Healthy diet for losing weight after 40 years

With age the body start, your changes occur. The most important metabolism gradually no longer slows down, the internal System to expend a lot of energy, reduced muscle mass and any extra calorie is in the skin. As a result, obesity, pleats at the waist, visible Cellulite, deterioration of the General state of health. But the struggle with it all you can, if the organization proper and healthy diet, which is not only a slim figure, but ensures well-being and good health.


What is a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a whole System, what on a diet, everything balanced, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, minerals and vitamins. No strict diet, when the body begins to be a deficit in the useful and necessary trace elements. The menu should be constructed so that the balance between food of plant and animal origin.

Many people try to lose weight, start to give up carbs. But it can't be done. Carbohydrates supply the required energy, and they also bring a kind of the human body. However, it is on the right, slow carbohydrates, but the excess really fast carbohydrates can lead to weight gain.

Healthy diet implies the consumption of moderate amounts of food rates after a short period of time. Protect it from too much food, which is also the appearance of extra pounds are provoked, especially if the age exceeded forty years abroad. An important part of the diet in this time, the milk and milk products, as they contain large amounts of calcium. And this Element gradually from the body washed out by the bone-system fragile and vulnerable. The choice of milk products, it is important to pay attention to their content of fat. Better to give preference to low-fat milk, Kefir and yogurt with a fat content of more than 2%.


The principles of such a diet with the following rules:

  1. Meals we recommend hosting all three hours.
  2. A serving should not spoons more than 250 grams, or in an amount of 12.
  3. No additional funds for slimming laxatives in the Form of pills or diuretic teas can not accept.
  4. Necessarily the attention to the drinking regime, which implies the entrance into the body two liters of water during the day.
  5. The dinner should take place no later than seven o'clock in the evening and all the food should be light and well, to overload before bedtime the stomach.

Recommended food and nutrition

After forty, when the body begins to moderately consume energy, and if there should be a deficiency of many important trace elements that the diet consist of the following healthy products:

  1. Legumes. They meet the needs of the body in the subcutaneous tissue, the normalization of the composition of the blood and give the digestive system with complex carbohydrates.
  2. Fruit, berries and vegetables. Provide the internal System of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. All of these product have low in calories and at the same time they stimulate the activity of the intestine. Ideally, if in the diet as often as possible, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes, cabbage and fresh herbs, apples and cherries appear, citrus fruits. Not to forget is the garlic, which has anti-inflammatory and spinach, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  3. Whole-Grain Products. It can be brown rice, barley, oatmeal, semolina, corn flour and buckwheat, Pshenko. Such food a positive effect on the intestinal tract and provides the body with vitamins B and E.
  4. The milk and milk products. Natural cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt and unsweetened yogurt are the best sources of calcium, washed out with age from the body.
  5. Meat low-fat varieties. These products provide a complete Protein. But to give the preference to the chicken, meat, Turkey, beef, rabbit. So, poultry meat contains selenium, which prevents the development of dangerous tumors. And thanks to Vitamin B improves the function of the brain and increases the energy supply to the body.

In addition to the main product menu consist of:

  • River and sea fish;
  • Linseed oil;
  • Almonds and walnuts;
  • Olive oil;
  • all kinds of green.

Necessarily present in the menu, cheese, low-fat, sardines, celery, apricots, and almonds have to be hard. To do an emphasis on products with potassium. These lenses and bananas. This food helps to maintain muscles in shape, stabilizes blood pressure and supports the work of the system.

A healthy diet should be a fraction. Small portions in the body on a regular basis to not provoke the situation heavy in the stomach, but will help slow metabolism to activate. Products desirable, baking, cooking, braising, cooking on the Grill or steamed.

