23 ways to lose weight quickly and effectively at home

Meat rolls with spices and vegetables - an example of proper nutrition

Today you can find a lot of information on the Internet about how you can lose weight quickly at home. Unfortunately, many of the recommendations are not reliable and have no scientific basis. However, this by no means means that there are no correct recommendations on how to lose weight quickly, effectively and safely at home. Exist. And below are 23 of the most effective ones. All tips presented are strictly scientific.

Increase the diet protein

The human body has to use a lot of energy to digest protein obtained from food. High protein diets have been shown to boost metabolism and burn 100 more calories every day.

A protein meal is also ideal for filling. It is estimated that people who eat a lot of animal protein consume 400 fewer calories per day than people who neglect such foods.

  1. An egg breakfast is a great way to increase your protein intake. Those who lose weight and eat eggs for breakfast without bread and other quickly digestible carbohydrates have been found to lose weight 65% faster than those who eat bagels-bagels for breakfast.
  2. The second method is adding whey protein powder to the diet. Experiments have shown that regular use of whey protein reduces body fat and increases muscle mass, which is why whey protein is the recommended pre-workout diet for weight loss.

Eat whole foods

Whole foods with one ingredient is the healthiest choice.

Such products contain no added sugar and are not derivatives of deep industrial processing.

As a rule, they fill themselves up well and provide the body with all the connections it needs.

It's important to understand that whole foods are not just fruits and vegetables, as many people think, but also animal products. A piece of cooked chicken breast or an egg are also whole foods.

Lean on oily fish

Oily fish is rich in omega-3 acids. And this is one of the most beneficial compounds for weight loss.

  1. Omega-3 acids increase the concentration of brown fat, which is needed to increase energy consumption and to burn normal body fat.
  2. Fighting chronic inflammation, which is one of the main requirements for weight gain.
  3. Increase insulin sensitivity, which is extremely important for weight loss, as being low on sensitivity to this hormone - insulin resistance - is not only a direct route to diabetes but also to obesity.
  4. Aids in coping with obesity in the abdomen, which is the deposition of fat mainly in the abdominal cavity. Treat alcohol-free fatty liver hepatosis, which occurs in almost all obese people.
Another health benefit of omega-3 fatty acids for weight loss is that they improve mental health and sleep. And it is known that losing weight is extremely difficult without a calm emotional mood and a good night's sleep.

Maintaining normal hydration

A stable correct weight is not possible without an adequate water regime.

Water accelerates the burning of calories, normalizes hormones, reduces appetite and has many other properties that are useful for weight loss.

Drink sugar-free black coffee

Like saturated animal fats, coffee has long been demonized. It was considered an extremely harmful drink.

However, scientists have since proven that natural coffee is a rich source of antioxidants and other beneficial substances. Plus, it helps you lose weight.

Coffee improves the energy status and accelerates the burning of calories. The increase in metabolism can be up to 11%.

Coffee also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which is important not only for the treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, but also for weight loss.

But for coffee to be useful, you have to drink it properly.

Also remember that coffee is the pre-workout drink. As this not only helps to get overweight faster, but also improves athletic performance and well-being throughout the session.

Drink sugar-free green tea

Green tea without sweeteners accelerates fat burning. And above all in the stomach. The increase in the rate of breakdown of body fat can be up to 17%.

Additionally, green tea is loaded with antioxidants that can help eliminate chronic inflammation in the body, a major cause of weight gain.

So that green tea only helps you lose weight and relax, you have to prepare it correctly.

Use more spices

There are many spices in the world that speed up metabolism, suppress appetite, treat chronic inflammation, and normalize blood sugar levels. And they have other properties that are useful for weight optimization.

Eat fermented foods

Fermented foods, whether natural yogurt or sauerkraut, are rich in probiotics, which are essential for weight loss.

The benefits of probiotics for weight management are related to the fact that they improve the functioning of the intestinal flora. This is extremely important because people who are overweight have a different composition of the intestinal flora than people of normal weight.

And when the right beneficial microflora helps clear out chronic inflammation, curb appetite, and slow down the absorption of fats in the intestines, then the bacteria of people who need to lose weight do exactly the opposite, doing everything in their powerto add even more weight to a person

Don't forget that the menu should contain a sufficient amount of prebiotics.

