Charging slimming belly and flanks at home

Exercise to remove belly and flanks

What is the figure of the woman spoils? Especially the thick thighs and the waist. Their imperfection creates a negative impression of the whole figure. I think a lot of girls are confused by the question, how to lose weight at home quickly and efficiently, especially, remove this hated belly and flanks, the damage to the appearance. In today's article we will talk about this important topic, namely the most effective exercises to remove belly and flanks in house conditions for women, with which you will soon be able to not hesitate to his naked body. To achieve this goal you have to do simple exercises and exercises to remove belly and flanks, in the home, but all of the series.

What can I do to lose weight

There are many ways, methods and exercises, how to get rid of this "heavy load" and to change for the better. For the beginning you choose not only a set of exercises, the physical burden, but also a daily menu must. In this article, we will learn to breathe how to get legs to fight properly with the deposition of fat cells at the waist and in the upper right, the weight of the accused and find beautiful Form, frequency of physical exertion and useful diet daily menu to the figure in General was in good shape and has a nice elegant line. So, everything about exercises to remove belly and flanks at home for women.

Effective exercises to remove belly and flanks at home for women

Exercises, Twisting, remove the belly and flanks

Some ladies do not know what means to apply, around the waist and thighs of steel, beautiful and graceful. Possibilities of exemption from this Mangold a lot, but how do I choose exactly the options that really necessary help and achieve a positive result?

Some ladies turn to the services of a special Trainer trainers, but not all of the visiting Clubs, health, time and money. So, coaches, trainers, specialists for beautiful and healthy figure to tighten a specific set of exercises for weight loss you can perform at home to strengthen the muscles of the body.

The exercises with the application of physical effort, be able to strengthen the muscles of the middle part of the fuselage and the "fifth" point, remove the fat from the waist and hips. This is mainly exercises for strengthening and formation of the line, press: Standard pose of the bracket, different kinds of torsion, simple running, exercises, Simulation of the Cycling, exercises, the movement of the scissors, active Mahi each foot and simultaneously raise the tension of all the muscles of the body. More Details about each of the listed exercises, we speak more below.

A unique special breathing techniques include exercises for breathing, body Flex. This is a special technique to be able to not only compensate for the breathing, but in order to refresh the entire circulation of the body, to fill important respiratory System to lose the lung of fresh air, Ester, oxygen, but also really weight.

Exercises with a variety of loads with different weight mass also contribute to the strengthening of the muscles of the abdomen and the hips, and destroy the body fat in these parts of the body.

Important! Not to worry, what in a stuffy room! This deprives the body of strength and threat of dehydration. At best you have to train in the early hours of the morning, when the air is still cool and fresh.You can later in the evening, outdoors or with the Windows open!

Charging slimming belly and flanks at home

Positive physical action in the Form of exercises most frequently executed location, you need to be in the back leaning on the floor. Here are the best ways to fat with round shapes are:

  1. Popular rotation is performed in the supine position, put your blades into the ground, knees bent and the legs slightly touching him actively and dramatically raise above the bottom shell of the hull, try to get the elbows to touch the hands of the other knee. Left elbow, the hands touch with the right Patella, the right elbow, you try hard to touch the left of the king's meadow. Keep your palms behind the neck. These physical actions many times to be able to perform;
  2. Bike — easily and quickly burn zhirok laterally, remove the "breeches" and "ears" with the hips. If you are mimicking with your back on the floor, hold your hands in the nape of the neck, the feet, bent knees, alternating each make circular movements, Cycling;
  3. Scissors — press to work, all of his muscles, the inner and the outer part of the thigh, contribute to their strengthening and sleek appearance give. Physical activities, you need to lying on the stomach, its essence is to go back from the fact that at the same time lifting straight legs to just above the ground and hitting them against each other. This exercise has a positive effect if its implementation in a supine position;
  4. Popular Ironing — have a positive effect on all the muscles of the body, forcing you to work and leads to the sound. "Benchmark" will lead you parallel to the ground, based on the part of the Hand of the "elbow-wrist", toes, belly in, and he strained to keep the back straight, the torso does not bend, parallel to the ground. Hold this pose to how much is enough physical force;
  5. A good way to strengthen the press – simultaneous lifting of the legs above the ground at an angle of 30 degrees. Touch with your back on the floor, hands still dragging along the body margins and drag to stretch the attention and very slowly lift elongated legs upwards up to an angle of 30 degrees. The exercise is a strong tension straight and oblique muscles of the abdomen, contributes to their strengthening;
  6. Familiar of the whole exercise – the first Mahi of each foot. Mahi make up each foot, to keep the balance, keep the hands for all the available vertical support. Exercise accelerates the blood through the whole body, makes flexible joints and "shakes" the whole of the muscle tissue;
  7. A good exercise Mannequins – depth squat on an imaginary chair. Girl with skipping ropeCrouch as low as if you sit on a real chair. Exercise trained active abdominal pressure, strengthens the buttock, thigh inside and outside, well-strengthens the legs;
  8. A wonderful way to make the waist slimmer – daily turn hula Hoop or hula-Hoop. The best a Metal Hoop or hula Hoop, burdened by the thorns, and the additional weights. Thus, muscle tissue waist is subject to strong mechanical action from the outside, which promotes a beautiful waist. Hoop, if desired, you can rotate and on the hips. What also has a positive effect. This mechanical effect on the muscle tissue cells, fat-like "smashed" against each other, and disappear forever;
  9. Running – the best way to figure slim and remove all unnecessary. Jogging trains not only the body but also the cardiovascular System, activity and the blood accelerates through the whole body, trains the muscles of the legs, buttocks, torso. Clean air saturates the whole organism, that with proper breathing and promotes the elimination of extra pounds to get rid of;
  10. Jump rope – an excellent way to shake all of the cells of the body, and makes it even slimmer. Just jump on the health, better in the fresh air. Jump rope you in one place, and you can while running. All of them are equally useful!

