Diet for a Person

If we notice that you are healthy again, we put ourselves on a diet to lose weight. In General, the extra pounds of interest to us in the thighs, belly, legs, and we go on a diet, start to play sports, to prevent sagging muscles after losing weight. However, our face care and welfare needs. If you are the extra pounds we to be broken to gain weight in the face, the stretched skin, the production of sebum, and this leads to early wrinkles, acne, poor skin condition – exactly the fix should diet for a Person. The face is our calling card, therefore we should give him the necessary attention.

how to lose weight in the face

It is a secret – even if you have a few extra pounds, but you have evil face, people perceive you as a thin man, and Vice versa, if you are thin, but you have round face, you need to look optically on 3-4 kg full than it actually is.

People "clothes make the man", but actually the first, what the surroundings look when meeting with you, your face. The face shows what their way of life, whether you have bad habits, what about health, what is the nature of. The beauty of the face, his beautiful skin, a healthy appearance – it is of great importance not only for the establishment of contacts with the people, but also for the career. Therefore, if you notice that the face of the overweight or edema, the skin deteriorated image, there was a pimple or bags under the eyes – they desperately needed a diet for a Person.

Diet for weight loss face

Often in the visual wealth of the Person guilty is not fat, but water. Exactly edema culprits of bags under the eyes, thick cheeks, stretched skin, early wrinkles. Remove the face – it is mainly the excretion of excess fluids from the tissues. Diet for weight loss face the body is the salt because it is salt – the main reason for this is that liquid remains in the tissues of the body, and creates a visual effect of completeness. To help, first, reduce the intake of salt, and, secondly, to the elimination of existing salt with the consumption of large amounts of water and food, the potassium – bananas, prunes, broccoli, spinach, parsley.

But often the cause of edema is not only in an increased salt consumption, but also in the poor working of the kidneys. Diet for weight loss for face cleanses the excretory system and "break" the kidneys – make you actively work to banish by large amounts of water. Yes, in the battle against stagnant water in the body, diet, the water uses for the face. The consumption of large quantities of pure water (clean, i.e., without additives, without Gas – this is important), promotes the excretion of excess salts from the body, improving the work of kidneys and, as consequence, reduction of volumes of the face and body.

For the combat of the fat cells diet slimming face is with calcium. At an elevated (more than 1.2 mg per day) consumption of Calcium fats are burned faster. Calcium, but also beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and amino acids, improves digestion and accelerates the metabolism, contained in milk and milk products and eggs, cereals, fish and seafood, nuts. All of this must also be in the diet nutrition for the face.

In order to reduce body fat, limit the caloric intake, the body burns fat only when the energy is obtained from food less than you spend.

You should, in your everyday movement – they are necessary for the improvement of blood circulation and nutrition of all the organs and tissues of the body, including the face. And be sure to diet combine slimming face exercises for the face muscles to prevent skin sagging of the face, after you lose weight. Gymnastics for the face is easy to do and you can at any time. You blow your cheeks and pull you, pull you lip "trunk" and you turn, and you compress it, try to get the tongue up towards the nose or to the chin, wide smile. For the elimination of double chin, you move the neck, as the pigeons go in, and flip on the chin from below with the back of the hand. Also easily with the fingertips over the face, stroking him with a circular motion to beat. These exercises are similar to folly, but they are an effective and useful addition to the diet for the face.

Diet for cleansing the facial skin

In addition to the weight loss of the Person is also important, in order to improve its appearance – to get rid of the dullness of the skin, pimples, irritation in the face. Our skin dull Person. due to the lack of sunlight and vitamins, especially vitamins A and E. the breathing of the skin because of cosmetics, dust and pollution of the air, lack of moisture in the air Diet for cleansing the facial skin the aim of improving the appearance of the skin, improving the elasticity of the skin, cleaning the pores and facilitate the breathing of the skin, the saturation of the organism with the necessary vitamins and other useful substances, normalization of work of sebaceous glands. For this diet to clean the skin to avoid alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods, salty, sharp, smoked Snacks, sweets, especially pastry cream, carbonated beverages, ready meals recommends, charcuterie, fast-Food, sauces with a fat content, preservatives, and starch. It is also desirable to nicotine.

Diet for a Person

Recommended foods in the diet for the cleaning of the facial skin is the following:

  • Vegetables, especially green vegetables, leaf vegetables (parsley, spinach, celery and carrots;
  • Fruit, berries (especially orange – they contain Beta-carotene, which is converted in the body into Vitamin A, the for the elasticity and health of the skin of the Person);
  • Grain, Bran;
  • Dried fruits and nuts;
  • Whole-grain bread;
  • Legumes;
  • Fish, Seafood;
  • lean meat and poultry, heart, liver;
  • Honey (if no allergies);
  • Milk products with reduced fat content;
  • Eggs (not more than 2 per day);
  • Natural fruit beverages, fruit drinks, vegetables and fruit freshly squeezed juices without sugar;
  • green tea, herbal tea, chicory drink from.

Sample menu diet for a Person on the day

Breakfast: omelette with Ricotta cheese, whole-grain Toast with cucumber, a Cup of green tea with honey.

Second Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, and Prune, decoction of St. John's wort.

Lunch: vegetable soup, vegetable soup, fish, baked in foil, with a side dish of fresh tomatoes or peppers, a green salad, fruity jellies.

Snack: fruit or dairy products.

Dinner: buckwheat porridge with stewed carrots, potato croquettes steamed chicken, a drink from the hip.

Before bed a Cup of yogurt or cottage cheese to go:.

Diet for cleansing the facial skin and people suggested to lose weight smaller meals – eat 4-5 times a day with intervals between feedings in 2.5-3 hours. From sweets diet for a Person, the nature of triggers products, honey, jam, fruity jelly, jam, candy, Puddings, Quark. Be sure to drink herbal teas, natural herbs – chamomile, calendula, Oregano, lemon balm, mint, St. John's wort, thyme, sage, rose hips, ginger, leaves of currant or raspberry. You can like yourself, and to add in black or green tea.

Try not to recommend the size of portions of food – eat for 1 meal is more than 300 G in the case of a diet for a Person.