Get fiber in your diet

Plant fibers slow down the absorption of food and allow the stomach to stay full longer after eating. In this way you can reduce your appetite and consequently eat significantly less without going hungry.

In addition, dietary fiber is essential for the work of the intestinal flora, without whose optimal function it is impossible to lose weight.

Switch to a low-carbohydrate diet

Low-carbohydrate eating habits are the easiest and most effective dietary approach to weight loss.

Why this is so is not difficult to understand.

Eating minimal amounts of carbohydrates can help lower insulin levels. This is extremely important for weight loss because the hormone insulin has three main qualities that contribute to weight gain. This:

  • Acceleration of the accumulation of fatty acids in adipose tissue cells;
  • change in eating behavior;
  • suppresses the production of hormones that are responsible for burning fat.

So far, various diets have been developed to minimize the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. This:

  • regular low-carbohydrate meal;
  • carbohydrate-free diet;
  • Atkins Diet;
  • ketogenic diet.



To lose weight quickly at home, try cleansing your body. There are many foods that can help you detox. The most important are:

  • spirulina;
  • Chlorella;
  • burdock root;
  • 3 Indian fruits (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki);
  • Milk thistle.

Why is cleansing the body so important to lose weight?

  1. Helps normalize digestion, liver function and maintain the balance of the intestinal flora. All of this leads to the fact that a person's abnormal cravings for sweets are reduced, appetite is normalized, and chronic constipation, which leads to fluid retention in the body, disappears.
  2. Decreases blood sugar and increases insulin sensitivity.
  3. Reduces chronic inflammation, without which it is very difficult to lose weight permanently.

Also keep in mind that many toxins such as heavy metals are retained in adipose tissue in the body. That is, the more voluminous the fat reserves, the more toxic substances they contain. Therefore, for people with excess body fat, the problem of eliminating toxins is especially relevant.

Use weight loss supplements

The question of whether dietary supplements have to be taken to normalize weight remains open. The answer is yes and no.

No.when you have too much hope in them. And while using supplements, you don't want to change your life or diet in any way, hoping this miracle pill will do it all for you.

No.If you have a tendency to buy any of the advertised weight loss supplements that have not yet gone through clinical studies. And because of that, they may not only be useless but even dangerous.

Yes.when you understand that there are some really useful supplements that can help you lose weight. But they only help, not miracles. These additives include:

  • acai berry;
  • chia seeds;
  • Reishi mushroom.

Down with industrially manufactured products

Products of deep industrial processing must be abandoned especially for those who are losing weight and for those who just want to maintain their health.

An immense amount of sugar, harmful vegetable oils, various carcinogenic compounds - all of these offer you the most harmless industrial cutlet or candy.

Sausage alone contains at least 9 harmful compounds.

Obviously all this "abundance" not only makes you fat, but also seriously ill.

It has been found that in the developed countries of the world, people who regularly eat manufactured products carry around 15 teaspoons of sugar with them. And they don't even know.

As a result, this incredible amount of sugar becomes the cause of confusion about where it came from, and then - diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Refined carbohydrates and all of them, such as wheat flour and bread, baked goods, etc. , are particularly harmful.

All of these foods have a frighteningly high glycemic index and do not contain any beneficial ingredients found in whole carbohydrates like fiber.

Avoid liquid calories and fructose

Consuming a large variety of sugary drinks is one of the triggers for weight gain.

Sugary drinks not only directly increase sugar intake. They also mislead our brains. The fact is, the brain doesn't perceive liquid calories as much as it does solid ones. Hence, all of the calories he relied on must be introduced into the body without realizing that he has already eaten.

It should be noted that the danger does not only exist with sugary drinks that are high in sugar and contain a significant amount of calories, e. g. B. tea with sugar or cola. But those drinks that are sweet but low in calories. Hence, they are considered useful. These are fructose-rich fruit juices.

Yes, fructose is not nutritious in the truest sense of the word. However, it is harmful. And the harm from fructose outweighs the harm from regular sugar. Including in relation to weight gain.

Remove harmful vegetable oils from your diet

The negative health effects of vegetable oils such as corn, sunflower, soybean and others are many.

One of the main negative aspects is the violation of the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which leads to the regular use of many vegetable oils.

When the balance of omega-3: omega-6 in the body is out of whack, sluggish chronic inflammation occurs, which underlies many serious diseases from diabetes to cancer. And, of course, at the heart of excessive weight gain.

