Exercises to remove belly and flanks

The fight against excess weight for the harmony of the figure need to be integrated. Is the control of the diet, the consumption of corresponding products, activities in the gym, the muscles in the area of the belly of the required load and sound. Exercises for belly slimming, to be carried out at home regularly, laxity of the muscles help and make the waist slimmer.

How to choose the best exercises


Select the type of physical activity should be on the basis of the results to be achieved. If the fat deposits are not legs only in the area of the abdominal muscles, but also to the upper, buttocks, and obesity is very high, it is useful, Wellness-Jogging, gymnastics, aerobics, and other types of physical activity. For example, losing weight in the abdominal area, you can devices the different fitness.

To diet while training is not necessary, but it fit the diet. Especially, it is better not to give up, to eat the food semi-finished products, fried foods, a lot.

So how to lose weight in the stomach with a workout plan for at home, you can engage properly switching between load and recovery, the best through the day. The best time for the exercises – from 11 to 14 PM and from 18 to 20 PM. An important prerequisite of a successful workout – it must begin not earlier than two hours after the last meal and not later than two hours before bedtime.

Each class begins with a warm-up. In the first few days, the muscles can be in pain, but then everything was back to normal. In about a month of regular training will be able to get involved, and then you need to think about increasing the load, since the effectiveness of the existing complex are reduced.

Main gym for slimming belly

Performing various exercises in order to lose weight in the stomach, you should keep in mind that a woman should remain woman, the unnecessarily embossed muscles, "cube" developed abdominal muscles, in very rare cases.

For quick weight loss is quite enough, 3-4 exercises, 2-3 sets of 15-25 reps. You can exercise in a morning.


The back and feet on the floor, hands on divorced the back of the head, the elbows. Exhale, lift the upper half of the torso to the knees. Linger for a while, while inhaling return to the starting position.

Lifting the legs

The loins are raised firmly against the carpet, straight legs perpendicular to the top, the arms stretched along the body. Gently lower the legs to almost touch the heels to the floor. Pause for a second, return to the starting position. You need to follow the lower back and not from the ground.

Breaststroke on the back


To lose weight in the stomach, in supine position, it is useful in the following exercise. Straightened hands support yourself with your palms on the ground. Slow motion of the legs to the abdomen, the heels. Then with a quick movement of the legs to be straightened and stand side by side on the floor.

Abdominal muscle training

To lose in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles and weight rapidly in the abdomen, to home be useful in the following exercises:

  • In the supine position, the knees bend, feet on the floor, hands on the back of the head, the elbows to the sides. On the exhale, lift the upper part of the body in the knee.
  • Lie down, arms along the body. Move directed to the feet, so that her fingers touched the carpet over the head.
  • In the past, lift your feet off the floor and straightened on the minimum height of 20-25cm.
  • Sit on the Mat, back straight, hands close to the hip. Tighten your abdominal muscles and steplessly to the rear of the tilt, keeping the right angle between body and legs outstretched. Then return to the starting position.

How to thighs, the fat from the top

In order to be slimmer, it is useful to perform tomorrow at home exercises easy charging slimming belly at the slenderness of the legs:

  1. Simple and useful warm-up exercise: run on the spot with the highest lifting of the knee, the thigh was perpendicular out of the body. Abdominal muscles, effective fat is burned in the bottom of the back.
  2. Feet shoulder width apart. Bend over to the right, simultaneously raise your left Hand over the head. Repeat for the other side, change the Hand. Hip at the time of the runs is not, and should not be the Position, the back should be about forward or backward, forming a plane with the back surface of the legs
  3. Remove the belly and flanks, it is useful to have a shallow knee bend. Feet the feet are wider than the shoulders, parallel. Bend the knees alternately to the left and right foot up to the level of the seat of the chair, the back is straight.
  4. Location of the back tables on the Mat gymnastic, raise straightened legs and start to turn imaginary Bicycle pedals. Useful alternately in a circular motion, so that you can move forward and backward.

Exercises for slimming the legs

lose weight

It is no secret that the fat deposits are formed not only on the belly, but also on the legs. Therefore, want to lose weight in the thighs, calves, buttocks.

  1. The simplest exercise – Mahi. In order to keep the balance better to keep behind his chair, his each foot forward, backward, sideways. To injuries happens, you will need to have the muscles warmed up and were good.
  2. A useful type of sporting activity, in order to effectively lose weight, you can with low stand – level. Within 5-10 minutes you put first one, then the other foot, the same way "down".
  3. For the Training of the thigh and gluteal muscles should be flexed to the side of the lower arm at the elbow and is based in the Mat, the lifting palm of the upper Hand on the belly also on the floor. You tear off the hips from the floor, leaning on the hands and feet. The back and the back of the legs to form a level. Exercise helps to lose weight in the stomach, and trained different muscles. It must be for both sides of the fuselage.
  4. Lying on the side, the lower hand area under the head, the upper place, - at the waist. Understand you exhale a straightened upper leg as far up as possible. You do the exercise to the other side.
  5. Sitting back and leaning on your hands, try the floor bent legs and touch the knees to the right and to the left of the fuselage.
  6. When the legs are fully in the calves, their weight loss roles useful the the weight of the body from the heels to the toes.
  7. To lose weight in the calves, stand on one leg, the second rear cross, to rise on the waist band. In order to keep the balance remain behind the backrest of the chair or a wall.

Home exercises lose weight belly to the side

  • Apart stand straight, feet shoulder width. Straightened to lift the hands. Make leaning forward, to the right, to the left, to 15 in each direction.
  • In the past, palm of the hand interlocked on the chest. Three times turn to the left, then three times to the right, in any direction 15-20 times.
  • Sit on a chair and keep your balance, pull your knees to your chest, clasping them with the hands. Slowly return to the starting position. Enough for 8-10 times, 2-3 sets.
  • Wherein the balance on the chair and monitors, the heels touch the ground, refuse to torso. Mandatory back you put the mattress and soft pillows.
  • Supine on the Mat, lift it without the help of the hands the body, bringing it upright, just.