The right diet for losing weight

the right diet for losing weight

There are many different diets tried, but they don't all work the way I want to. Often people faced with problems: either the diet is not so poor that you do not want to sit on it a long time, or the effort to give effect to the minimum, that in consequence of the desire disappears, to continue to eat for a long time. It is the breakdown happens. What to do?

I can lose weight on the correct diet

If you eat healthy and follow a healthy life-style, so you don't have to think about your figure, because the food itself contributes to the reduction of obesity and maintenance of health.

In this article, proper nutrition is considered, the tables, products, the promotion of weight loss, and the various menus provided, which contribute to the Balance between the heart and diet products.

To lose on the correct diet, weight, not make you the authority over yourself and deprived in the long run of your favorite dishes. Consumed the usual products can be used in a certain, correct combination, and you forget the feeling of Hunger.

Such a diet led to the expected result, you should follow a few rules:

  • count your calories-consumed products;
  • check the composition of foodstuffs;
  • the to prepare food properly;
  • to a Regime of the day.
what is the right diet

While you can focus on eating right sometimes forbidden foods in small quantities can even. This approach helps to reduce the traction on the cake, Chips and other similar products, there is no categorical ban. Just have to understand that harmful food should be much less than useful.

But such a diet is not conducive to a strong weight loss because the reduction of calories is only 500 calories per day. This means that a reduction in weight is only 1.5 kg, or 2 kg per month.

But to add to that, if this diet and Sport, the result is significantly on the rise. In this case, it is possible to lose weight even on 7-8 kg per month.

Can I lose weight on baby food

To the right diet food belong and baby. Cooked vegetables, meat or fruit puree is very good for reducing weight, since it can be quickly absorbed by the body.

The benefits of diet on baby food is not only the speed of weight loss, but also the convenience of use of the food. There is no need to get involved with the preparation of this food, you can just open a jar and enjoy the taste at any time of the day. Now, if you cook enough time for yourself, then you have to cook and then RUB in the favorite food is mashed potatoes.

But in such a diet also has drawbacks. One of them is a small amount of fiber. Therefore, if the diets for more than a week, you need in green vegetables. Another minus is the minimal selection of dishes. So, this diet can soon become boring.

lose weight on baby food

How to eat right to lose weight (the basics of proper nutrition)

Better cooked, preferably a food with a low fat content. Raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten in any quantity, because they are low in calories.

For example, cucumbers or tomatoes you can also do it in the evening, to satisfy your Hunger. But to eliminate fried, fatty and flour better from the diet, such products are very difficult for the organism and carry his burden, the formation of harmful cholesterol.

To make it easier to understand how much to eat, slimming products, one must count all the calories consumed per day and take of this number, 30%. The resulting sum is the number of calories, and not in obvious discomfort and contribute to a weight loss of 1-2 kg per month.

Diet for losing weight

Process of weight loss depends not only on the selection of products, but also from the diet. In addition to the traditional Breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacking is allowed, but you must minimally rich calories. The best raw fruits and vegetables are suitable.

The food intake is best at this time:

  1. Breakfast 7-9 Am. In this time, it is better, unsweetened cereals, raw vegetables, omelet. Drink tea, yogurt, or juice.
  2. Lunch – 11-12 Days. For such a between-meal is ideal for the first dishes, or fruit, yogurt.
  3. Lunch 13-15 Days. For a full meal suitable protein food and carbohydrates, since they in this time, well digested. You can make bread, all kinds of cereals, vegetables, and noodles made from whole grain.
  4. Mid-Morning Snack – 16-17 Days. After a hearty lunch, usually at this time not to eat, but if desired, you can eat berries or fruit and drink juice, yogurt, or simply water.
  5. Dinner from 18-20 o'clock. Eat protein rich food and vegetables, fish, chicken, vegetables or fruit salad, yoghurt, casserole. And here are potatoes, cereals and sweets during this time, you can't use.
The basics of proper nutrition

To lose list of food for proper nutrition and weight home

To make it easier to navigate that there is food with the proper nutrition, and what is not, a table of useful products. In shows you the number of calories and nutrient ratios. Such tables help, guidance in the selection of a product for a main meal or between meal.

Which products need to eat to lose weight

Products cookedThe number of in G and mlFatCarbohydratesProteinsKcal
Low-Fat Cottage Cheese1001,853,3418,02101
Yogurt 0,1%500,058,521,2438
Milk 1,5%1001,54,722,9244
Chicken fillet1702,12With 39.24188
Green Beans1000,227,571,8233
Sunflower oil3013,61120
Egg yolks1 piece4,520,622,7155
Egg protein3 PCs.0,180,7110,7851
Tomato1 piece0,244,831,0922
Cucumber2 piece0,3410,881,9645
Olive oil3013,52119
Banana1 piece0,3826.94 mm1,28105
Green Peas500,196,852,6238
Macaroni Whole Grain500,6635,245,52169
Casserole out of the Quark2008,8520 and 4824,01260

Almost all fruits and vegetables have a minimal amount of calories so that you can be sure there are in any time. You can also no products, or as a snacking substitute.

