True stories of weight loss - before and after

What to do to captivate if your figure of December, swirls, January jettison-stuffed goose, February-cake "St. valentin" and a little March Soufflé? Let yourself be inspired by our heroine and her real-life story of weight loss.

History slimming

Tatiana Rybakova (23 Years Old) Blogger

slimming photo for Motivation

In four ten years ago, I weighed 105 pounds. This enemy does not want, and even more insignem teenager. I was on the verge of despair: it was unpleasant to me, to see your reflection, a suitable modern clothes was impossible, the school day a series of humiliations. Reaching the boiling point, I decided to lose weight!

How was hardened I

The most popular fascinated by the many different diets that I tried. Then some vegetables sat on yogurt and apples, ate. The effect of diets was short-lived: no sooner had I started to eat as usual, lost came. With time, I realized: we must learn to combine products and proper nutrition to Supplement suitable complex exercise: in this case, the changes are limited not only on the scale, but also on the General physical level, but on complexion, hair, and nails.

The school I graduated from to 20 kg emaciated: they went along with how I dominated an active life style, and exchanged the power supply system. After school, went to College in the evening and for the investigation of the properties of products and arguments of the doctors. So I came to your current diet: it is very reminiscent of the cell division, and by the way, I was paying great attention to the glycemic index. However, on sugar and starchy foods had to forget. And I was on the Cardio machines. To weighed eighteen years, I have 65 kg and now my weight (diet and training System remains the same) three years is 51 kg.

The business of my life

Somehow on the women's Website I saw a competition for the best history of weight loss. His story I said, quite accurately and I think best of all, the judge considered it as well. I won the prize pool, but it was just a nice Bonus in comparison with the primary gift from the fate. My experience was interesting for many: I started to add friends in social networks to ask for help, to ask questions. The Hype around the gave me the realization that it is better, everything else I'm just in weight loss — after all, it has life almost my whole.

I was not to late, and also a website, YouTube Channel, and the public, where post photos, tips and answers to questions. Also, I lose a book writing Podcast, "easy!" and hold seminars. In other words, I things you love started. Helps people to become slimmer, I understood what it means to really enjoy what you're doing.

About love

After school, I a Job sales consultant in the building SB-goods house, where they met with Cyril. He was only a year older than me, students who have decided to earn in the holidays. In this Moment I've already lost active weight and weighed about 85 kg. I was 17, but Cyril seemed that I was ten years older: the extra weight made me older. Nevertheless, Kirill never said that I need to lose weight: love me the way I was. In all difficult situations, my favorite was in the vicinity and supported. He thought I was beautiful in weight, "eighty Plus" and admired me now, 30 pounds later. I have every reason to believe that, when it comes to love, the numbers on the scale not matter.

Tip from Tatiana

Losing weight is quite simple, here there are no secrets or miracle the right diet and sports! But the most important thing in losing weight — Motivation and setting. You start with your head. Think about whether you are willing to spend for this process, time and energy.

slimming photo before and after

The history of successful weight loss.

Sasha 30 Years. Top Bloggers

Body size-171 cm, and no slendernesses in the "default" settings — the I am. And if my girlfriend shared that she spoke it on the scales, 55 kg, I have, of course, territi together with you, but about your weight. What can I say? First 60 (of the University), 70 (marriage), 80 (three years in the office of the lifestyle and uncontrolled diet), 84 (at the beginning of the pregnancy), 94 (weight on the eve of the birth). Slim, I was only four years of his life — a happy transformation began in High School when I started, in a girl, emaciated and stretched, and ended when I breathed in hormones incorrectly selected oral contraceptives (follow the advice of a friend, not the doctor).

Went into the minus

In the hospital I have chosen for the pregnancy of 10 kg, and it was a good Start for the subsequent victories over weight. And more: the law of female solidarity. Through my daughter I had to to comply with long enough to a strict diet, not to hurt you. I was the new thing — I have a child! and I once had to eat: I have intermittently and in small portions eaten. The child must go! — I walked for an hour through the two sprightly step. And the weight went down. First five, then ten kg, more — more.

Wonderful Discovery

When I discovered that on me all the clothing, my husband gave me shopping, and I am thrilled and bought the size M. But what was my happiness, when a few months later, I began to engage in S!

