Lose weight without dieting: 22 simple but effective advice

Most importantly, stick to a healthy diet and transform the HLS into the habit, which is as much a commonplace as brushing your teeth in the morning and 10 pages of the new book in the evening hours.

Ready to start acting now? — Twenty-two pieces of advice that will help you to lose weight without diet, and no significant restrictions. Sounds like magic, but, nevertheless, this really works.

Eat slowly


If you are used to, lunch and dinner "like a Meteor", try to be slower, perhaps just because of the speed they eat more than necessary. And, as a consequence, the extra pounds accumulate, rather than get rid of. In the first few weeks of the timers to help you on the phone: install it on 20 minutes, and make sure that the food intake took all the time. Distracted, for a drink of water, and thoroughly chewing each bite.

Do you sleep enough

The Portal WebMD quoted the researchers from the University of Michigan (University of Michigan), who has admitted that extra hour of sleep helped every day to him, to reset to 7 kilograms per year. This scenario shows that, if you don't get enough sleep, cognitive processes slow down, so that the brain has the ability to quickly send signals of Hunger and satiety to lose.

You consume more vegetables

Try fresh or grilled (which will be healthier fry — read here), the vegetables were always on your Desk. In addition to the obvious use, they can help visually reduce the size of the meals don't increase to you thinking that you have eaten too little to survive. Add to this the high content of water, which helps maintain the optimum hydration and significantly improve the condition of the skin. Tip: prepare all the vegetables without oil and spices lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Don't forget the soup

Menu, add chicken broth or a light vegetable soup, and you will not notice as the pounds leave forever. The soup is particularly useful in the early food intake, because it slows digestion, inhibits the appetite and does not allow it, you pounce on harmful Snacks. Among other things, if you are sick, Bouillon strategically important for a quick recovery and relief of symptoms of colds. But beware of the cream-of-cream-soups, the "bragging rights" that are high in fat and calories.

You put on whole-grain products

Whole-grain cereals such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat and wheat, enough to eat less calories and at the same time, the amount of "bad" cholesterol decreases in the blood. But best of all, you make whole grain products now and highly attractive products. For example, waffles and Muffins, the basis for Pizza and Pasta, but also "white" whole grain bread. The main thing — attentively study the information on the packaging.

You renounce bacon

Way to avoid the addition of bacon in the morning's scrambled eggs or a Sandwich with Turkey and bacon for lunch, and 100 calories. It seems to be very little, but for a week get rid of excess 700 calories, and for two of 1500 calories, which is comparable with the "cost" small cakes with berries. By the way, a dish of aromatic and less calories of tomato-rich, grainy mustard, or cream cheese with fresh herbs.

Change Your Favorite Dishes

Happy Pizza? There is no reason to abandon it! Easy approach for the selection of options with care: ask a Pizza with a wafer-thin, crispy dough, olive oil and low-fat cheese. Hardly Pizzeria refuses to comply with the order, but even if it is, remember that today the consumer can choose, and must consist of a large number of manufacturers. So, maybe it's time to find a new job, you as "their".

You can reduce the amount of sugar


Replace a sweet drink (e.g. a glass of soda water with clean water), and avoid the 10 spoons of sugar. Scale is impressive, isn't it? And if you add to the water lemon, mint or frozen strawberries, the taste is even better, and the joy is even more than the usual Cola. What is the danger of sweet drinks? First and foremost, the fact that the liquid sugar our body is not fixed as a full-fledged meal. So together with a bottle you can have up to 450 calories, which remain undetected. Interesting, and more: according to studies, those who win in your craving for sweets candy or chocolate, and not lemonade, preferably, on average, a lower weight.

Use a high and narrow glass

Another life Hack from the area of dietetics — replace your usual Cup of on high and narrow, and reduce their weight, without a diet. Because you will drink 25-30% less juice, soda, wine or other beverage. How does it work? Brian (Brian Wansink, Ph. D. Cornell University (Cornell University) explains that the visual deception of the brain can be re-configured. The texts showed that a low and a large Cup of even experienced bartenders pour drink more, than in high and narrow.

You Should Limit Alcohol

Agree, there are times when you can, and Yes, probably not fun activities with alcoholic accompaniment want to give up. But alcohol blocks the ability of the brain to inform about the satiety and Hunger, and in larger quantities destroyed this mechanism, so be extremely careful. Nutritionists advise to follow the scheme: an alcoholic beverage, a glass of water, alcoholic drink, two cups of water, an alcoholic beverage. To dominate me easier, remember that alcohol contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein.