Menu for the week

Day Menu
Monday Breakfast: natural cheese crumbly, chopped and mixed with herbs and drink a glass of carrot juice.
Between meal: four fresh plums.
Lunch: meatless soup, a salad of broccoli and tomatoes, a glass of butter milk.
Snack: fruit yogurt, walnuts, nuts, and a piece of cheese.
Dinner: boiled brown rice, a piece of baked cod, salad of radishes, sour cream and tomato.
Tuesday Breakfast: coffee with milk and eat mashed potatoes with steamed cabbage.
Snack: salad of carrots and cucumber, a glass of sour milk.
Lunch: beetroot soup, a piece of lean beef, baked eggplant.
Snack: banana Smoothie or Apple, a glass of Cranberry Morse.
Dinner: brown rice with carrots, two plums and mint broth.
Wednesday Breakfast: tea of herbs, an egg and Vinaigrette with toasted whole-grain bread.
Between meal: salad made of white cabbage and grated cucumber, seasoned with lemon juice.
Lunch: broccoli, steamed and a piece of cod, baked under the cheese crust. In twenty minutes you can carrot drink a glass of Apple juice, a pinch of cinnamon.
Snack: a piece of cottage cheese-banana casserole, and green tea.
Dinner: beef and veal, stewed in sour cream, salad from fresh vegetables and one serving of fresh cherries.
Thursday Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and dried apricots, a slice of cheese, and ginger tea.
Snack: cottage cheese, the apricots, cut and add a spoon of honey.
Lunch: soup made of salmon, a grilled chicken breast cutlet and a couple of fresh cucumbers.
Snack: a banana and a glass of butter milk.
Dinner: vegetable casserole, salad from sea cabbage and an orange.
Friday Breakfast: coffee with milk and eat millet porridge with dried apricots.
Between meal: four plums.
Lunch: boiled potatoes with beans, a piece of fried Pollack, juice from celery.
Afternoon snack: cereal Bars yogurt with almond nuts.
Dinner: Pasta from durum wheat, flavored with grated tomatoes with Basil.
Saturday Breakfast: milk rice, green tea, and two slices of cheese.
Snack: berry jelly, and two apricots.
Lunch: fish soup, lasagna of zucchini, eggplant and potatoes, carrot juice.
Snack: fruit salad with low-fat yogurt.
Dinner: lentil soup with chicken hearts.
Sunday Breakfast: scrambled eggs made up of three proteins with tomatoes, a slice of bread with Avocado, tea.
Snack: cheese-cake, baked in the oven.
Lunch: soup of spinach, fish meat balls in tomato pour, some brown rice.
Afternoon snack: Mousse of pureed blueberries and tea with two dates.
Dinner: vegetable stew with pieces of beef, a Grapefruit.

Diet Recipes

Cottage Cheese-Banana Casserole

  • Cottage Cheese 200 G
  • Banana one large or two medium-sized
  • Quail Eggs 4 PCs.
  • Of ground cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla
  • Lemon juice 1 TSP.
  • Salt on the tip of a knife


  1. You separate the whites from the yolks, mix with the lemon juice in the foam.
  2. Mix the egg yolks with curd, add a pinch of salt.
  3. Curd connect with egg whites, add the cinnamon and vanilla.
  4. Banana slices and gently with the remaining ingredients.
  5. The whole mass in a baking dish and place in oven to lay on a half-hour (180 degree).

Soup-puree from the salmon

  • Salmon 300 G
  • Processed Cheese 1 PC.
  • Celery
  • A Potato
  • Cream 10% fat-5 ml
  • Fish broth 400 ml


  1. Fillet of salmon you must cook in a little salt water.
  2. Finely chop the celery and potatoes, return the vegetables to the broth. Cook for about 20 minutes.
  3. Added at the end of the cheese and cream melt, all of the component whisk Mixer.

Milk rice

  • Brown Rice 60 G
  • Chicken egg 2 PCs.
  • Olive oil 1 TSP.
  • Low-fat milk 150 ml
  • Raisins 30 G
  • Fruit sugar 1 TSP.


  1. Raisins beforehand in boiling water to soften.
  2. Rice sauté in olive oil, then add the milk steamed and ten minutes on low heat.
  3. Code of the rice has cooled a little, mix it with egg yolks and raisins, then add proteins.
  4. At the end put a little bit of Fructose, and place the mixture into the ramekins. Baked the Pudding at 170 degrees for about 30 minutes.