The most effective diet to lose weight at home with a fast result

Diet for weight loss

Diet - an excellent way to reset the hated extra pounds, it is a General fact. Compliance with certain rules, is to get rid of, to improve the superfluous centimeters and their appearance. From a whole plethora of power options you can select the most effective diet to lose weight at home. After studying the information, you can choose the right one for your characteristics of the organism. You go thoughtfully on the Problem of overweight, then the diet will only receive benefits and side effects you can avoid.

What diet is the effective and fast

Each Person to lose weight must understand that it is not only the volume but also the preservation of health. The rate of weight loss depends on the correct choice of the diet, but also by the intensity of the metabolism: as you are active, the faster the pounds will go. What slows down the metabolism:

  • Alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • Skipping Breakfast;
  • a rare food;
  • a rich dinner.

Every diet has to start, with the exception of the above-mentioned bad habits. To achieve this, you need to come in front of smaller and more frequent meals, and through him in the body:

  • the metabolic processes;
  • a wave of power comes;
  • supports normal levels of hemoglobin.

For Men

The most important task for the men in losing weight is not only to normalize weight, but also improve the physical attractiveness of that activity. Everyone likes, if the representatives of the stronger sex, a surface relief in the area of the press, arms and chest. In order to lose weight and to mark muscles, you need not hungry, but effective diet. Stick to these recommendations in the diet:

  1. For the Manifestation of the bump muscles a reduction in the number of fast carbohydrates: sugar products, all flour. Bread is recommended to replace breads.
  2. Don't underestimate the necessity of the use of Protein. In the time of the weight loss content in the body is not less than 200 g. it is Recommended that you replace fat meat, legumes: beans, asparagus, soy products
  3. The potatoes in the diet is recommended to exchange the cereals, fresh vegetables, in any amount.
For Men

For Women

Girls, unlike men, rely more on emotions when choosing a diet. You will often go to extremes: to pinch in narrow limits, refraining from food completely or partially for a certain period and after its termination back to the usual diet for yourself, increasing with great speed. It doesn't take to get the woman to understand that the fastest and most effective diet is the adjustment of the diet.

The main thing to understand in this process, which included the products used, no use, only contribute to weight gain and deterioration of health. Feed rate control should be based on the simple and well-known basic principles:

  1. The hardest step is the renunciation of food, the bad carbohydrates , which are converted in this way, the body quickly in fat: the bakery is all sweets contain sugar.
  2. The prerequisites for four or five meals.
  3. Fractional meal - an important step in the right diet. The essence is in all of the well-known rule: each must be a light hunger feeling.
  4. Not the digestive system straining dinner late and voluminous. Warm tea or honey water copes with Hunger.
  5. Fruity Breakfast - a proven many supporters of the right diet way to saturate the body up to the lunch, useful carbohydrates , vitamins and fiber.
  6. A necessary stage in any program of weight loss nutritionists believe that the cleaning of modern adsorbent Enterosgel. He is active, only the harmful toxins and toxins that come in abundance in the blood during the cleavage of the body fat absorbed. Exactly these toxins provoke characteristic for diet nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, disorders of the chair, dullness of the skin, the blemish will look on your pimples and skin. This sorbent fills the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety, absorbing excess stomach acid and enzymes, the irritant effect on the stomach wall so as to be averted. Approved it courses to receive long-term, in contrast to other sorbents.

Simple but effective diets for quick weight loss

To overcome if you want to, overweight with the help of Express-diets for quick weight loss, nutritionists recommend to start with, in the case of complaints consult a physician. Visit to the doctor provides for the inspection, delivery of analyses, the measurement of the body parameters and the purpose of the diet. So they insure themselves against risky consequences ( Gastritis , depression, headaches, decreased immunity) that can occur when ill-considered methods to lose weight.

Simple but effective diets for quick weight loss

Food scientists invented new effective diet, promise, that the floor visible result already after the expiry of this period. During this time, you should on a number of rules in the System. Only a clear adherence to the recipe, guaranteed the liberation of the hated inches at the body. If you do not endure and broke, you should have to start the diet again.