To eliminate which foods to lose weight

With any diet it is important to exclude harmful foods, too much fat, sugar and simple carbohydrates. Such carbohydrates are dangerous, because the fast in the body be split, whereby the sugar in the blood.

But this sugar is reduced quickly, so that by the time want to eat what begins provoked "a feeding frenzy". In a well-balanced diet, sugar needs to be practically on the same level

Some of the dangerous products that should for weight loss be avoided:

  • Chips;
  • Fat cakes and cakes with cream;
  • Hamburger;
  • Sausage and sausage products;
  • salted nuts;
  • Alcohol;
  • Chocolate;
  • Pizza;
  • White bread;
  • the sweet flakes;
  • Pasta made from white flour, with cheese.

Food diary slimming: how to properly

The weak know, you can diary a diet that will help you stop taking the consumed per day in food and monitor the right approach to lose weight.

There are different types of the management of the diaries of food, but they all boil down to one thing – comfort control:

  1. A diary can be used both in the Editor and in the electronic Version.
  2. The intake should be daily, preferably right after eating.
  3. Be sure to specify meal times.
  4. For convenience you can create a table where is recorded the amount of food, calories, the presence of Protein, fat and carbohydrates (as shown in the table).
  5. The amount of food is better expressed in grams and milliliters.
  6. Calculations of calories and the amount of fat in order for certain programs.
  7. The diary should always have to.

Diet program to lose weight

There are many diet programs for losing weight. It all depends on the lifestyle, Sport, individual preferences and capabilities of the Compliance programmes. The basis of almost every program, compliance with the diet and the control of the consumed products.

The power supply must necessarily be adapted to the work for the day. For Breakfast and lunch, you can eat the food to consume enough high-calorie food containing carbohydrates, and for dinner, better low-calorie Protein.

You also need to take into account the daily physical strain. If you are planning, low physical activity, and the number of calories should be reduced. While the increase in loads increases the calorie intake.

Please note! Any diet program weight often works better if you play sports. After the workout, it is better, not less than 30-40 min. the products contain dietary fiber and proteins.

Menu the right diet for weight loss for a month

For such supply within one month a sufficient number of products with Protein. You just calculate it: a squirrel needs so many grams, how many kilograms weighs the woman. Then this number is multiplied by a factor of 3.3. Consume the amount for 2-3 times in the course of the day.

Menu the right diet

Be sure to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink juices and teas. Sugar is dried fruit and bread and bran. Of fluid you drink about 2 liters per day.

A three one-time food for losing weight

Daily amount of food should be split 3 times. The menu, the following you can consume for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Depending on the week or month's) menu selected, for themselves, choose 2-3 dishes daily and replace it according to their calorie content.

Healthy Breakfast (proper nutrition to lose weight)

  • 50 G Of Cereal (Oatmeal, Buckwheat, Rice, Barley, Wheat),
  • 50 G of boiled fish,
  • 50 G cooked chicken meat,
  • 150 G Vegetable Salad,
  • Fruit salad,
  • 30 G of pelletized bran,
  • 100 G Of Cottage Cheese 0% Fat.

From drinks you can choose from 150 ml of juice, tea, coffee with milk or stewed fruit.

Healthy lunch (proper diet to lose weight)

  • 150 G of boiled or stewed meat (pork) or 150 G of seafood.
  • 200 G of salad with a spoon of cooking oil or 150 G of steamed vegetables.

Healthy dinner with the right diet for losing weight

Necessarily 30 G Pelle to eat pelleted bran and 200 G vegetables or fruit. You drink low-fat yogurt, Kefir or tea. They can be cooked a cooked vegetable, poultry, or fillet of lean meat or bake it. But not more than 50 g.

If food, eaten for Breakfast or lunch, is not enough, you can have fruits for lunch or between meals with fruit or dry and drink juice, tea or yoghurt.

Snacking on the right diet for losing weight

Often, many people are not able to lose weight with this, as it seems to eat little. But often such people are not snacking actually. In General, diet does not deny snacking, but you have to understand that the food should be fruit in this time as low – calorie-fruit, vegetables, yogurt 0%, juice of, dry.

But snacking does not have chocolate, Chips or burgers. It is not healthy and will not benefit.