Exercises for losing weight - 15 most effective exercises

I think each of us understands how nice it is to have a healthy toned body! However, the majority of people tends not to happen, however, is that the real Situation is far from it.

The gain extra pounds during the pregnancy, stay in a state of Stress for a long time, "harmful" snacking on the job, not a balanced diet, hypodynamic life style — all this makes the weight to grow, and then the need arises to find what helps re-harmony, beauty, and health.

One of the most important rules in such a Situation is an increase in physical activity.

1. Which training program fits you best?

The fat started burning, and to lose weight quickly, you must not only pick up effective exercises, but you get so that you say the level of education and were to solve a particular problem. However, if you need to lose weight in a field that pays only not by her.

Powerful exercises to lose weight for the whole body, only with the emphasis on the problematic Zone. Do not overdo it with the load or perform the exercises, you just don't like — it is quick to indulge discourage the desire to see without at least some call to achieve results.

A series of exercises for your body:

  1. Shaping — this series of exercises will certainly correct your figure. And through their dance moves + Aerobic you can in a short period of time, to get rid of your problem areas. So movement in shaping are very fast, therefore, it is suitable, energetic girl, quick results.
  2. Pilates is the safest exercise, which can absolutely everyone. It is the tension in the slow movements. And aims at the Training of the press, of the small pelvis, as well as of the back. perfect for this series of exercises for pregnant women and mothers.
  3. Fitball is a series of exercises with the big Ball. This complex will help you to get rid of body fat and strengthen your muscles.
  4. Belly dance — this complex is ideal for all lovers of Oriental motifs. Catching Oriental dance regularly, you will easily get the graceful look and get rid of gain, the excess fat. And will help to ensure that the main load in this complex exercise aims exactly on the thighs and abdominal muscles.

Through a series of exercises and regularly with you do not be concerned, you only lose weight and improve your figure, but also improve the health of your body, improve your mood.

2. TOP 7 Effective exercises to lose weight at home without exercise equipment

Among the infinite number of the most effective exercises. To achieve impressive results in a short time, you can by them in their program the following:

  1. A simple and affordable Sport is running the majority of the major muscle groups. In addition, it enables coordination, lightness, and agility, has a meditative effect that you can get rid of the Stress, and helps you to lose weight quickly.
  2. Swift is an Alternative to running is to go, especially for beginner runners, the preparation is not to run to immediately start. Regular training for the fat combustion and in the future allow to go on the run.
  3. Jump — for a quick weight loss. Can be performed with the jump rope (conventional, on one leg, etc.). But can be run without the use of inventory: half-knee, knee with the hands, etc. to bow with a scope
  4. Ironing — it includes all highly effective basic exercises. It is a universal exercise keeps the muscles of the torso and the limbs in the trot. Tripping all of the body in the work, the bracket has various modifications on the forearms, straight arms, side-to-side, with the raised foot.
  5. Pushups. To lose trying weight not lose weight. Also, like Ironing, PUSH-UPS, muscle-employ groups, Plus make breast strong and firm.
  6. Squats — to allow you to work the muscles of the buttocks, posterior thigh, back, abdominal muscles. Especially a Variation of the exercise, "plie", and with widely divorced the knee, if the body is in a plane (smooth loin) is a method for losing weight in a problematic inner sides of the thighs is a very effective.
  7. Mahi feet — available in different variants for slimming thighs and buttocks in a sitting, lying on the side, from the Position on all fours.

3. Helpful tips and rules for the implementation of exercises for weight loss

Really fertile in the execution of the exercises when you follow some rules and clear implementation of the recommendations. Without any of them, the fat combustion simply will not run, and some of these will allow the effect to reach and most sought-after forms only in a shorter amount of time.

All classes, regardless of whether you are running, Fitness Training, dancing and much more, the need for warm-up. This makes it possible to prepare muscles, joints and ligaments warm, that will minimize the likelihood of injury.

The Training must be intense, but still in a rather. In the 3-4 week time enough for the body to recover a necessary load to the body with obesity farewells, and had the opportunity to.

The minimal breaks in between sets 30 sec. enough. But not to give up, pauses, it is only due to a quick exhaustion of the organism (physical, moral), as a result of Stagnation in the training, or even a complete cessation. But the regularity is the key to success in weight loss.

Between exercises you must drink water, but only a little — one or two bites is enough. Water speeds up the metabolism and thus burning fat.

The right technique is the key to the success of the run. If you do not bring to this rule, exercises to use, and even damage can lead to injuries.

Not results (even if it is the most effective) exercises, if you are in this food as terrible, without any System and in unreasonable quantities. Not a diet for quick weight loss is meant, but the customize menu, and Power mode is still.

The Training should be carried out later, at least an hour after eating. After completing the courses, it is worth nothing there are the following 2 hours, because the process of fat burning happening in the body. The violation of these rules will not allow you to lose weight quickly.

If the add is still dancing, running, or swimming, helps to significantly speed up the process of weight loss.

