Nutrition advice: where to start right weight loss.

Conditions slimming

What is obesity and how to deal with it, know every woman. However, often the efficiency of the chosen method, is quite low. Even if the weight is reduced, because it is necessary to pay sufficiently high price. The Problem with digestion, fatigue, and malaise, and in the most severe cases, a hormonal disorder can. As a result, as soon as you stop, on the selected System, pounds return, with tags. Therefore, we have decided to discuss today nutrition counseling. Start right lose weight, how to develop a proper regulation of the diet, taking into account the peculiarities of their way of life and provide the body with everything necessary – that is the topic of today's article.

Two whales, or the pledge slim figure

Maybe we did not open the big secret if we say that the basis for a slim figure, proper nutrition and sports. If you develop for a System, which you you forget constantly what for always, for being overweight. We can from year to year, the abundance of the lack of time and money for the visit to the gym to justify, but hard enough. To ruin, in fact, effectively leaving the fullness of life can be at home, it diet enough study advice. As you start slimming the right, then we try it together.

We start with the planning

Really, to go without the exact algorithm of actions is very difficult, all the way, not turning to him, and to achieve the desired result. First and foremost, you have to answer yourself honestly the question of how many kilograms and centimeters in the waist, you want to get rid of. This is the starting point of the algorithm to be built. In addition, you will be able to plan, about how much time is necessary to achieve results.

Not to forget also the intermediate results, to allow these figures to support the Motivation to succeed. And already in this Phase, you need to nutritional advice. Where you are getting the correct slimming? First and foremost, with the exchange of food with plenty of carbohydrates and calories in your diet on vegetables and fruits, healthy sources of protein and fiber. Emphasize yourself, what is needed is infinitely variable replacement, the teaching of the body to the new diet, rather than a sharp announcement of the hunger strike, which in itself is a great burden for the body. Gradually you will come to the fact that completely remove from the System Power flour, fried, sweet and spicy. You don't believe me, your life is worse.

proper nutrition

The proper diet: it should be

Exactly with such information and, in General, the advice of the Person starts suffering from obesity, the dietary advice will be needed. Where you are getting the correct slimming? With graphics and food diary. A drastic restriction of caloric intake leads to the body slowing down the metabolism, or to destroy it starts muscle mass, to get rid of the necessary proteins. All of this has a very negative impact on your health. Therefore, doctors recommend that make a Plan a meal in which the entire volume of the daily ration is divided into 4-5 portions. Between them you can drink water, but not snacking, in order to digest food and to digest.

Carbohydrates are your enemies

This statement is not entirely true, in fact, the body is you really need – it is the source of the energy. But while you lose weight, especially if the overweight is great, you should stop by the sources of fast carbs. All foods with a high glycemic index (which includes only the sources of carbs), that is, bread and biscuits, beer and dates, potatoes, fritters, rice and millet porridge, you need to eliminate from the diet, since their use leads to a rapid weight gain. Only if you imagine the figure in order, sometimes in the situation, the consumption of food from this list. Here the whole fast food, chicken, is part of fried, sweets, breaded and fried.

Sports - Yes, the tablets - no!

This opinion of all the professional doctors, for example, is known in Moscow Ksenia Selezneva. A nutritionist knows first-Hand about the effectiveness of the various means to lose weight. In most cases, it is only a dummy, however, to no result, but quite expensive. Even if the drug beats appetite and stimulates weight reduction, you can't take it on a regular basis. This means that immediately after the course, the weight starts on the previous level of return. And all because the Problem is not solved, you have not changed anything in his diet plan.

The only drug that can give positive dynamics, "xenical". The drug blocks fat Absorption by about 30%, from the diet. However, the reverse side is that with the abundance of fatty foods in the diet, the Adverse effect, namely, the uncontrolled disposal of feces learn. It is very disciplined, and, in consequence, a Person begins to control your diet and during the diet weaned, there are harmful products. Many nutrition scientists in Moscow, it is recommended to facilitate this drug in the initial phase and to speed up the process of weight loss.