Buckwheat Mono diet for 3 days

This diet involves eating a buckwheat, and remarkable this diet low carbohydrate is. For that, you should untreated cereals with whole-grain Kernel, since the envelope contains the optimal amount of vitamins B. To cook porridge is not lost of useful elements, dietitians advise you soak overnight with cold water. In six hours be saturated liquid wants, and the appearance and taste of cooked grain. Thanks to a diet of buckwheat within a period of only three to five days possible to not only normalize weight, but also feel the other nice bonuses:

  • buckwheat porridge triggers vascular fatty Plaque;
  • it has a strong cleaning effect;
  • Buckwheat is a long-term and light saturation;
  • due to the high content of copper, the nutrition of buckwheat is very good impact on the hair, skin and nails.

Egg 5 kg in 5 days

The basis of such a diet is eggs, because they consist of wholesome protein. In the diet, it is recommended that fresh vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits. Due to the lack of the required number of carbohydrates and fats, this diet is not balanced. The diet is based on three single doses per day:

  1. Breakfast: three eggs of the second category, a Grapefruit.
  2. Lunch: Apple, grape, pear in any quantity.
  3. Dinner: boiled chicken breast (200 gr.).

Kefir to 7 days

Diet Larisa Dolina popular for over ten years. Thanks to her, lost a lot of people are suffering from obesity. The diet is 7 calendar days, in which the drinking of 2 liters of yogurt is recommended. In this period the sweets, pastries, and those products that contribute to forget the emergence of extra pounds. Welcome to consumption of uncooked meat of chicken and vegetables, but these products are only until five o'clock. The negative side of the diet - can return returning to the daily life style pounds.

Protein for 2 weeks

Hearing about this diet, many suspect that it is a meat diet, but it is not so. This method to lose weight means foods that contain protein: meat, beans, peas. Many nutritionists say that Protein diet heavy burden for the digestive system, because it receives proteins and fats and lose complex carbohydrates. This diet brings with it an immediate effect: for 2 weeks 10 kg of minus. Such a result is not in the long term, dangerous for the health. Protein diet is able to lead to these negative changes in the body:

  • Violation of the legal ability of the kidneys;
  • the destruction of the joints ;
  • Problems with the nervous system;
  • Muscle weakness.
Protein for 2 weeks

Low-calorie to 20 kg per month

This weight may be reset when a mark goes on the scale up to 110-150 kg low-Calorie diet that easy to lose 20 pounds in one month, sees the food in a thermally untreated vegetables, herbs and fruit. During this time, cooked meal is not recommended. Particularly well you stick to this diet in the summer and in the autumn, but it is also possible in the Winter, since the bulbs have a supply of seasonal products: Winter varieties of cabbage, beetroot, carrots, apples,.

These vegetables, and fruit, allows a comfortable pace for you amounts in the Form of salads and Smoothies , the blender failed. It is very important for quick weight loss there are a large number of Dill, parsley, spinach, lettuce, Basil, nettle. Once a day green Cocktail: favorite fruit, whipped with a bundle of greenery and water is recommended. With the help of raw food, not only the Problem with the weight, but heals the whole organism.

The Ranking of the most popular and most effective diets in the world

Through your decision to lose weight with the help of the adjustment of the diet, not all have the desire to start this process with a new, not tried and tested diet. We all want to avoid side effects and the health. Therefore, nutritionists, a short list is offered, in the Note marked on the efficacy of diets:

  • Japanese - Heads-up-Top effective diets;
  • The Kremlin - just - for rapid weight loss;
  • Hollywood - for a effective weight reduction;
  • "6 petals" - a safe, slimming stomach;
  • Express-diet - the hard way to lose weight.

Bloating during a diet

The transition to a healthy, rich in fiber, Protein and "slow" carbohydrates, eat can System by discomfort in the gastro-intestinal, the occurrence of bloating and flatulence. Legumes, vegetables, whole grain products, are distinguished by a high content of oligosaccharide, which is digested in most people bad.

As one of diets to home

Effect and long lasting results in weight loss depending on the diet. While the food restrictions of the stomach varies in size, always a bit less than usual. Nutritionists advise to come from the diet smoothly, do not load and do not stretch the stomach. Here are a few recommendations from the experts are:

  1. You can start the day with a large glass of water.
  2. On the first day after the diet, you can increase the portions.
  3. You give the usual products gradually every single day.