You should not drink green tea

Green tea is the right choice for those who get rid of extra pounds. Some researchers suggest that it may activate the temporary "engine in the burning of calories" by the action of chemicals. At least, in every case, you will receive a delicious, refreshing drink without tons of calories.

You Can Practice Yoga

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women who practice Yoga, on average, weigh less than those in other sports. The scientists suspect that this may be due to the fact that Yoga is the goal, harmony is not only the body but also thoughts. Which is why people who practice Yoga, together with practice and Meditation. This allows you more peace of mind to deal with Stress effectively, and think about food.

Eat at home

You eat homemade meals at least five days in the week. A survey by the Consumer Reports has shown that this slimming one of the most important habits of success. Apart from the fact that you finally learn to cook your favorite lasagna and Pesto in your own kitchen, in such an approach, there are a lot of other bonuses. For example, substantial savings and the opportunity of each dish. Now, of course, so you can see the amount of the consumed sugar, salt and fat taxes, what is good for your waist.

You can catch "a break in the food"

Most people have a natural "break in the food" — the Moment when you put a fork or a spoon in the dish for a few minutes. Follow this Moment because it means that you can end the meal prepared. Nutritionists say that this is a Signal of the abundance (but not crowded) for your stomach. And, unfortunately, almost everything we miss him.

You chew gum with mint


Chew sugar-free gum with a strong minty taste, if you feel that the lunch and dinner burgers and French fries. Dinner, after work, communication at a Party, watching TV or surfing the net — here are a few dangerous scenarios for in-between meals are unreflected. The mint in Bubble-Gum under most of the flavors and scents of breaks, so that "unhealthy" food is not so attractive. Caution: do not use this tip, you should only in extreme situations in order to provoke the production of gastric juice, if you are hungry, and do not harm the digestive system.

Take smaller plates

Professor Brian in a series of experiments found that people eat more and more often to a lot of, if with a large plate. You simply select the plate two times less, and you get rid of 100-200 calories a day and 7-9 pounds a year. It is noteworthy that the volunteers, noted the participation in the cooking oil Experiment, not the feeling of hunger with the decrease of the basin, and most of them are easy.

Eat small portions

The best habit of slim people, as polls show Consumer Reports, is eat little, but often. In other words, five meals a day — this is the Norm, they occur only in critical situations. And it just seems that it's complicated. Followers of such a power supply system detected that after a week of frequent diet, you can not different, so comfortable you will feel.

Try the 80/20 rule

Many celebrities, including Top Model Gisele Bündchen, admit that you keep yourself Fit and not made available from your favorite food allows a food to the System 80/20. Its essence boils down to the fact that you should choose the most convenient time (day or week), then you make it so that 80% of the power supply in that time were healthy food and 20% is not particularly healthy, but incredibly tasty.

You order food correctly

Meals in Restaurants, as you know, contain more calories and fat than you think. So remember, a couple of behavior hold strategies in the Restaurant, which, nutritionists say, will help you get portions under control: share the court with a friend, order an appetizer as a main dish, choose something from the children's menu or they complement the main dish, not the whole salad, but a few leaves of green salad.

Choose the red Sauce

The choice of Sauce to Pasta or potatoes, herring added, step onto the red variants, it is Salsa, Adjika, or red Pesto. The fact that the sauces based on tomatoes generally contain fewer calories and much less fat than cream sauces and Mayonnaise-based. But remember that the size of the portions has a value.

Sometimes, you have to become a vegetarian

The consumption of vegetarian dishes — a great habit to get for weight loss. No, no one is forcing you to give up meat completely, especially when you consider that it can be harmful for the health. Today, however, in each of the second Burger, and in each of the first Italian Café you will find a Hamburger cutlet with beans or lentils and pasta with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, the taste will certainly surprise you.

Let yourself be pampered


If you've learned, excluding drinks, at least five of seven days, or used with excessive eating Apple slices, and no Chips to deal with praise. You were able to make and simple, but at the same time very complex matter — Tune on the correct diet. Now everything is easier and simpler, we know that for sure. By the way, do not forget about the food relief to negotiate you need to minimize in order to reduce the risk of overeating. Embark on a pedicure, buy a new dress or a piece of cheese cake. Because mental health and a positive attitude are important for a healthy relationship with food, almost more than all of the above.