Physical Stress

In any case, without any physical effort, you can not buy a beautiful figure. However, you should not despair, you do not have to take all day in the gym. In order to improve the metabolism, enough to even light exercise. Exercise in the morning every day, and complex light exercises before dinner, and you will not notice how much slimmer become. And the best way to lose weight walking helps. You don't need a lot of effort, simply with the foot. So you can be kneaded in after a busy day and in the order of your thoughts, but also a stable base for the weight reduction.

first, set up your

First, set up your

Not to repeat the best nutritionists tired, that weight loss should not be impetuous. The faster you are, the weight, the faster it will be. The result, as soon as you can leads your System from the power supply, the balance of consumption and expense of calories, a slow decrease in the fat reserves. Also in the case of high obesity, this number is not more than 0.5 kg per week. The closer to the ideal size, the slower the weight reduction.

The most common errors

Nutritionists do not get tired, repeated the same postulates, but do not want to, however, reduced a advance on the usual calculation. Therefore, we will be learning together once again to collect all the tips for weight loss of nutrition science. So, the first mistake of removing this restriction in the diet. Reduced the portions and the composition of the diet. As a result, this leads to the fact that it is constantly hungry, the body in Stress and in the head only to eat. Doctors advise forget diet Express, you'll need to change your eating habits, to change the life style.

The second myth is that it is impossible after 6 PM. In principle, the sleep 22:00 but only for those. If you are a night owl and stacked well after midnight, then a break in the food is very large, and therefore a good Chance that some food is unhealthy. Any professional nutrition adviser confirmed that it is harmful for the night, but if you come late from work, then we recommend to make the dinner as much as possible simple. Replace meat to fish, eliminate the broth.

Pasta, bread and potatoes are considered the worst enemies of the figure. However, without these products, sometimes it seems complicated. It is far from the greatest of evils. If you eat fast Food and sausage, add Mayonnaise, it was no matter, you eat macaroni. Nutritionists say that they don't give out these products. You drag your admission for the first half of the day.

The main impact for weight loss is avoiding sweets. In fact, this drastic measure is not necessary. Also on the diet in the first half of the day, you can afford a spoonful of honey or 20 G of jam (chocolate). Above all - enjoy the taste, cost, long and carefully.

And the most important - all the tips for the diet is only a professional doctor should. If this System of power helped your friend or neighbor, not the fact that they will help you. If you want to change your lifestyle and become a once and for all slim, then you are not experimenting on yourself. Much better to go to a specialist. It takes into account their individual characteristics and develop a System, the optimal is exactly for you.

Practical Recommendations

Must chew thoroughly. You count to 30 every time as in the mouth of a small piece of food to put. If you to the Banquet, eat two boiled eggs. You will find that you retain much more easily in the limits of the allowed. If you can't refuse, Desserts, take Quark with berries and fruits.

You practice almost daily: vegetables and cottage cheese, not necessarily every day you eat fresh vegetables. If not, the storage of cheese, sausage and bread, you can cut your transparent plates. Very useful, once per week arrange a rice-day. He binds the liquid and contains a lot of potassium. This allows it is good to cleanse the body.

An important role in the reduction of weight of the consumer plays a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. This Vitamin is directly involved in the processes of protein synthesis (e.g. muscle dystrophy). These processes require an expenditure of energy, what is necessary for the body to breakdown existing fatty deposits. So in addition to diet and Sport, you need to stop taking Vitamin D, for example, in the Form of chewable tablets Ultra-d. 25 µg (1000 IU) Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), by the Form of chewable tablets Ultra-D you can take at any time, not zapivaniya require water.

Take only the small pool. Necessarily drink water, at least one and a half liters per day. As a reward for the exposure to be able to afford, every day, a few sweets (a couple of dates, candy). Once a week fish day organize. If you feel hungry, you fruit help dry. Keep up with dried apples or prunes. Before eating, you can eat Apple great, it is good, calms the nerves and fills the stomach. You eat more frequently, but slowly, optimally 5 times a day. And avoid salt.



Choose a real professional is not so easy. Today, everything is just crazy on a healthy lifestyle and slim body, which means that the demand for physicians in this direction is increasing day by day. Accordingly, there is a large number of incompetent experts who are ready to deceive open human head and draw money. So be sure to inquire before you ask for help.