Effective Wraps to lose weight at home

In order to lose weight, you need to eat right, to forget the sports, the care of the skin. The cheap and effective treatment – body wrap. It requires a bit of time and small financial investment and delivers a great result. Want to get rid of orange skin tighten the skin and put a few more pounds? You will learn everything about the procedure and act!

What is a wrap to lose weight is

It is a series of procedures during which different areas of the body, the mixture of the active ingredients is applied. The substances penetrate into the Epidermis and speeds up the metabolic processes. There are two types of effective body wraps that you spend at home:

  1. Cold. In the mixture of cooling substance, the vessels drastically the pores and blood narrows. This provokes a powerful outflow of lymph and blood from skin cells. Together with the liquid, the System of allocation of the body, the slag removed, the toxins. Fat, begin intense dismember the body with energy.
  2. Hot. The active components you need to heat the area of the body, due to which the enlargement of the blood happens blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation and the metabolism. The pores of the skin open, by additional liquid, together with harmful substances. The fat cells faster split, making the process of weight loss.

Anti-Cellulite wrap to direct the excess fluid, and the body loses weight. The layer of fat is not burned off almost, therefore, the process – a secondary, but very important method for the correction of the body. After the course, wrapping the skin more elastic, firmer, smoother, the appearance of reduced Cellulite significantly or even disappear. It is important that the process during the intense weight loss to Dermis time shrink and in the future, not hung.

How to do

The first step – a study contraindications. Hot Wraps will not hold in the case of many diseases, so pay attention to cold process. If you with the recipe and buy the ingredients, plastic wrap, and set to work. The session begins with the preparation:

  • On the day of the procedure eat a light meal: yogurt, Kefir, tea. Before and after the session it is advisable not to for a couple of hours. Standard liquid – 2-2,5 L, must drink it in small portions.
  • Best in the evening before going to sleep. To relax the tired body easier, and not to the temptation of solid food.
  • Before the procedure, you need to take a hot shower or bath. Good body RUB with a washcloth. With a mild scrub – it removes dead particles of the epithelium, whereby the active ingredients are absorbed better into the Dermis.
  • To complete the Test on Allergy. You make a small amount of the mixture, apply on the elbows. If you don't appeared after a quarter of an hour the redness, itching, rash, you can use a mask.
slim Spa wrap

Your Steps:

  1. Prepare one serving at a time. Should not save the remnants of the mixture in the refrigerator and use them in the future.
  2. With massaging movements distribute the composition according to issue, immediately wrap in plastic.
  3. Leave the mask for a certain period of time. For each mixture, its holding time, it should not be neglected, and the time of the session. The procedure should not be painful. If you can not stand the feeling of a strong discomfort.
  4. You can take a shower. Well, if you are able to be Highlight at this stage a third of the hours. Warm water wash the sweat from harmful substances and is relaxed.
  5. Apply a nourishing or Anti-Cellulite cream that you can with ease penetrate in the deeper layers of the skin and have a positive effect.
  6. Drink a glass of water, green or herbal tea, to compensate for fluid loss.

How often can I make Wraps

To achieve this, have the house to spend a minimum of 12 treatments. Periodicity of times in 1-2 days. If the composition of the mask is the pepper RUB costs no more than twice per week. Harmless body wraps with algae, clay, can spend the day. The diet are, active in the course of the day to go to the training. After the effective course, you will take a break of 6 months, and then repeat the cycle. The best time for the procedure – the days of a menstrual period.

In the case of varicose veins are not Hot to hold Wraps. Cooling procedures are allowed, but after consulting with the therapist. Effective wrap for losing weight in a home with a small percentage of people side effects: headache, vomiting, diarrhea, severe itching, skin rashes, hives, swelling, burns. Honey sweet lineups, lineups with bell peppers, can trigger allergies, and therefore need to be careful with them.

Recipes Wraps to lose weight at home

Properly selected composition, activates the metabolism and starts the fat burning has a diuretic effect, eliminates the laxity, saturates the skin with valuable vitamins and trace elements. After a effective cosmetic treatments in the home, the body is trained through. How to choose for themselves the optimal composition? Empirically, taking into account the contraindications. If you do not apply the component to the skin, don't risk looking for an Alternative.


