Gymnastics for weight loss


The day was successful, you need to own a mirror to start the morning with a pleasant – for example, with a smiling image in the mirror. But what to do when the "image" like the fat pads are visible, and money, time and desire to travel to the gym?

A large market is easy aerobics for weight loss, which will not last long, but the "streamline" character, make them slimmer and clearer. What exercises are most effective, how they perform and to remember what are the rules, exercise? It will be discussed further.

What you need to know about such sports gymnastics

Trainers in different countries to argue which one is better for slimming gymnastics: some claim that the exercise of it is necessary, at least for an hour, others focus on Cardio or strength training. But the complex has a number of advantages differs from the common programs:

  • he checks the main "problem areas" of the muscles, but does not cause excessive exhaustion;
  • the gymnastics will take about half an hour of the day, and they will lead you to a convenient time;
  • no need to purchase special equipment or sports equipment;
  • can do people with different levels of physical Fitness.

If you consult with a chronic disease of the joints, heart, Diabetes, a high degree of obesity, before you start the Training, a doctor. If you experience discomfort, reduce the intensity of the workout or cancel.

Please note that the implementation of a complex should on a regular basis: in this case, muscles become more resistant, stronger, but not vividly. Fat tissue to "dissolve" (for the supply of the muscles, even when at rest requires energy). To make the lessons brought to exploit, adhere to the simple recommendations. First and foremost, they provide the diet: reduce the amount of fat, sweet, or fried foods. Add in the diet, more Protein, lots of green. Drink at least two liters of water.

It is also important to practice every day, only on weekends enjoyment. The time for the Training you choose depending on your schedule, but not earlier than forty minutes after meals, and not later than half an hour to get to her. Do not try to cram after Training.

You start with the minimum amount of repetitions and then gradually add the load.

Start exercises for weight loss

The classes benefited, but not the cause of the injury, you need to warm up the muscles before Training. To do this, perform a Training. It takes three to five minutes), but they can prepare the muscles for intense work.

Exercise "Heron"

Keep your posture straight, you are running on a site. The knee higher lift, and the hands bent at the elbows, you need to be able to move freely and actively. The view is directed to the front. You Can Make 60-100 Steps.

"The Wave"

You lay on your back, bend your legs at the knees. Hands folded on the belly. Tighten your abdominal muscles (in the case of this pressure on them with the palms of the hands), then relax. Repeat 20 to 30 times.

Energetic Mahi Hands

Alternately, a Hand going forward, the other back, then you dilute the hands in the sides. Do not forget to hold your posture. Repeat the Mahi 15 to 20 times on each Hand.


You stand upright, hands on a belt. Bend to your side, then to the front and to the back: after 15-20 times in each direction.


The best exercise for weight loss

Many believe that it is more efficient, only morning exercises, slimming, however, perform the exercises at any time of the day. The main thing – a break between the workout and the meals, but also to muscle happiness of every movement.

Gymnastics slimming belly and flanks

Exercise №1

You lay down on the floor on your back, clasp your palms in the lock on the back of the head. Bend the legs at the knees, and the Rest in the ground. Lift on the exhale your torso, try the elbow, knee get. At the top of the point you capture the Position for two to three seconds on the inhale and slowly descend. 30-45 times for 2-3 sets.

Exercise №2

The hands on the belt or in the castle on the back of the head sit on a bench or chair. You turn to the side, bending down a bit to the side. Repeat 30-50 times, 2-3 sets.

Exercise №3

You lay down on the floor, to the lumbar Zone. Bend the knee and the arms in the elbow by the palm of the hands behind the head. Inhale, lift the pelvis, head, arms, and shoulders. At the top of the point you hold very still, breathe slowly, relax and go down. 30-45 times for 2-3 sets.

Effective exercises for slimming legs


You make a great step forward each leg alternately, bending it at the knee and transfers the body weight on the front leg. Please note that the thigh of this leg should be parallel to the floor. After 30-60 times per leg for 2-3 sets.

Side-To-Side Lunges

Stand up straight, keep feet together. Alternately, you make great steps in the direction for a while, crouching and trying to receive palms to the ground.


A exercise that will help to bring the hips in order. You stand upright, the heels together, pinching and socks to extend them as far as possible. Slowly squat (knees should in parties), by an upright posture.

Exercise for slimming buttocks at home


From the Stand, slowly lower the pelvis down until the thighs are parallel to the floor. After that, go back to the beginning position. Repeat 40-80 times.

Gluteus pontem

You lay on the floor, bend the knees and Rest the feet in the floor and draw the hands along the body. You strain your abdominal muscles and buttocks to lift the pelvis, to the belly and the legs form a straight. Down and hold this Position for 5-10 seconds slow. 15-30 times for 2-3 sets.

Pull up

You lay on your back, grasp your hands around one knee and pull it to the chest. Stay in this Position for half a Minute. Perform 10-12 times on each leg (1-2 approach).


Exercises for back and arms

Reverse Pushups

For the elaboration triceps Backlinks run support: Rest in the hands of the Bank, and the socks of the legs lying in a wall or other support. Slowly lower the torso, bend the Hand. Repeat 20-40 times, for 2-3 sets.

Parallel pull

Get down on all fours. Slowly extend one arm and the opposite leg, pulling her up to a straight line. At the top of the point you fix the Position on one and a half minutes. Repeat ten times.

Jump "Star"

You stand straight, arms extended. Bounce off, makes cotton far above the head and spread her legs. Repeat 30-60 times for 2-3 sets.

Such exercises for fast weight loss brought their results, finish each exercise Training. Best Stretching exercises: forward, slowly touching it with the palms of the hands flips to the ground, static posture, Stretching a certain muscle group. To repair this allows to soothe the muscles, heart rate.