4. 15 most effective exercises

Exercises for burning fat on belly

The most in demand among women, exercises for belly slimming, especially after the birth of a child.

  • Sitting on the floor, lift the legs (lower legs parallel to the floor), arms also along this line, the housing is a little on the floor tilted. Hold out as long as it is in this Phase, gradually increasing the time.
  • Ironing with under arms (on his outstretched hands for advanced). Hold 90 Sec.Exercises for losing weight - Ironing

Exercises for buttocks and thighs

  • On all fours, lift the outstretched leg up, then repeated on the second. More repeatedly, but the leg bend in the knee.
  • Plie — squats, when the legs are arranged in the knee-getting a divorce in the Hand. Important far you dilute in the knees and ensure that the case be again, whether the whole body is clamped between two levels, and is moving strictly from top to bottom.

Exercises for the abdomen and flanks

  • The combination of rotations with the bike. In the supine position, the knee pulling to the chest, of the housing lift it at a meeting (hands behind the head). Then on the other side.
  • Parts of a page, based on the forearm. In a more complex embodiment, focus is directed to the outstretched Hand of the second to the top.

Such exercises for losing weight, and many others, in large numbers are offered for view on the Internet. It helps at home the correct execution of control.

Exercises for the legs

There are exercises that make the legs seductive and irresistible. Here are the ones that are achieve the desired result:

  • Lunges Vered. It is important that the hip, which showed to the front parallel to the ground and the knees at a right angle is formed.
  • The rise of the pelvis. Position: on the back feet are in the floor on the width of the shoulders. The pelvis must lift it as high as possible.

Exercises for the hands

On the Hand is also very relevant exercises for women as there are enough problem areas of the female figure.

  • Pushups — these exercises are to employ the most effective and a lot of muscles, by sharing the use of the hands and other parts of the body. Beginners can do the exercise from the wall. Elbow try to the body.
  • Leaning back on the pad with the hands (for example, based on a stable chair), deck bracket. The hands should reduce as close as possible.

Exercises for the waist

Exercises for the abdomen giving a slim waist, and the Silhouette more attractive and elegant. Effective exercises:

  • Lie on your back and hold the straight legs in the 15-20 cm above the ground. It is important that the lower back in contact with the ground.
  • Twists to the side. Standing up straight, arms as possible in front of the chest, and a "view" on the back, with the inhalation that the spine pulls up and with the exhalation vortex even more.

Exercises for the face

  • Copycat exercise: a maximum of cheeks to inflate and remain on 2-3 accounts; let the air, crossed the lips of the drinking straw; and far to the smiles, not the lips open.
  • The functioning of the corners of the mouth, lift the cheeks very high, the eyes, and stay on for 5-7 h, 2 times for 15 repetitions.

Exercises for the chest

  • Standing or sitting with a straight back (loin not) bends, hands folded in front of chest (reminiscent of the gesture of Namaste Yoga-Yoga). Then roundabouts take back the shoulders, hold together the shoulder blades. In this Position, with the force of the pressure with the palms on top of each other. You take the Ball, held it between the palms of your hands.

5. The most effective breathing exercises for losing weight

For more effectiveness, use the breathing technique enables you to slimming to enhance the end effect. Everything is done by the supply of oxygen to the body because it is active against fat. Therefore, even if it is not, no special breathing techniques, weight loss will be powerful with the right breathing.

To internalize the most important thing: the power goes out on the exhalation.

Alignment of the breathing exercises, the fat burning and firming of the abdomen. To often women after birth. Here are some of the most effective:

  • Take the sitting posture, the crossed legs, straight back, stretch to the top of Umbo. This Position fix. Next, you need to relax and have a maximum possible inhalation through the nose, belly inflating the ball. Then the nose exhale slowly exhale, as the front wall of the abdomen to move to the back. So drive at least 20-30 times.
  • The following exercise is different from the violent exhalation (also the nose) and the abdominal muscles are reduced to the max.

6. How to eat right to lose weight

Without a proper and healthy diet, exercises for losing weight do not lead to the desired result. A well-organized diet success in losing weight. Therefore, you have to be the Basis of a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, make the habit of consumption of cereals develop. But the flesh must prove in a plate of approximately 25%.

Let your body without Breakfast — it is his work in the energy saving mode, which does not allow it to burn active calories.

Snacking relieve the feeling of hunger, and of offence to eat something more nutritious. But dinner you have to simplify and it is better to eat no later than 6 o'clock in the evening, the body will be enough, for example, a serving of low-fat cottage cheese. If you still feel after him, a Hunger in the night you can have a Drink of butter-milk.

To reduce the weight of the daily consumption of a half Liter of water helps in addition, it is usually a great benefit for the body. Proper nutrition — the health and beauty of useful products is to only replace a habit and harmful, that you activity and help you to stay young, is still a while to wait.

7. Conclusion

Dear friends, with this article you will find effective exercises for weight loss, your level of training. And, of course, wait for your Instant result, but in the right mood for the systematic work on improvement of his body. And then, the process is faster and easier.