Now I'm a completely different feel to your body. I was physically much easier, and to move and to play sports. I was happy to be photographed!

I came close to his ideal weight now, I have the game on ice and improve the shape. The body lost in a huge mass, gives elasticity and smoothness, I've started to practice more Yoga.

Needs a motive

To seriously lose weight start, need a boost for some, it is a forced Situation, with the health (pregnancy and breastfeeding in my case), for someone - a conscious decision that you have to take consider, for example, on your photos. I recently flipped through your old photos and wondered "Why nobody told me?" They told me: "You are the wealth!" although it is obvious — the harmony to me is much more! Yes, I can love without the perfect figure. But to motivate (because I had my eyes closed and do not open up enough energy and desire) to cost me a long time ago.

Tips from Sasha

  1. You can test health and determine what caused overweight.
  2. Starting from point 1 and the personal preferences, you can determine with a suitable power supply. For example, try a diet according to blood group.
  3. Give the Sport in a good habit .
  4. Control, fixation of the results. Rid of clothes that become too big to wear the temptation. You can buy new things.
  5. Load results, discuss them with friends and in social networks.
  6. Dream and visualize! Collect inspiring images, to save references to the clothes, which would you buy, if you ideal weight.
  7. Together is more fun! Find the girlfriends in search of happiness, rejoice your victories and support you, when the weight slow, reduction.

Weight loss: before and after — history number 3

Marina, 19 Years, Student

slimming girl photo

We in the family always the cult of the food flourished. Had to eat, the first, second, third and compote. And it is not to forget about the holidays! In the holidays from the table, modo! Logically — since I was a child chubby.

I was lucky: in the class I was not The Placenta, but is still significantly more pay was most of the girls. I can't remember anyone openly mocked because of the weight, and I was so terribly thick. But the feeling of a certain inferiority was shown to be present (at the size 167 cm scale, 67 kg). But in addition to scale and other factors, which disturb me to sleep (that is to say it!) quiet: I've seen that condemn others and my figure and Lifestyle. Honestly, what! I was a member in a gym, but do not engage systematically enough diligence (what rush there, — there not lined!), the diet is not stayed and reached the pinnacle of his "anti-forms" of the graduating class: at this time I have a habit of at least a few times per week, too much fast Food.

The way to Gold

The front exams loomed, and behind them — graduation. And one day I had clicks in my head as if something — because I had to, to get the gold medal! And that means — do not go on the red carpet in the middle of the room (as "Oscar"?) in front of several hundred people. And how to me Golden evening dress dreams look like? This year I was something to do — of course, most of the time I'm ready for the tests. But in parallel with the Tutors and aperta elit, I was in the gym. Unfortunately, it turned out that without the control of food not of the results impossible. And I developed a diet: I was on the day you eat half a pack of Mayonnaise with French fries and cake earlier. Now, I refused, only flour, sweet, fatty, and fried. It was hard, but against the background of the high goals, enthusiasm, and the first results I've noticed no difficulties. Prom (Oh, that Golden dress! You're lucky with the mistress — you're not vastitatem at the seams!) I know delicious for me to 56 kg. But I didn't think the Training was more intense, the nutrition is correct, I still have a few kilos and brought the body in tone. Real losing weight with the current weight, 52 kg, perfect for me, but I like this work on yourself, and admiring glances!

Bolshoy sekret dlya malenkoy kompanii

My diet Experiment received a wide resonance in our family, and my diet no longer a diet, but a way of life and a new Power mode- I can't imagine that I'll eventually get back on mayonnaise and French fries. My mother and sister are in luck — they went to trodden me paths (and in the kitchen and in the gym) and wonderfully removed. But I will not hide — I am lucky is that, thanks to the self-help group, my separate goals, I always have a pleasant company, to go to Sport and discuss the latest recipes.

Tip of the Marina

Permitto their failures: they are all the same, so you can legally! Treat yourself to a day of the week, what you don't eat otherwise (e.g., candy), and in the holidays all! Unlikely that you will be able to gain weight for a night, but the fun of going to the next holiday.

Admit it, this true story slimming inspire people!