Healthy diet for weight loss: menu for the week

So that the Form does not necessarily entail a strict diet torture, in addition to the health and the nervous system. To lose weight and cleanse the body with proper nutrition that includes a variety and delicious recipes. Menu on such a diet is fairly balanced, the necessary amount of calories which helps in excess weight get rid of without harm to health.

Diet for losing weight

A menu need to know a list of products that are allowed to use to cook. Table of approved products as follows:

Sunflower seeds and nuts
Resistant Varieties Of Noodles
Berries and fruits
Milk and milk products: natural yogurt, Kefir, sour cream, milk, cottage cheese
Bread made from wheat flour
Olive oil, sunflower oil and Butter
Vegetables: Carrots, Onions, Beets, Cabbage, Peppers, Cucumbers, Tomatoes
Fish: Bream, Hake, Mackerel
Meat: chicken, lean beef, veal, Turkey, heart, liver

Diet for quick weight loss and menus can be self-invented or derived from the pre-made options. On the menu of the day for losing weight:

  • Breakfast: Porridge from oatmeal, welded on the water with dried fruits, green tea.
  • Second Breakfast: an Apple.
  • Lunch: a thick soup, cooked Broccoli, Schnitzel, stewed, compote.
  • Snack: crackers with cottage cheese and herbs, tea.
  • Dinner: chicken breast or steamed fish with vegetables-salad, seasoned with olive oil.

To a menu, you need to calculate your daily calories for weight loss. There are a large number of applications with which you have a calculation Online. Once the ration is calculated, the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat, you can the compilation of the menus. To lose weight you have to calorie reduce to 20% of the calculated from the Norm.

For the compilation of the menus, the right diet, the following tips should follow:

  1. You need to define the number of meals for weight loss three main meals and two between meals are needed. The high-calorie meal – Breakfast or lunch, dinner as simple as possible.
  2. 50% of the calories consumed in the first half of the day, for example, if desired, in the morning you can eat a sweet that is not on the fit.
  3. The menu must be drawn up, the gap between the meals was more than 2.5-3 hours.
  4. To be distributed, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the morning, preferably carbohydrates, fats and a small amount of Protein should. The lunch should consist of complex carbohydrates, dinner, mostly proteins and fibers.

Not less important in the diet of the water budget is needed daily at least two liters of clean drinking water, to reduce weight, get rid of the toxins and make the skin supple.

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast with the right nutrition is one of the most important meals that you can not miss, as there is a charge of energy and vivacity for the whole day. To not break your head, what is the selection for the right Breakfast, you can take the advantage of the pre-made recipes:

  1. Fruit and berries-Quark. Mix the curd cheese with natural yogurt, add berries and fruit, if desired, eat something sweet, be allowed to such a Breakfast, add honey and sprinkle top with nuts.
  2. Omelette made from eggs with fresh herbs. For the preparation need, beat a whole egg and two egg whites with a little milk. Pour into the pan and cover for a few minutes until cooked, sprinkle with the chopped herb.
  3. Salad with chicken. Boiled chicken fillet, in pieces, sliced peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce leaves cut pick hands. Spice up olive oil or Sauce of natural yoghurt, and mustard.

Healthy Lunch

Menu for weight loss

Lunch is at about the same time, preferably in the time between 12 and 3 o'clock, since at this time the digestive system is most active. The right lunch calories should be about 35% of the daily amount. The right lunch is as follows:

  1. Lunch, by the usual tea allowed to start with a vegetable juice, such as tomatoes or pumpkins.
  2. Half an hour later, you eat vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar food will be fresh water. Also the taste of the salad, you can enrich with spices, lemon juice, mustard, natural yoghurt or soy Sauce – above all in the whole of the measure of knowledge. In the salad low in calories so you can eat a large portion. Dietary fiber not only help you for a long tired of, but also cleanse the bowel of Stagnation and waste products.
  3. With vegetables, salad and Protein, it is recommended that products: cooked beef, chicken, fish. If the Breakfast consisted of protein, then for lunch along with a salad serving of carbs (buckwheat, or Pasta of durum wheat).

