked chicken breast without skin, 80 G, vegetable salad 100 G
  4. Snack 2: Cottage Cheese 100 Grams Of Vegetable Salad 50 Grams.
  5. Dinner: stew of zucchini, eggplant and celery with beans 0.4 kg.
  1. Breakfast: 100 grams of millet-porridge + yoghurt humilis adipem 100 ml + pear half.
  2. Between meal 1: fruit salad with natural yoghurt with sesame seeds
  3. Lunch: pasta of durum wheat with a Sauce of tomatoes and chicken-minced meat, cooked beans.
  4. Between meal 2: 100 grams of chicken breast with a salad of fresh cabbage 50 grams.
  5. Dinner: baked beef 120 grams, 30 grams of herbs.
  1. Breakfast: a Sandwich of wholemeal bread and cheese 100 grams of cottage cheese + 100 + Kiwi 50.
  2. Snack 1: Apple-cake made of wheat flour without egg, yogurt.
  3. Lunch: beans with tomato sauce barley porridge, salad with fresh carrots and apricots.
  4. Between meal 2: vegetable stew with beans 150 G
  5. Dinner: boiled chicken breast, 100 grams of salad from fresh cabbage 150.
  1. Breakfast: barley porridge 100 grams + 100 grams, vegetable salad + cake made of flour, semolina and bran.
  2. Between meal 1: Omelette made of egg whites with vegetables 100 G, orange 50 grams.
  3. Lunch: potato croquettes with a vegetable Ragout, herb.
  4. Between meal 2: omelet from egg whites with vegetables, orange.
  5. Dinner: Protein-Omelette, boiled beans.

For effective weight loss to eat need! Reduce the amount of consumed servings from the menu, do not remove the simple carbohydrates and other "dangers", not to forget meal times and even receptions. Eat properly before and after Fitness Training. Cooking at home, not a Snack for the road – this will save you unnecessary calories.