Breathing exercises to remove belly and flanks

Effective exercises to remove belly and flanks really help in the solution of an existing problem. There are several methods for strengthening the abdominal muscles and the destruction of layers of fat with the line of hips and waist.

Body Flex – is a special technique of breathing, promotes the destruction of unwanted cells of fat in the body. Exercise is best taken on an empty stomach, in which the emphasis is on the breathing and not physical actions. This technique involves inhaling air in stages, in multiple steps, hold the breath for a certain period of time, then strong air exhalation from the lungs. The exercise enabled is exhale an effect on the delay of the air in the lungs for a while and power it. During these seconds, grease, and everything negative in the body is burned.

Body Flex includes daily lessons within fifteen or twenty minutes, which quickly leads to the desired result and be permanently attached.

  • Before you begin, do not perform physical actions – will need to stretch all of the members of the body. The feet are evenly on the width of the shoulders and a little in the knee joints flexed, the body tilting a little to the front, the palms of the hands a little bit should be above the knees. Don't you start to breathe deeply, strongly repressed air in the lung there was a single drop of air, with force through the nose again to breathe the air, tighten all the muscles of the abdomen. Exhale you do through the mouth, pulling the stomach inwards, to stop the breath for a while. This action is better, up to ten times;
  • Sit on a chair, a bent leg back to accused me for the other. The right Hand is on the left of the king's meadow, and the left Hand is behind the back. Full cycle consists of several breathing exercises, trains, delay within the lungs of air, vapors, etc. It must be the Lower of the left leg, draw on it, so that the casing is corrugated, that all of the muscles in tension: waist, press-and outside of the thigh. Exercise Ironing, slimming, belly and flanksIn this Position, body fat, waist, and hips are subjected to active physical pressure and quick to burn, resulting in the formation of beautiful lines of the figure. You make a few repetitions, then swap sides turning.

Respiratory system occisis is different from the breathing and not the body Flex exercises sharp breaths with the application of physical stress. In this System an important role to remove the play in the air several short, sharp breaths. The technology of this system consists of a from a very deep breath to three short breaths in, deep Surround the main exhalation, and then briefly to three breaths. This respiratory protection has a positive effect after the intake of food, breathing in a similar way, you need to time not less than thirty or forty. This breathing technique is full of energy, charm and vitality in the whole body, stimulates the burning of fat cells.

Exercises in the gym for slimming in the waist and the sides

Remove fat deposits from the belly and side jobs on special simulators, use the weight and additional weights.

  1. a special rider Ryder really helps all parts of the body to strengthen. To do during the lesson to ensure strong emphasis on legs, clinging with his arms crossed to the chest of drawers. The weight of the load is below the feet, can be set;
  2. Coach cardioverter - able to a load for all of the muscles of the abdomen, hips, back. The movable pedals training device with the required load, and the legs in motion are similar to simple torsion;
  3. Training device for the formation of cubes press is a Bank, the charge is located at the end of the benches, the legs. Teaching on a bench to help work the whole body, to meet different twist in each direction and with the desired Amplitude. It forms a narrow mill, results in tone the buttocks, cleans with thigh-effect "breeches".

How to eat to exercises for weight loss effective to be

Exercises to remove belly and flanks at home for women limitless quantity. But the strain on the body, the desired result only if it is properly reasonable. Physical load-balanced and healthy food – a perfect symbiosis that is capable of a beneficial effect and secure it for a long time.

The proper balanced diet is a that in the daily menu should contain all of the components, without which any organism is not able to exist fully.

During training, protein and carbohydrates needs. Animal protein is the meat, the best diet: rabbit, chicken, Turkey, quail, fish is especially. Vegetable protein is also necessary for a fulfilling life – beans, nuts, cereals.

Carbs, easier, and burn up in the body faster than proteins. They give the body energy, strength, food for the brain, good mood. In this case, a very good natural honey, chocolate, fruit, dairy products, products made with flour and sugar in moderation, compotes and jams. To lose weight better carbs in the first half of the day a little.

Dishes, it is desirable, cooking, braising or cooking with the steamer. Follow the right diet, not to be late for dinner. In the night, to the work of the intestine, drink a glass of fresh butter milk, with the addition of a spoon of bran. A good night's sleep and leisure, well-brewed green tea with a little mint or lemon balm.

Slender beautiful body – the result of regular effective exercises to remove belly and flanks at home, proper breathing, a balanced nutritious diet and the desire to have a beautiful, light and slim!

And how do you see your character? If exercises to remove belly and flanks at home, exercises for breathing, follow the diet? Or all let things take their course?