Never too late! How to lose weight, if you are older than 40 years

After 30 years, the metabolism slows down. If the Person ignores it and continues to eat as before, that in the next 10 years, he adds, on average, 10% of the weight, that is, 5-8 kg. How, with such an abundance of?

pohudenie for women after 40

What is on the plate

After forty diminish significantly harder than, for example, in 20 or 25 years. Popular diets, transferred by word of mouth or in print, on the Internet, in this age, not more, the previous effect. But the damage to health can cause significant. So the first thing you need to do: for more on the diet forgotten, "Atkins", the wheat sit on the book and the other half-starved or unbalanced power supply. Change the way the menu step and make sure that you received the day not less than 1500 kcal. It's a children's game.

Reduce intake of simple carbohydrates. They contain sugar, sweets, baked goods, bread, refined white rice, fruit juices. Make a list of these products, your menu, and swipe it 2-3 positions, from which they dispense pain-free.

Click the diet low in fat. Low-Fat cottage cheese, Low-fat dairy products, lean meat, fish – are dulled, you will be able to reduce the calorie intake to 20-25%. Used in Olivier Mayonnaise and Vinaigrette of the soul to pour vegetable oil? Use of the figure. Try to facilitate all of the usual dishes.

Eat often, 5-6 times a day, small portions , an average of 250-350 calories. So you will not feel hungry and start to lose weight. Previously, you could have a Snack Crackers, Toast, or chocolate, replace it on buns with a slice of lean meat or fish, vegetables, and whole grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese with fruit. And make sure you are in front of the Computer, a plate with sliced vegetables.

Obesity or life

Life in motion

Plump begin after forty, and we due to the sedentary way of life: from the office to the house – a Minimum of steps, at work – at least body movements. In the result, muscles begin to lose their elasticity, and to do so even if we suddenly want to physical exercise, barely finished with the exercises, don't imagine even five years ago, no difficulty. But to move, to train must.

Which strain to choose? On the one hand, burning fat, and on the other hand, safe for the knee joints and the spine. You start by foot, Bicycle and in-line Skates. If you feel uncomfortable, go in the Pool. Have decided to in the gym? Avoid barbell and dumbbell, and train simulators, where the risk of injury is much lower. Cardio is best is safe to Ellipsoid. Load on the fitball or hemisphere you also fit.

Not to forget the Training before the Training: prepare the joints and ligaments is very important to warm up well before class, this reduces the risk of injury. And proper stretching after exercise helps to restore the elasticity of the muscles and thus strengthens.

Less tired, drink plenty of water – 1-2 cups before each workout.

how to weight and healthy be lose

On the note

At any age it is important that a significant motive for losing weight. To find it, ask yourself three questions.

Why endure all of this, albeit small, but restrictions? The image of emaciated "," must stand firmly on the ground, surrounded by the realities of your life. A lady teacher of the primary school – in the classroom - to be able to lose weight successfully, only the knowledge that it is necessary to... comfortably placed in a chair in the Theater, where it often drove the students. Our whole life consists of such details, and the best incentives are right.

How many pounds poisoned my life? Do not place any large goals such as – weighing 50 kg at a height of only 1,70, see, For starters, will need to bring a weight of up to healthy physiological range and be able to control him.

When do I have the result? It's very name is important a specific period of time. For example, "I want to lose 2 kg per month". No power, except for the not very clear motive, and not in the location, goals by crosses. Very cool, if the subject is tied to actual date of wedding, anniversary, meeting with classmates, the journey to the sea.

The right approach

In the preservation of the beauty and slenderness of the principles in every age - the desire to be slim, a clear plan of action and competent Trainer and nutrition Advisor. are required, If you want to lose weight, just because of you threatens to go, are male - this is a wrong Motivation and a long time is not enough. You should lose weight for yourself, for the health and beauty, and her husband is only an additional incentive. Sometimes at the beginning of the weight reduction required is a good psychologist.

Right real lose weight diet is with a certain decrease in calories, and incline in the direction of vegetables and fruit. The main thing in any diet, yet popular and fashionable is your comfort and the ability to combine them with everyday things. If your diet failures all the time there are not fit for them, and to rethink the menu, perhaps with the help of a doctor.

how to lose weight properly

You diets don't work, where it is forbidden is after six, giving up dinner or Breakfast, your meals should be regular, but low in calories.

To them, it is recommended that five to six meals, three main and dense, and the Rest of the lung. Let it be porridge and cereals, side dishes, lean meat or fish, at least three meals of vegetables or fruits, vegetable oils.