The product of the beekeeping draws out toxins from the deep layers of the skin, relieves swelling, nourishes the Epidermis with nutrients, accelerates blood circulation, makes stretch marks invisible. Honey sweet practices are prohibited, if you have mesh problems with the heart, kidneys, veins, in the presence of vascular. The component is perfectly against Cellulite, vacuum Massage replaced. A simple recipe for house conditions:

  • Ingredients: liquid honey – 2 tablespoons.
  • Preparation: melt the product in water bath or by rubbing in the palms. Do not warm the honey too strong, to destroy the nutrients.
  • How to do: distribute the product to the problem area – it must cover the body with a thin layer. Make a light Massage: rubbing, knock, stroking the skin. They take on a special massage device. Wrap cling film, put the warm clothes.
  • Time: 40 Minutes. Can relax or a small number of exercises.
  • Finish (the same for all recipes): flush the residue out of the warm, and at the end with cold water. You use nourishing, soothing or Anti-Cellulite creams, Lotion, Serum.
Honey Body Wrap

Mustard increases fat burning effect. The application is similar to the above, but in other points there are changes:

  • Ingredients: Mustard Powder – 2 Tbsp. L.; Honey – 2 Tbsp. L.; Apple cider vinegar – 1 TSP sugar – 2 TSP salt – a pinch.
  • Preparation: mix all products, except the honey, with warm water to dilute it (it takes a little to get a Paste). You can composition a day. Take 2 tablespoons of this mixture to give a warm, liquid honey.
  • Application Time: 15-30 Minutes. If you feel a strong burning sensation, wash the mixture immediately.


Effective wrap to lose weight at home with Apple cider makes vinegar the elasticity of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen. Acid solution is rich in copper, zinc, phosphorus. Pectin, and selenium with vitamins A, E, In, With rejuvenate the skin. Effective Recipe:

  • Ingredients: vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:2.
  • How to do: bandages, or moisten a cotton cloth with the solution of vinegar, wrap problem areas. Wrap wrap the part of the body.
  • Time: 40 Minutes.


Complete relaxation, a feeling of happiness and satisfaction are waiting for you after the procedure at home. The skin quickly becomes smooth and elastic. The Most Effective Recipe:

  • Ingredients: cocoa powder – 200 to 250 G, water or milk – 250 ml, olive oil (almond, coconut) – 1 tbsp. L.
  • Preparation: heat the water/milk, add cocoa, and stir quickly so that no lumps remain. You give the olive oil.
  • How to do: on the skin, apply a thin layer. The composition can be almost all over the body, with the exception of the land with sensitive skin. Wrap Foil.
  • Time: 40-60 Minutes.

If you want to use more than a powerful Tool, use the mixture of chocolate and red pepper. He burns Cellulite, but requires caution. Effective wrap to lose weight at home:

  • Ingredients: cocoa powder – 200 G warm water – 250 ml, red pepper – 1 TSP
  • Preparation: dissolve cocoa in water, pour the peppers.
  • How to do: wet the gauze in a solution of bandages and wrap the thighs, buttocks, abdomen. You wrap cling film, place it under the ceiling.
  • Soaking time: 20 to 25 minutes.


A wonderful body wrap at home slimming on the basis of coffee. For the procedure used, the thickness of the drink you are brewing. Caffeine stimulates, directs excess water from the cells, normalizes the biochemical processes. Affordable prescription for combating Cellulite and stretch marks at home:

  • Ingredients: coffee-medium grind 3 tbsp. L. Honey – 1 Tbsp. L. Cream – 1 Tbsp. L., red pepper – ½ H. L., Mumijo tablets.
  • Preparation of the mixture: it is necessary to brewed coffee according to all the rules. They cool the drink to a temperature of 60-50 degrees. Mix the rest of the components (except mummy), pour him fresh coffee. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath up to a temperature of 40-50 degrees.
  • How to do: there is no friction, apply the solution on the skin or water retention. Composition to active, therefore you can use it for the problem areas. You wrap cling film, escape it with a blanket. You need to feel the heat and a slight burning sensation.
  • Time: 20-30 Minutes.
  • Objective: to rinse with warm water in the skin 2 Mumijo RUB tablets, dissolved in linseed or olive oil.
Coffee Wrap


You need sea salt-finely ground. The product pulls excess fluid from the cells, vessels, has a soothing effect on the blood, and gently cleanses the skin, nourishes the Dermis Magnesium, bromine, potassium, copper, and other minerals. The following effective medium for Wraps help in a single session to remove a 1.5 cm in size:

  • Ingredients: OLIVE/almond/coconut oil – 100 G, essential oils of lavender, Grapefruit 2 drops, sea salt – 100 G
  • Preparation: heat the vegetable oil in a water bath, add the essential extracts. Stir in salt, stir well.
  • How to do: apply to the problem zones.
  • Exposure Time: 20 Minutes.