So if you want to lose weight sustainably and improve overall health, you should definitely minimize your intake of vegetable oils with the exception of olive, coconut and avocado oils.

There should be no harmful products in the house

In numerous experiments it has been proven that the weight of the residents of a house is directly dependent on the products that are stored in this house.

If family members can only find healthy options in the fridge and on the shelves in the kitchen, they'll be forced to eat them for better or worse.

And what has been said doesn't mean at all that a carrot should be kept indoors. Of course, carrot crumbs are not superfluous either. However, the world of real snacks is much more diverse.

A variety of biscuits, sausages, and toffee should not be included, however.

Don't focus on counting calories

Of course, the amount of calories consumed per day affects a person's body weight. However, a simple forehead calorie count is usually useless. In addition, it is harmful as it negatively affects the psyche of a person who is losing weight and keeps them in constant nervous tension.

Not all calories are created equal. Additionally, low-calorie foods (the same fruit juices) can help gain extra pounds.

Practice the cascade fasting

Intermittent or cascading fasting does not mean losing physical and mental strength and refusing to eat for a long time. But it allows you to lose weight perfectly and improve overall health.

Properly performed cascade fasting switches the metabolism from using carbohydrates to burning fat and also helps reduce the number of calories consumed per day without exposing yourself to hunger pangs.

Use small plates

It has been found that regardless of size, people serve themselves full plates. In this case, a person's feeling of satiety develops approximately the same when emptying a small and a large plate. The main thing is to clear the plate and see it.

This is why using small plates helps you lose weight, as you can eat less with dishes like this and still fill yourself up.

Brush your teeth

The presence of sources of infection in the oral cavity does not contribute to health. However, rotten teeth are a particularly big problem for weight gain.

The fact is that a person who hurts when chewing is practically unable to eat the foods that are indicated for weight loss. Of course, you can take raw celery, chop it to an oatmeal state in a blender, and add a chopped piece of boiled beef to that porridge.

You can. However, this is usually not the case. And people with sore teeth are increasingly relying on a variety of soft foods - cereal, cookies that can be easily soaked in tea, and meatballs filled with bread.

Obviously, such a diet does not result in weight loss.

Brush your teeth after eating

It has been found that brushing your teeth after a meal reduces cravings for unhealthy snacks.

  • First, many people are sorry for messing up their clean teeth. And they try not to do this for as long as possible. Especially if there is a tendency to develop tooth decay.
  • Second, the taste of food leaves something to be desired immediately after brushing your teeth.

Practice high-intensity interval training and strength training

A big mistake of many people who are trying to lose weight and want to normalize their weight not only with proper diet but also with support for exercise is to focus only on cardio workouts, such as regular exercise on onestationary bike.

Unfortunately, such an exercise is ineffective for losing weight. Yes, it has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, improves mental attitude, increases stamina, etc. But it does very little to help you lose weight.

This type of physical activity significantly alters the body's hormonal response to exercise, which is why it is so effective for weight loss.

In addition to interval training, strength training is essential. Including women.

When you lose weight, not only do fat melt, but muscles in the body too. And they need to be restored.

First of all, this is necessary in order not to harm the body. Look young and fit.

Second, muscle tissue is primarily responsible for burning fat. And the smaller the volume, the slower the weight loss occurs.

Don't diet. Just eat right!

The biggest disadvantage of almost all weight loss diets is that they almost never work in the long run.

Besides. Some experts even consider the fact that a person is on a diet to be an omen that their weight will only gain in the future.

The situation is completely different if a person does not "sit" on a certain diet with a strictly adjusted time interval, but simply eats properly.

You can't sit on it for the recommendations in this article on how to lose weight quickly and effectively at home work. You cannot count the days to the end of your healthy lifestyle period and wait for that suffering to end and everything to return to normal.

When you practice this approach, it really all comes back. And with the addition.

Therefore, those who really want to lose weight should first change their worldview, their assessment of their own personality and the role of food in their life.

If you cannot, then you must admit to yourself that you have internal conflicts, dissatisfaction with reality, low self-esteem, and other psychological issues that make you "break down" and attack roles all the time, and gain weight quicklygain weight after losing some weight.

If so, you need to understand and accept that the problem of being overweight for you is not in the field of nutrition, but in the field of psychology. And you don't need a nutritionist, you need a psychotherapist.