Diet for 1 day to remove

Many women want the real results to see slimming a day, but in most cases, only enough time for the preparation of the body — activation of catabolic processes, debugging of the intestine and the excretion of excess fluid – about minus 0.5-3 kg, depending on the speed of the metabolism. If you large overweight, it is best to think long-term programme on slimming and diet 1 day to lose weight really, is for you to have a Motivation and a stimulus for future victories.

Proper nutrition

Remember that you diet a day only after 1 month. Holiday. The weight is not again, jumped up, preferably in the first week, not on high-calorie food, alcohol, and salty.


Diet for 1 day can a low-calorie and well-balanced, healthy diet must be strictly following suggestions and menu.

To lose in addition, weight 1 day diet, eating one or two products, so-called Mono -, for example:

  • Kefir-buckwheat – per day to eat 200 G of ready-to-watch with buckwheat and drink liters of yogurt 0%;
  • liquid diet on vegetables, chicken broth, juices (not more than 1 Liter per day, will also be allowed to drink up to 1.5 liters of clean water);
  • on the eggs – you will need 4 eggs, you need, with a break of 2-3 hours and drink green tea, water;
  • malic acid.

Approved Products

Best one day diet for weight reduction is a low-calorie food without salt:

  • green apples and citrus fruit (best for burning fat – Grapefruits, lemons, but also not very sweet oranges);
  • lean animal protein — the protein;
  • Plant Protein – Asparagus, Mushrooms, And Buckwheat;
  • Seafood – perfectly cooked prawns, peeled spicy, thanks to the preparation with Dill, use lemon, but no salt;
  • green vegetables – cucumbers, lettuce, celery, spicy vegetables, cabbage;
  • Milk products with a fat content of 0%;
  • for debugging of the intestine dishes with plums, the use of ripe plums, compote from dried fruits;
  • unsweetened beverages: diuretic broth of a dogrose, a soothing and antiseptic decoction of chamomile, in combination with rose wood process, green tea.

In whole or in part, limited products

Of course, throw in order to minimize as much weight as possible, you need to include the use of calories and liquid delay products:

  • Rolls, pies, cakes, puffs, sweets, biscuits, gingerbread, chocolate and other sugary foods and drinks;
  • Bread, pasta, patties, in principle, every batter, except for baked goods from bran;
  • Grease (not oil vegetable, Butter, Margarine and pork);
  • Dishes that showed frying or Smoking, for example, smoked mackerel, crepes, French fries;
  • Salinity and preserve;
  • Alcohol, coffee, energy, black tea.

Menu (Routine Power Supply)

Sample Menu No. 1
  • Omelet from 3 egg whites, 100 G asparagus or mushrooms, cooked on a dry pan;
  • for dessert – half a Grapefruit, strong tea with the juice of a quarter lemon.
Between meal
  • a glass of water with a high content of Magnesium ions.
  • 200 G shrimp, with Dill and cooked with the juice of half a lemon;
  • for dessert – Apple-green varieties;
  • 200 G of unsweetened broth hips.
Afternoon snack
  • Chamomile broth with lemon, at least two-hour visit to the Sauna.
  • 200 G of fresh green salad of cucumber, celery, Dill, parsley, salt, and mines;
  • 2 hours before bed, nothing to drink.
Example for menu number 2
  • Salad 1 egg white, cucumber, and parsley;
  • 200 ml of low-fat Kefir;
  • strong tea with the juice of a quarter lemon;
  • for dessert – 4 ripe plums.
Between meal
  • 200 G low-fat yoghurt with prunes;
  • Compote of dried fruits.
  • Braised white cabbage, bread of bran;
  • a glass of water with lemon juice.
Afternoon snack
  • Chamomile broth with lemon, at least two-hour visit to the Sauna.
  • 120 G thick homemade yogurt with prunes and apricots;
  • 2 hours before bedtime 200 ml of butter milk and drink nothing more.
Example menu more Protein Power
  • 2 boiled eggs;
  • a glass of water.
Between meal
  • 50 G of cooked beans;
  • a Cup of black coffee.
  • Viscous buckwheat in unlimited quantities;
  • 200 grams of boiled white meat;
  • a glass of water.
Afternoon snack
  • green tea.
  • 200 G low-fat granular cheese, fresh;
  • a glass of water.

Pros and cons

  • offers the possibility to transform in the shortest possible time before an important appointment or event, with the elimination of swelling, Silhouette;
  • a good Motivation for the beginning of a prolonged diet, and the changeover in the future on a healthy diet;
  • there are several options on the menu, they are simple and affordable, but compliance with all rules and mode is important;
  • Have patience for a day is much easier, it is important to begin at least with small.
  • because of the drastic reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates is a decrease of glucose in the blood, therefore, weakness and irritability;
  • for the day of the most effective diet only 30-50 G of fat, which means when you return to your normal diet, the weight very quickly, so it is best to reconsider your diet and at least a few times per day, eat lean protein, fruits and vegetables minimized – fried, salty and greasy;
  • in the case of Express diets many contraindications problems with the digestive tract, cardiovascular System, kidneys, Diabetes mellitus, acute gastric ulcers, therefore, before the beginning of the weight loss is best to consult a doctor.