The combination of coffee with salt is an effective remedy against Cellulite. A great recipe for the method at home:

  • Ingredients: ground coffee – 3 tbsp. L., Sea Salt – 2 Tbsp. L., Water.
  • Preparation: mix the coffee and salt, pour a little liquid. It is intended to obtain a homogeneous Paste.
  • How to do: apply the composition on the problem areas or the whole body. Wrap film, escape it with a blanket.
  • Contact Time: 60 Minutes.


For weight loss blue and black used cosmetic clay. In addition to the expected effect, the agent acts as an antiseptic, soothes the Epidermis. Simple Recipe:

  • Ingredients: Clay – 2 Tbsp. L., Water.
  • Preparation: mix the components, so that a thick Paste. Add drops of Menthol to improve the result.
  • How to do: apply to the skin in a thin layer, use a plastic sheet.
  • Exposure time: 30 to 60 minutes.

With Cinnamon

The most effective Wraps to lose weight at home associated with the use of components to warm up. Aromatic spice starts the process of splitting of fat cells. With their help, you can achieve slimming in the waist and hips. Effective mask:

  • Ingredients: cocoa powder – 350 G, water – 2 tbsp cinnamon – 2 tbsp. L.
  • Preparation: add the cocoa in hot water, stir to avoid lumps. Stir in the cinnamon.
  • How to do: distribute the composition on the body or on certain areas, to bind themselves, and on the upper side of the film.
  • Time: 40 Minutes.
Wraps with cinnamon

With Mustard

You relax while using the mask with mustard will not work, because the process is accompanied by small discomfort. The product warms the skin, in which case additional amounts will go very quickly. Effective wrap to lose weight at home on the Basis of mustard:

  • Ingredients: Mustard Powder – 2 Tbsp. L., sugar – 1 TSP without slides, essential oils of tangerine or orange – 2 drops of water.
  • Preparation: place the mustard, dilute with water to obtain a Paste. You give the rest of the components.
  • How to do: apply massaging movements on small areas of the body, use food cellophane. During the procedure, the feeling of slight burning. After the wrap, you can see what remains on the skin for a nuisance.
  • Contact time: a third of the hours.

With Algae

Thalasso therapy is actively using the gifts of the sea for treatment and Rehabilitation. Lose weight with the help of algae is very pleasant and relaxing. The Most Effective Recipe:

  • Ingredients: 200 G leaf of seaweed or 75-100 G of powder, water.
  • Preparation: the leaves pour 1 Liter of boiled water (at a temperature of 40-60°C), wait until you talk. If you are using powder, add it to the water, intensive stir for 2 minutes. Additional cooling Menthol.
  • How to do: distribute the composition about the problematic areas, turn to 2-3 layers of the food Film.
  • Exposure Time: 0.5-1 Hour.

With essential oils

To lose weight better to use essential oils: lavender, orange, verbenáceae, lemon, rosemary. Toning body oil-extracts of Patchouli, Vetiver, Grapefruit. You make your recipe, remember: to 20 ml of base oil not more than 10 drops of essential should. A very effective poultice for the whole body:

  • Ingredients: Water, 8-10 Tablespoons Of Sea Salt – 1 Tbsp. L., Blue-Tone – 4 Tbsp. L., dry Laminaria – 2 tbsp. L., essential oil Grapefruit/lemon 50 drops of cypress essential oil – 30 drops.
  • Preparation: mix the water, with sea salt, warm. The salt must be completely dissolved. Add stir the algae, clay, leave for 30-40 minutes. If the mixture is too liquid, give you starch the potato. Add the oil.
  • How to do: distribute the composition on the body, rotate the food in cellophane.
  • Exposure Time: 30-40 Minutes.