Correction of excess weight

Pharmacies and Online Shops are vying to offer medication for the reduction of the weight of the medium, which reduce appetite, the effects on the fat burning or any other action for losing weight. Some of them actually in the case of obesity. Each Medium has its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages, effectiveness, and efficiency. Not to be confused with the choice, carefully read the deals in this area of the market.

What medications reduce the weight

The Problem effective slimming interested thousands of people, so that pharmaceutical companies, we offer hundreds of ways to solve it with the help of medications. Advertising in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities about the possibility of buy weight capsules aired immediately reduce. Internet pharmacies offer products order with free shipping is up to you to make a purchase and start drinking, tablets or powder. Sort of a long list of Tools, distinguish fudge producer of the reality difficult.

Effective diet pills, to understand more thoroughly, the mechanisms of drugs and their effects on the body. All of the known pharmaceutical agents can be divided into large groups:

  1. Appetite suppressant (anoreksigennye). This group has to reduce an influence on the Central mechanisms of Regulation of appetite. The a feeling of satiety. This category includes dietary supplements, to stretch the stomach, contributing to the reduction of the quantities of food.
  2. They block the absorption of fat in the digestive tract. Along with the food in the body fat, but they are not digestible, thanks to the measures taken, the medication.
  3. Diuretics and laxatives. Slimming achieved as a result of the issue of excess fluid and bowel cleansing.
  4. Hormonal. Hormone deficiency is to fill in, if you don't enough of the body, produces, in parallel, contribute to the reduction of the body weight.

In addition to pharmacological agents, dietary supplements will be implemented, relating also to drugs to reduce weight. Among them there are such categories:

  1. To reduce Nutraceuticals – gently the appetite, improve metabolism, contain only a Minimum set of drugs;
  2. BAD – contain substances that regulate close to medicine, to burn appetite, fat.

Drugs of the Central actions

Many famous pills for weight loss are based on the effect on the brain, more specifically, to the suppression of the Reverse Takeover hormones Serotonin and norepinephrine. As a result of the actions of a large number of hormones, the man does not have the feeling of despondency and bad mood, so he wants less. This is a powerful means for the reduction of appetite and weight, have severe side effects: acute psychosis, disorders of blood pressure, emotional disturbances, headaches.

Lipase Inhibitors

Popular drugstore items and modern slimming listata, ksenikal, orsoten act on the level of the intestine, where the Lipase of the pancreas blocking. Fat split special enzyme. Inhibitors restrict the production of the enzyme, whereby the cleavage is not carried out, it will not be absorbed by the fats in the blood and accumulate in the intestine, excreted with the feces. Effectiveness in reducing the number of calories consumed.

Hormone preparations

This group of drugs for weight reduction, it is not intended, but effective effective in some cases. Use of hormones is necessary in the case of the poor working of the endocrine glands, leading to obesity. Normalization of Balance leads to a correction of the weight, so that hormonal medications medications are one of the methods for weight reduction. The taking of these drugs without the aim and control of a physician can follow to very severe.

Diuretics and laxatives for losing weight

The recommendation of the physicians regarding the daily intake of salt are rarely observed. Often their number is higher than normal, which is why there is a surplus of sodium (main constituent) Deposit mostly water retention. Means diuretic effect direct the excess fluid, resulting in a reduction of the mass of the body. A laxative is often used as a remedy for weight loss. As a result of the normalization of stool, the weight decreases.

A diuretic and a laxative is a quick way to get rid of a few kg, but the effect of their inclusion will not be long. They don't call the application of these drugs for weight reduction.

There are a number of contraindications and side effects of diuretics drugs, and the likelihood of habituation to laxative drugs. Although the preparations are cost-effective, you do not need to miss.


The Absorption of the fat Blocker

Another group of slimming Blocker fat intake. Advertisements claim that the miracle-tablets, slim without changing your diet, Fitness and physical activity make your body. There are two main sub-groups Blocker: contain orlistat and Chitosan. The first Lipase is inactivated and increases the amount of fat-derived feces. Chitosan forms fat to Gel, what appear to be fat-drops in a natural way. Preparations with Chitosan, the Lipase of the pancreas inhibits.

Psychotropic drugs

Certain areas of the brain responsible for the feeling of satiety and Hunger. Psychotropic medication for weight loss act on these pages, you are able to dull feeling of hunger. Suppression of appetite leads to a reduction in body weight. You need to use these drugs in the treatment of obesity only in adult patients, according to the recommendation of specialists can. Drugs can have a negative impact on the state of the organism and should, therefore, in extreme cases. To the well-known psychotropic medication for weight loss:

  1. Meridia;
  3. Rimonabant;
  4. Sibutramine.

Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements are used for various purposes: the completion of amount of vitamins, and cleansing of the body, normalize the work of the heart, the kidneys, the liver and other organs and systems. Often supplements the action aims at slimming. Traditionally, additions to the composition of Nutraceuticals and steam-pharmacy. In each group there are drugs that effectively contribute to weight loss.


It is known that the Nutraceuticals, it means that in the composition of the minimal number of chemical substances. The highest quality are those that consist exclusively of natural vegetable components, which act gently on the body. The weight reduction is achieved through appetite suppression, cleansing the body, and also for the health of the body in a dietary Supplement of vitamins and minerals added.


Dietary Supplement, the so-called para-pharmacy, working as a drugs, so you should apply in accordance with the guidelines and under the supervision of doctors. In the composition of the medium, herbal products, and beekeeping, fruits of the sea. Steam-pharmacy wear differently to reduce the mass. According to the principle of the action, they share in the following ways:

  1. Fat burners – prevent the absorption of fat or acting to accelerate the process of burning of accumulated fat reserves;
  2. Anoreksigennye medium feeling of hunger suppress; dietary fiber – do not eat extra, increase in the stomach;
  3. cleansing teas – fees of diuretics, laxatives, or herbs of cleansing the body of toxins.

Side effects and contraindications

Depending on the type of medication for losing weight, composition, and other factors that side effects can occur, due to the shooting differ. Often the following effects occur:

  1. Sleep disorders;
  2. Headaches;
  3. Violations of the chair;
  4. Anxiety;
  5. Sweats;
  6. Heart palpitations.

Before you start taking the slimming products doctor should be consulted, because many of them have contraindications. Lose weight with the help of food supplements and drugs is not allowed in the following situations:

  1. Pregnancy;
  2. Lactation;
  3. young and old;
  4. serious diseases.


Anna, 27 Years My weight – 45 kg. I have tried different diets to lose weight, but the result is not. The downtime helped me, microcrystalline Cellulose. Take it before eating, then you don't want to eat almost. To avoid constipation, drink a lot of water.
Marina, 41 Years Was looking for a simple way to reduce weight and bought REDUXIN on the advice of friends. After the start of ingestion of the drug, the severe headache, insomnia began. In the case of withdrawal from the pill and everything returned to normal. More not to experiment with drugs, I reduce the weight on proper diet and go to the gym.