Healthy dinner with the right diet for losing weight

Dinner when losing weight, the lightest meal should, however, completely abandon is expressly prohibited. A healthy dinner should be served from a Mix of vegetables, herbs and salad, with boiled beef or fish. As an Alternative, in a salad, you can sprinkle pieces of tuna and olive oil.

If, after 9 PM there was the feeling of Hunger, allows you to drink a glass of Kefir.

Food combining for weight loss: the menu for the week

A separate power supply is not practically different from the right diet, but has its own nuances. Food combining is the selection of foods in a meal from compatible groups. Such a diet differs by simplicity, convenience of preparation, useful properties of courts, an active weight reduction takes place. This lining is contesting the combination of protein with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and carbohydrates allows you to combine only with neutral foods (vegetables, herbs).

Separate menu for the week looks as follows:


The Breakfast should be rich in carbohydrates, so that you can enable the porridge with fruit. In the lunch break, you proteins, and neutral products, such as: boiled chicken breast with vegetables and salad without oil to activate have to. For dinner, perfectly steamed vegetables with pasta of durum wheat.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with chopped herbs, green tea. Lunch: vegetable soup with peas. Dinner: fish and vegetables steamed.


Breakfast: oatmeal on the water, bulb. Lunch: chicken breast, baked with vegetables (tomatoes, peppers), instead of Mayonnaise, natural yoghurt used. Dinner: tuna salad and lettuce.


Breakfast: baked Apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon. Lunch: salad with slices of cooked beef. Dinner: steamed vegetables, after 1-1,5 hours you drink a glass of Kefir.


Breakfast: salad of fruit with natural yoghurt. Lunch: vegetable soup without potatoes with a piece of cooked meat. Dinner: vegetables with seafood.


Breakfast: a Sandwich of biscuits and Quark mass. Lunch: pasta with vegetable mix. Dinner: vegetables with mushrooms, baked in the oven.


This day can be unloaded, during the day, you must eat vegetable only, or fruit.

If the menu selected, then you need to diet a table of the separator.

The right diet to lose weight for a week

The proper diet can lose weight with the goal is based on the separate diet. The combination of carbohydrates with proteins, the process of weight loss will be longer. For the correct remove, you can use a simple menu for the week:


Breakfast: Apple baked in the oven with cinnamon, honey and nuts.

Lunch: soup of vegetables with low-fat sour cream, Apple and compote.

Snack: a handful of dried fruit.

Dinner: potatoes under the cheese crust, vegetables and juice Mix.


Breakfast: a Sandwich of bread with a spoonful of honey, pear, tea with lemon.

Lunch: vegetable soup, salad of fruit, tea.

Snack: a Cup of yogurt or natural yogurt, banana.

Dinner: piece of chicken breast, simmered in garlic-cream Sauce, steamed vegetables, stewed fruit.


a healthy diet

Breakfast: scrambled eggs from two eggs, vegetables, tomato juice.

Lunch: salad mix of white cabbage and pepper, chicken broth with chicken.

Mid-morning snack: a fruit.

Dinner: seafood with mashed potatoes, tea.


Breakfast: oatmeal with milk with dried fruits, green tea.

Lunch: vegetable Mix, steamed fish, tomato juice.

Snack: a Cup of yogurt with berries.

Dinner: Risotto with mushrooms, carrot-cabbage salad, juice from the berries.


Breakfast: cottage cheese with a spoonful of jam, green tea.

Lunch: a slice of bread with fish for a few, Mix of vegetables, compote.

Snack: Apple, boiled egg.

Dinner: casserole of low-fat cottage cheese, cutting fruit, a few slices of cheese.


Breakfast: muesli cereal with milk and berries.

Lunch: soup from cabbage, pork chop, stewed, salad of green vegetables, stewed fruit.

Afternoon: biscuits with tea.

Dinner: Millet Porridge, Vegetable Salad, Tomato Juice.


Breakfast: a glass of milk, doughnuts with raspberry jam.

Lunch: vegetable Mix, soup with mushrooms, Croutons, stewed fruit.

Snack: fruit, baked pudding from cottage cheese.

Dinner: vegetables with fried fish, tomato juice.

Such a diet is rich in nutrients and vitamins, the compliance menu allows you get rid of excess weight, cleanse the body of waste products and toxins, to speed up the metabolism.