What not to do?

Often women begin to lose weight on low calorie diets, Schnitzel, calories needed to the lowest level to maintain life. Of course, it helps to lose weight quickly, but the weight to keep slim and be long in this way, you will not succeed.

Such diets of the logic for the body is lacking, you can reduce the amount of muscle mass, the to thirty, and so it is scarce. So in the diet, moderation should show, in order to burn excess fat and not all substances in a row.

The second major error is the use of exhaustive strength training in the gym with muscle mass from the pumps, the use of Protein-diet - again muscle lose. This volume is not reduced, and the state of health can falter. Especially if they have not been observed previously in the gyms.

The third error - change in appearance, with monetary and skill of a plastic surgeon without a change in your lifestyle and diet. Liposuction, tightening, and plastic is a major Operation with General anesthesia and a longer recovery period, and the very negative consequences for the health, until death.

The muscles and fat

After 40 years, our loads are usually not as active, which means that the Training of the muscles weaker, the hormonal background can also be tired and to reduce the muscle tone.

As a result, there is a gradual decrease in the volume of the muscles, and since muscle tissue consumes more calories - it is necessary to eat less. On average, a normal woman at the age of thirty-forty years with the body without exercise for 1-2 percent of muscle mass it loses per year. All this interest in food to stay fat.

That is, in the case of a constant life you need to annually cut out of your diet will support to approximately 100 Calories, then your metabolism, the amount of fat at a stable level. In this case, you will not be able to exceed everything they want, the main thing - the daily calories. Able, calories to count - then this path is for you.

In addition, elastic muscles support the skin's elasticity, so you need to constantly keep the body on its toes - and then the skin is less saggy and wrinkled After thirty very harmful dependence on nicotine, alcohol and light sweetness. If in twenty years is to keep it simple, in thirty - on the hips to settle. You are free to eat of habits for the child, what is left to save.

Important factors in losing weight

Dealing with the fact of how the woman lose weight in the 40 years, it is important to understand that only in the case of a limitation of the power supply of the result, it is difficult. The process can time out over a longer period of. An integrated approach is necessary.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  • Go for a hike. Go speeds up the metabolism. Long walks in the fresh air – a good way tissues and cells with oxygen, which has a positive influence on the process of weight loss.
  • To play sports. The body requires at least minimal physical strain. Do this 2 times a week, you can use the Pool, Yoga, gymnastics, dance, etc. the Training should be on a regular basis. Exercises you can do at any time.
  • The Quality Of Sleep. Those extra pounds to lose and health to improve, you need to sleep. During sleep, the body recovers. Normal sleep of adults is 7-8 hours a day. It is important that he continuously. You can also relax in the day time. But it is not taken into account in the above 7-8 hours. By this woman will look younger.
  • Investigation. Often the cause of the weight gain are the problems with the health. In order to exclude any pathology, they should be held 2 times in a year, a medical examination. You can visit an endocrinologist, internists, and other specialists.

The body must get positive emotions. Stress lead to weight gain and deterioration of General health.

The best products for slimming

the best fat burning foods

When losing weight, the diet should be based on specific products:

  • Fresh seasonal vegetables, fruit. They are a source of dietary fiber. The result is a colon cleansing, excretion of slags and toxins. Also vegetables and fruits saturate the body with vitamins. Most fruits are not rich in calories and do not cause any impact to the figure. Fruits are only in the first half of the day.
  • Grits. Rice, buckwheat, millet, and other cereals are a source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Also, you should in the first half of the day. An Ideal Breakfast. Exceptional Meal. Of your can improve.
  • Nuts. Of the day you need to eat a small handful of nuts. Despite the fact that a high-calorie product, with a moderate you don't damage the figure.
  • The Beans. Beans, peas, and other products to normalize insulin levels. Here, beans are forbidden in cans.
  • Sour-Milk Products. Women should avoid eating cheese, cottage cheese, Kefir, natural yoghurt. It is advisable to choose products with a minimal amount of grease paint.
  • Meat and fish. The body needs protein and amino acids. For this it is important daily to eat lean meat and fish.
  • Eggs. They are a source of protein and fat. The eggs must in the daily diet of the woman.
  • The Soy Bean. Soy products are a source of Protein. They are quickly and effectively eliminate obesity.
  • Spices. Red pepper, cinnamon, ginger and other spices excellent fats burning. In the case of moderate use, to promote weight loss and not damage.

Allows the use of dark chocolate, and cookies in limited quantities, of black bread.